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Interesting article about epididymal hypertension, AKA - blue balls

Given some of the topics that I/we have been discussing lately, I thought the article below was rather interesting myself. I found the read to be rather thought provoking.

Wikipedia certainly doesn’t get into epididymal hypertension in detail, but that’s were I started.

This is somewhat unrelated, but here’s another term we don’t see nor use here.

I certainly think it’s possible that there are other contributing factors involved with vasectomies that could mimic prostatic congestion symptoms. Whatever the case, I thought it was interesting.


Interesting reads. It’s fluid that builds up and contributing to my pain. That I’m fairly sure of. What I don’t know is why it happens and other times not as bad. Is it inflammation, blood flow and/or congestion? Big question is also whether or not a reversal would help with these type of issues. These are the questions I wish urologists knew.

I’ve got some nerve issues that come as well but those aren’t constant and seems to be tied to when the scrotum looks ‘full’ or hangs low. Anyways, don’t mean to derail this thread. Thanks for posting Ringo.

I think I did an excellent job completely derailing this thread earlier today, lol.

I just edited my post back to this. I’d guess some of what I was brainstorming about will become relevant in another thread another day.