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Is epididymis aspiration a possibility?

I just had a random thought the other day. I assume this has probably been asked on here before but does anyone know if it is possible to has your epididymis aspirated (drained), like with a syringe, to “test” a congestion theory? IE: if some fluid is removed, does it feel better? It seem to me that may be the best test to determine “congestion” since it does not involve anything super invasive. Has anyone ever asked a urologist about something like this?

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I actually considered going to a fertility clinic to have some drained to test this but have reversal coming up shortly anyway, makes sense I guess

That’s why I thinking about this. I have relatively low pain level and would not want to chance going through a reversal unless I’m darn sure that reopening those tubes is actually going to have the desired effect. I figure if an aspiration caused an immediate and profound effect on pain/discomfort, I might consider a reversal. Otherwise, I have no idea if those sensations are really due to congestion and not just residual surgical pain. Pain is not always what it feels like and enlarged epis are common in men with and without pain post vasectomy (if I understand correctly).

I think that is a pretty good idea in theory, and I understand that you are looking for an immediate answer with a needle rather than a ~several month long scientific experiment. Don’t forget that you have papaya seed powder and testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) at your discretion as well.

I don’t care what others say in regard to how safe needles are. I assure you that someone/s draws the shortest straw/s with that stuff too. In a nutshell, nothing like that is risk free on numerous levels, and whose to say that needle doesn’t cause you or someone else enough epididymal scarring to complicate post reversal patency should you actually seriously consider having a VR at some point down the road.

Yes, I took papaya seed powder a couple years ago for 6 months or so. I don’t remember exactly why I stopped taking it but I think it was because my sex drive crashed. But I have no idea if it was due to the powder or not. I had a lot more issues going on back then and now it is mostly just epi pain. I think I was doing reasonably OK with epididymal pain while I was on it but my pain cycles so much who the hell knows. I am going to give it another shot for the next few months to see if the cycles seem to get less often and/or less intense.

One potential drawback to papaya seed powder (PSP) vs TRT is that papaya seed powder may cause a man’s testosterone to crash. Obviously TRT would not have that negative effect, but carries it’s own risks vs rewards.

We lack a lot of detailed human data with papaya seed powder. A potential crash of testosterone is one of those data points that we have next to zero data on.

In theory, I can see how papaya seed powder could cause a man’s testosterone to crash. I have a feeling that I experienced a similar crash in sex drive when I was testing it out on myself several years ago.

Based on everything I think I know about sperm production, the male hormones that come with the production of sperm, low and high sperm counts, how all of this stuff is related to one another, etc…

In theory, everything I am saying about the potential pros and cons of PSP vs TRT makes perfect sense to me.

I should note that I did have my T and estradiol levels checked around that time. Not sure if I had discontinued papaya seed powder yet, but my T was well above 700, so not bad, although I have no idea what it has been historically. Also, my estradiol levels were very robust but don’t remember the number. I guess I’ll see what happens when I take it this time.

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