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Is sciatic nerve damage possible from a vas?

The bottom of my right foot has been burning since a couple days after my vas. Of course the doctors say it’s a coincidence, but I remember reading somewhere about a branch of the sciatic nerve passing through the scrotum.

It seems to coincide with my right testicle pain and penile pain.

Has anyone else had this symptom?

Do you have any pain on the left testicle or foot? If they’re both on the right side, that could be a red flag. My PVPS is on the left side, and I have a left hip problem. My hip problem developed a year and a half after vasectomy, so most doctors don’t think it’s related. But if it were a couple of days later, they would be more willing to say there is a cause-effect relationship there.

I definitely have left testicle pain too. No foot pain on the left however.

Cord pain is worse on the left at times, although I do have bilateral cord pain sometimes.

I had a fair bit of hip pain on both sides while taking Prednisone, although that’s a common side effect from what I’ve been told.

Yes a lot of us have had sciatic nerve pain and hip problems. dr. P calls it crosstalk between the nerves. There are different ways to inch why it happens basically the pudendal nerve has posterior scrotal branches which could be damaged during the vas and it is a direct branch off the sciatic nerve. Also all of the pain is controlled by the spinal cord and basically the gf nerve sends pain signals to the cord which go up to the brain and loop back down. Sometimes the feedback loop gets screwed up and can send pain along any of the lumbosacral nerves. I had pudendal type symptoms and left hip within 5 days post vas and had not gotten out of bed yet due to hematoma. Left leg numbness within 3 days and by 6 weeks I had numbness bilateral with a cauda equina distribution and by 6 months both legs were numb front and back all the way down. All emgs and Mris are negative for nerve compression. My left hip popped and became a problem almost immediately and a little over a year later other hip popped and now it is problem along with both knees ankles and now shoulders. I know of a lot of us with hip problems that correlate to side of vas damage. It could be neurological pain referred pain or possibly mechanical pain. The gf nerve passes through the psoas muscle which is the main muscle that pulls and centers the hip in the socket. If this nerve is causing pain it would only be natural that the body would not want to contract the psoas muscle to avoid irritating it and thus the weakness that develops in the muscle allows the hip to become loose since it isn’t being held in place as well and all of the sudden your hip becomes unstable.

I can remember episodes of pain in my foot. There were times when I touched/pressed my perineum I got a shooting pain downwards my leg into my foot. It also went up as far as the middle of my chest. Referred pain according to my doc

Acs, thanks for the detailed explanation. I hope things are getting better for you.

Greets, did your nerve pain resolve after reversal? My uro mentioned reversal if things don’t improve, but I’m afraid of making my nerve pain worse.

I too get referred pain/tingling into my chest. It’s so weird, I honestly thought I was going crazy.

After reversal I felt reborn. Got my life back, still mild pain every day and a few other issues. But I certainly recommend restoring the plumbing. I don’t have that shooting pain in my chest and legs anymore but a sort of muscle pain in my thighs is sometimes still arround. Mostly after heavy excersises at the gym. Leg presses over 500 lbs, driving more then two-three hours, jumping as in tennis etc. But hey much better that it was.

Hi there, did you have any success treating sciatic nerve pain? mine is honestly so bad I don’t know what to do. I’ve had spermatic cord blocks and hydrocortisone injections around the ground area etc. it actually made the sciatic pain worse. Testicular pain isn’t too bad at all… mainly just sciatic, lower back and hip. I had my vasectomy 18 months ago.

@The_Vegan_Goat Hey man, I had horrible lower back/hip pain on my left side and I would get electric shocks in my left foot when I stepped on it wrong. I had a left sided granuloma and whenever I manually manipulated it I would get left lower back spasms and hip and back pain. It would be excruciating.

I almost got a steroidal back injection last March because I was told my scrotum pain was coming from my back (at the time I didn’t know about manipulating the granuloma, it wasn’t until July 2020 I discovered this). I canceled my back injection last minute because nothing was making any sense for me, and I didn’t want to just start back injections without knowing for sure what was going on.

Can you do a self exam to see if you can feel a granuloma on the side your sciatic is acting up?

I had a reversal 4 weeks ago and all of my lower left back/hip pain and electric foot shocks are gone. The surgeon said my left sided granuloma had adhered to the wall of my spermatic cord and he was able to cut it out when he did the reconnection.