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Interested in finding trends


I teach adult leaners Trades and health and safety so on my feet a lot.
no lifting at all


Physician- 10 hour days. Mostly sitting, but some days standing 4-6 hours. Previously athletic. :frowning:


Fabricator, welder, metal worker, physical labor, yet a bit of a jack of all trades here.


Nadware (would also work for they guy marketing underwear).


Agree about above-average anxiety and worry. Both definitely apply to me. I am also a perfectionist, researching a lot before taking decisions (regarding jobs, insurances, finance stuff, product research, etc.); that makes it indefinitely harder to cope with this BS I am because as many others I have not research vasectomy at all but blindly trusted doctors.
What’s a “type A” personality, btw?


Computer Engineer

Engineer to the core of my being = problem solver.

I agree with [Ethan_Scruples] in that this survey is a good idea but your audience is people who lots of time and access to computers to research and discuss things like this on forums such as this.

I am betting a construction worker who goes home after work to drink a few and watch some tv before rinse/lather/repeat wouldn’t likely be found here … but maybe his wife would be as we have seen a few times.



Once my mind is locked onto a problem it doesn’t turn off. I find I solve problems in my sleep sometimes. My mind needs something to work on and usually jumps from one thing to another. I was the mad scientist kid always making something. I’m currently modifying a Harbor Freight welder to make it DCEN from AC. Then I’ll probably never use the welder again, lol.


@GoingNuts - Property Manager - 8+ hour days sitting/standing/walking at fast paced job - perfectionist mechanical thinker