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Is it possible to extend the vas deferens

Hello please help

Short question:
Is it possible to extend the vas deferens with something artificial or anything??

My story:
I have had one of the worst vasectomys in oct 2019. Immediately after I had strong pain mostly on the left side above the testis but below my dick. And in des 2020 i had a reversal on the left side. The doctor said that the “vas deferens” had been “stuck” in a bad way. I had a good hope that I would be good but no. After some weeks my pain was different. Now i had pain in my balls. :sleepy: Now my reversal was not 100% successful I’m still infertile. Soo my hope is that I can get a reversal on both sides. But I have lost a lot of vas deferens soo my left ball is alredy in a weird position. Soo I think I need a vas deferens extension.

(Sorry if my english is bad)

Sounds like you had a vasoepididymostomy or VE surgery. This explains it in more detail

How long has it been since surgery?

It’s possible a surgeon can perform an open ended vasectomy on that side to reduce pain. Did you have pain pre reversal? Is this for fertility?

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Thx 4 the reply

I had a vasectomy (both sides) oct 2019 and a reversal on the left side des 2020 (I think it was a vasovasostomy, but they have cut away a lot of tube now :sleepy:). But it was not successful. So I hope I get a new one on both sides soon. :crossed_fingers: and that I get pain free soon. :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers: It’s starting to really mess with my head :disappointed_relieved:

Welcome to the forum @MagnusfromNorway.

Givin your story - odds are that you do have enough vas left to do a vas to vas repair again. Having a reversal, a redo reversal, or even a rereredo reversal is fairly common in the world of fertility.

I do have some concerns about you rushing into another reversal in a hurry (a redo reversal). I wouldn’t recommend rushing into anything for numerous reasons. Spend some time reading some related or relevant posts on this site and you will further understand why I have some concerns.

Hope that helps :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks @RingoStar I have been in pain for 2years now soo I don’t feel like I’m rushing. But you might see me new on this forum and I am desperate for a reversal. Soo I do see your point.
The problem with my vas deferens is that I want my balls too look normal to if it’s possible(!) And now after reversal on one side they do not hang the same way. And after a new reversal on both side I don’t want them to poke out more then before… (but pain free is pain free)

If it wasen’t for this forum I would go the doctors way and have a nerve block.

A couple of months ago I didn’t have a diagnos.
The doctors just said “Just unlucky with the vacseptomi” I didn’t get the full diagnos until a couple of mounths ago. Soo when I found this forum I was happy that I was “normal” and not just crazy. But also sad that others have the same pain as I. :disappointed_relieved:

It is possible that by doing nothing you could make a near ~full recovery over time. That is one option.

I do know of one reversal study that suggests that at least one man required a redo reversal and that man or those men supposedly went on to eventually become ~pain free - at least in the short run.

When I referred to you as potentially rushing into another reversal, I meant just that. Every man needs to do what they think is best for them, but I am also a believer in giving your body plenty of time to get it together between procedures - perhaps a year or so in-between (+/-).

There are several men on this site (including me) that are not fertile post reversal/s - or are no longer fertile post reversal/s. In many cases, those men (including me) made progress over time to the point where they would not consider further intervention.

Another thing - it “seems like” men in Europe have trouble finding highly experienced vasectomy reversal surgeons that deal with men in pain. I could be wrong about that, but that is my take on what I have seen described over many years by men posting on websites like this one. Whatever the case, there doesn’t seem to be as many there as there are in the states.

Another thing I have noticed is that VR ideology and/or methodology seems to be a bit different country to country. For example - what seems to be a fairly common VR ideology and/or methodology in Canada doesn’t seem to be as common in the states.

A member that is closer to the UK recently posted a rather concerning additional step in VR methodology that is done by a highly experienced VR surgeon in the UK. Up till a ~couple months ago, I never heard of such a thing. That additional step was a big red flag for me, and it was later described to be optional via request, but who knows.

There are numerous posts on this site that highlight a man’s testicles hanging or riding higher than normal post reversal, and post numerous procedures down there. Generally speaking, things do relax and get better over time. I too have experienced this myself in the past and it caused me a great deal of concern, grief, anxiety, etc, but that aspect did get better and/or ~resolved itself over time.

So, when I say don’t rush into anything else anytime soon, I do have your best interests in mind. You have to take everything I am saying into account. You have to weigh out the reality of time regarding the risk versus the reward. And yes, there is a slight risk of making things worse in the long run.

Keep in mind that the risk of making things worse seems to be based on numerous things - including chance or luck. I think some common sense will go a long way on this aspect alone.

If you do decide to have a redo reversal, please choose your VR surgeon wisely. You don’t want to end up back at square one again so swiftly and wishing you had chosen someone different after the fact. To me, that potential scenario would be a critical overlooked mistake on your part. I would choose a VR surgeon based on experience level, methodology, ethics, and follow-up protocols.

To me, poor follow-up protocols generally equals “a VR surgeon that simply doesn’t give a shit” about you or your outcome, or a VR surgeon that has a unique point of view regarding reversals for pain.

When it comes to the fertility aspect alone, having the proper follow-up protocols in place that is turn key from the get go is an important aspect to me. I won’t mention any names, but there are VR surgeons in the states that are excellent turn key VR surgeons and others that simply are not. Please choose whomever you think is the best choice for you. Nobody has to live with these kinds of decisions and/or choices but you.

