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Internal sutures

Just wondered what happens to internal sutures used during reversal?

As far as I know, reversal surgeons use nylon or polypropylene sutures because they need them to be very skinny but also strong. They are not absorb-able – they just stay there permanently.

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Thank you @Ethan_Scruples, hope you’re improving?

Still improving, slowly. Still bitter though, as sex is still rubbish.

It really depends. Some resorb and some don’t. It depends on what you are trying to accomplish. I use 3-O chronic gut internally all the time and that’s a resorb-able suture. It can be risky doing it that way though because you are guessing that things will heal before the suture gives way. Your treatment notes from the procedure should tell you what they use and you can research from there.

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Thank you @Choohooo. I believe I had 10-0 stitches and gather flesh will grow over them eventually.

I was told mine would always be in there. They don’t use dissolve-able/absorb-able ones because there’s a risk they would only partially degrade and then gum up the works in the vas.

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