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Interested in finding trends


So since my Vasectomy in sept 2018, I have spent the last 6months of hell trying to learn from and speak to as many people as possible. If people are willing to respond, I am curious as to the line of work and the typical physical activity that takes place on the job of the PVPS sufferers on this forum. Perhaps we can find some trends as to why some people are more susceptible to pvps. Please respond as follows:

@GoingNuts - Engineer- sit at desk 8hr / day



@Cannon83 self employed builder physical work throughout the day,can be very hard at times.



@InForSomeChop - Software Engineering Manager - Sitting most of the day, 8 to 9 hour day, with option to stand (adjustable desk). Sometimes work after hours from home, also sitting.



Lol, probably overly analytical types of people, of which I’m one, that start threads like this are more prone to PVPS.



I’m a software engineer/IT guy too btw and remember getting teased as far back as high school for over analyzing.



@SomeGreyBIoke senior systems analyst. Analyse stuff for living, but failed miserably at analysing life choices. Mainly sitting for hours at work.




My instincts always led me to feel I would never get a vasectomy. Just seemed like a really bad idea. I was won over by guilt, fear/feeling like I needed to do something for the wife to show commitment or…?, the overwhelming marketing in almost every publication you read about vas that made me think it was a very safe benign procedure with virtually no risk, and finally thinking I was getting worry free, responsibility free sex out of it. Probably in that order. The worry free sex part was more of a self-talk thing once I was moving forward anyway.

I put more thought into buying a lawnmower than I did getting snipped. The idea for it snuck in through an emotional door, not an analytical one. The guilt and shame was stronger than my natural aversion to getting one.



Software Engineer here. I’ve been using a standing desk since 2013, which was 4 years before my vasectomy. Have continued using a standing desk, but recently have been doing more sitting and it definitely makes me sore.



5/6 Software/IT guys and Engineers on this thread. 4 of those Engineers and One Systems Engineer/Analyst which is for all intents and purposes equivalent. Hmmmmm. Anyone else seeing a trend?



Engineer. Sitting 7 hours, standing 1 hour.



This is so interesting @MikeO, I spent 3 weeks researching TV’s before I bought one, countless hours spent trawling the internet, reading the most obscure reviews, even translating foreign ones before deciding on one. But with vasectomy? I just went and did it without reading even a wiki page- its embarrassing.

In my case, I was dating a late 30’s woman, who told me she was taking the pill, just for me to find out that she wasn’t 3 months later. I split up with her, and the same thing happened once again after that before I decided to take things into my own hands.

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I wonder how many of us had higher anxiety levels before the vasectomy? Count me in! Needless to say it’s even worse now

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Desk job with some travel but mainly sit all day 8+ hours



I think part of it must be that software guys are more likely than average to investigate this stuff and then be active posters on a social media platform like this one. Part of it is probably that sitting on your ass 9 hours a day makes PVPS worse.

Or it could be that you need a pretty big set of balls to go into software…



I’m a Computer engineer. I sit 8+ hours a day. I do have a sit stand desk but need to use it more. Have been siting heating pad during day which helps.



Desk job. Hurts too much if I sit more than a half hour straight so I mainly stand. If I work from home I’ll use a laptop on the couch or if it’s a really bad day then in bed!



Wow. I am suddenly struck by the wreckage we have on this thread alone. The safe simple snip really messes some of us up. I have a sit stand desk as well but feel I can concentrate better sitting.



Systems design engineer. I have been working for the top five computer chip companies (you guys know which ones) for ~15 years. Sit on the desk most of the time. When silicon shows up I spend time in the lab around 4-5 hours a day directing and dealing with engineers!!!

I was detected by cold penis syndrome (loss of penile sensitivity and lack of ejaculate proessure) last week by a urologist. This is a common issue with cyclists as well. So you figure: sitting down for a long time + vasectomy has really killed my intentions to live. In this case my theory is prostate getting no sperm and drying out impacts the nerve system down there (just a theory for now). Add that the sitting factor and the mix probably won’t leave any sexual enjoyment left.

Sad! Sad :disappointed:



We should quit our jobs and move to a fabulous group house on the beach in Florida and start our own software company.

Let the naming contest begin.



I work in the enterprise software space, as well, though not a software engineer / developer, but work more with software “packages” for manufacturing and distribution.

My reversal doc was doing some research on the physical and psychological make-up of his pain patients back in the 2006 timeframe. He retired shortly after reversing me, and I never caught up with him afterward about his results. He did say that I fell into a lot of patterns he had seen: prior hernia, general problem with allergies, “type A” personality, and above-average anxiety and worry. He admitted, however, that guys who are in touch with their body are more likely to seek medical attention.

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