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Intermittent pain resolved by ejaculating?

I’m the wife of a husband that is several years PV. I’m the medical researcher in the family, so here I am :wink:

Everything seemed to be fine for a couple of years, then he started getting pain in his testies if we go more that four days between sex. Ejaculation resolves it. This has been going on for several years. Original Dr said nothing can really be done and offered pain meds or to supplement ginger pills (wth).

If we go much longer than about 6 days the pain becomes disruptive and then ejaculation is also painful.

I’m trying to figure out what is going on. Trying to do research and the related pain diagnosis don’t seem to fit.

Any input would be appreciated. TIA

This is interesting because a similar thing happened to me, I was in a relationship and sexually active and the pain seemed to be all but completely gone. So we broke up at the end of July and I probably went 4 weeks without coming. Ever since then the pain has been back, about to try the papaya seeds again seemed to help after I first got the vasectomy, makes me wonder do I just have to try to ejaculate once everyday or every other day to keep the pain away.

İ am not vasectomised . İnstead my vas deference and spermatic cord damaged due to inguinal hernia surgery.
İ have daily chronic pain in the groin and plus ejaculation and sexual arousal type pains. Some times after ejaculation my groin pain increases. İnterestingly, some time, ejaculation is painless and after sex my daily pain disappear.

After my reversal I had regular episodes of epididmytis. A fertility expert advised me to try and ejaculate at least once every second day which really worked for me. Can feel when it is getting congested and start to ache. However after the original vasectomy ejaculation or any sexual stimulation made the pain worse.

My guess is he had an open-ended vasectomy? Build-up of sperm fluid in the epididymus can cause congestion pain. At ejaculation smooth muscles around the epididymus squeeze it. If the lower end of the vas is open, this squeezing will empty the epididymus. If he had a close-ended vasectomy, I can’t explain it.

Maybe related, maybe not - I came across a Reddit thread where a young guy (20) complained of epididymal pain. His backstory was that he had masturbated 3-4 times a day every day for the last 5 years, and now he was trying to quit. More than a few days without masturbating gave him pain. The pain went away when he ejaculated. Just a good illustration of how men have different “capacity” in their epididymuses.

Sounds like congestion pain. If he only needs to ejaculate once every 4 days to resolve it, then that’s a pretty conservative treatment. Since your man got a vasectomy for you, and it’s causing him pain, I’d suggest you just drain him at least every 4 days. If it ever gets worse consider a reversal.

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