If you proceed with further surgical intervention and have a redo reversal and it doesn’t seem to help and you feel like you ended up at square one again - what then? Will you be thinking about having a third procedure rather swiftly?

Bottom line - there does come a point where you will have to live with whatever hand you are dealt and bank on the long run (time). Keep in mind that when it comes to things like a VR for pain - the hand you are dealt is actually something that you are somewhat in control of beforehand. Again, choose wisely if you actually go through with a redo reversal. Don’t rush into anything with just about anyone.

I will be curious to know what you end up doing and how things play out over time.

Hope that helps


I don’t think the pain will go away by it’s self :disappointed_relieved: And yes in Norway there are non vasectomy reversal surgons that had experience with men with pain (PVPS) that I can find. And we don’t have VR surgeon here. I don’t know if old school or VR is the best :man_shrugging: And if the testicles hang higher longer in the front I can live with it. I just really really regret on the vacseptomi and want no visible change on my body as a reminder. If I just could get a good orgasm I will not change my body.

And thank you :heart: I will post updates and hopefully come with good news and hope to all the PVPS victims :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

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I am curious if your VR surgeon was referring to a scrotal adhesion.

I would be curious if you can get more information regarding exactly how much of the vas your VR surgeon had actually removed during your first unilateral reversal. If he/she did end up removing a lot of the vas that was “stuck in a bad way”, I suppose it is possible that you may be an exception to the rule of thumb. IDK.

Be sure to address this kind of stuff with any VR surgeon you potentially consult with from here forward.

Again, I would be looking for absolute proof of how much vas was removed. Given the fact that you are already approaching 1 year post reversal, it’s hard to say if things will continue to relax over time. There is no hard fast rule, but I would have guessed that things would have relaxed by now.

To the best of my knowledge, there is no such thing.

I have seen this posted on this site before. In one case specifically, that gentleman had his fair share of regrets regarding many things he did trying to resolve his pain with a knife. Men like him and several others have shared their thoughts on this site in related or relevant threads. I have already addressed several things that you need to take very seriously before you commit to anything else - like a redo reversal specifically.

I completely understand where you are coming from and so do countless others. I simply do not want you to have more regrets. That is the main purpose of my long winded replies to you.

A lot of men get caught up mentally chasing their pain. And because of that, in many cases, they end up making irrational decisions because of that. I don’t want you to be next. I want you to make well thought out, rationale and logical decisions for yourself.

This is an example of what I would refer to as a bit of an irrational expectation. What’s done is done and in many cases some things cannot be undone.

In my case, I ended up with a nasty infection of my scrotal midline incision during my first reversal. I won’t elaborate, but I have a nasty scar on my nutsack because of that. It doesn’t bother me on a psychological level anymore, but that one very visible aspect is a bad reminder of bad days all the way around.

Just remember to keep your expectations real.

I have been sterile since the fall/winter of 2013. It’s been a long haul with many ups and downs, pitfalls, etc’s, since then, but many years down the road I certainly am not complaining that my orgasms are poor. I do not feel disconnected either. And a third reversal is certainly out of the question. Many years ago, there came a point where acceptance, purely concervative options and time was about all I had left to bank on.

Don’t forget that you have other moreless concervative options like papaya seed powder and testosterone replacement therapy in your tool box. Beyond those things, there is a long list of concervative options at your discretion.

From there, people generally go the route of pain management, which involves all kinds of stuff including medications, needles, probes, etc’s. I am more of a fan of the former options - not the latter options. But, to each his own. Different strokes for different folks. There is no one path for every single man.

You are welcome :slightly_smiling_face:

That would be most appreciated :+1:

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  1. YES thank you I’m just not that good in medical english (but, if it was a car/truck part it would be easier)
  2. I have no idea :confused: how much was removed. At the vacseptomi I told them I did not want to see it. But I did it was about one inch(?) :face_vomiting:
  3. It looks the same now it was BAD right after the (one side) reversal
  4. :sleepy: It would complicate it all but longer tube (vas deferens) would make it look more normal. But function over looks.
  5. I’m ​glad that I am better now, then before the scrotal adhesion. But I have no joy in (my own) orgasm.
    6 Yeah I know its irrational but if you don’t ask you newer know.
  6. I can not see myself going for a third reversal. Do your orgasm still hurt? But you have learned to like it?

And do you have more info about papaya seed powder and testosterone replacement?

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Papaya seed powder

Testosterone replacement therapy (TRT)

Simply put - pain after I ejaculate has really backed off over the years gone by. I have a complicated situation. In my case specifically, there is no way to give you a short answer because I also suffer from vascular congestion and it can be difficult if not impossible to tell spermatic congestion and vascular congestion completely apart from one another.

I wouldn’t say it’s anything like that. I didn’t learn to like something that really sucks, lol. Considering what my first orgasm post vasectomy felt like - there is no comparison nowadays.

Yeah, hence the saying that the only stupid question is the one you never asked :joy:

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I have read all I could find on papaya seed powder and will try too get it and give it a go. If I get better I will not take a reversal :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::grin: