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Interesting precursor to my PVP

I was going through my medical records last night and came across something interesting. In 2014 I had a cardiac ablation to correct an abnormal heartbeat. They made and incision in the groin and ran a catheter in the area up to my heart. That I remember clearly.

What I do not recall is that 2 weeks later I went back in complaining of right side testicular and groin pain. The doctor’s finding were “mild right testicular tenderness and likely varicocele” and “mild tenderness of the right epididymis”. He referred me for an ultrasound that there’s no record of. I’m guessing the pain resolved and I blew off the US.

What I find really interesting is that this is the side that started giving me issues 2 years later after I had my vasectomy. Does it mean anything? I don’t know, but I’m thinking perhaps the catheter briefly disturbed the nerves down there and they quickly recovered. Not so lucky after the vasectomy. I’ll start bringing this up at future appointments to see if it helps anyone piece together what’s going on with me.

And a quick update on how I’m doing this morning in 2021: It feels like I’m getting stabbed with a knife about an inch inside my butthole. Good times.

Sounds like pudendal neuralgia. Pelvic PT and SI/pelvic PRP has helped me control the rectal pain. There’s nothing like it. Sorry it’s an issue for you.