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Inguinal pain day after vas

I had the vas done about 3.5 weeks ago. Sort of kicking myself for not stumbling on this site before but I’m not convinced it would’ve changed my mind. I’ve had a somewhat different experience than most here on this site. I had my surgery on a Friday. As far as I know all went well. Pain was minimal. The next day I felt in sharp pain in my inguinal area while handing my baby to my wife (2 months old, less than 15lbs), almost like pulling a muscle while lifting. It remained sore but for the most part went away. Fast forward 3 weeks and now I have a persistent stomach ache on that same side. Did I pull muscle or is it something potentially more serious? Of course the urologist blows it off like its nothing.

I’ve had the same inguinal pain not long after my vasectomy two years ago and have been treating it ever since. It first started after trying to exercise two/three weeks after vasectomy and carrying around my two year old son, as well as, other physical activity. Everyone I’ve seen says it’s a strain or shortened/contracted muscle, though it has not completely gone away. I’m better now, but I still have problems with it. Exercise and most physical activity seem to cause mild flare ups that, if anything, are a minor hindrance at this point. I’ve never been bed ridden because of the pain. I’ve been checked for hernia and had ultrasounds - all came out ok. One surgeon told me it may be like a sports hernia, though I do not play sports. Things that have helped me: physical therapy, acupuncture, hot epsom salt baths, yoga stretches, rest, Amytriptilyne, Ativan (in small doses as needed), and Arnica gel. But the best thing that has helped me the most is…don’t do anything…no treatment, no exercise, no stretching, nothing, don’t think about it, fuggitaboutit…just being lazy seems to help immensely with pain, though it’s not conducive to staying fit. So I choose my battles. Some weeks I do nothing. Other weeks I exercise and deal with the discomfort. No big deal. I have back problems too (scoliosis, lordosis) so I think these things contribute to my shortened muscles and pelvic dysfunction. Over the past two years I’ve learned to live with it (along with the occasional weird feeling in testicles) and have pretty much gone on with my life. If it goes away, great. If not, then it’s just another annoyance added to the list of other ailments like allergies, back pain, and anxiety. My advice to you would be to just rest until it heals and rule out hernia. If the rest doesn’t do the trick, go to a physical therapist who specializes in pelvic disorders and men’s health. Good luck.

Interesting Buck as I have major league back pain now too. I have started doing some stretching and low back stuff just this week and it has helped me a lot. Night and day difference just doing hamstrings and piriformis muscles, some bridges and pelvic tilts. I am swimming 3 times a week. Sometimes I think it hurts and sometimes I think it helps pain wise. Overall exercise helps.

I think when the margin were cleared from my original vas I had a clean slate and was pain free. I’m still open, at least on one side, but the burning has returned on the left. I can at least work now but life ain’t what it could have been.

You can’t dicount your back pain though. Inactivity will only make that worse. Try looking up back pain exercises and give them a try. I use a shirt and lie on my back to do my hamstring stretches.

The pain I have has a component that goes a little towards my butt leg so I am thinking it might stem from high enough up to possibly be from muscle tightness which could benefit a lot from stretching.

I’m scared to even sneeze at this point, let alone exercise. It’s earlier enough I’m holding out hope for more recovery. We shall see.

I had huge pain kind of like that right after my vas… It hurt all the time but really hurt if I lifted my hands above my head. I’d say it went on for about 5 months and was real slow to get better…then I got the congestive pain on the other side but that is a different story. I’m thinking you might have to take it easy and be patient for a few months and see what happens-it took so long for that pain to get better for me that I doubted that I was.

Most pain resolves on its own. We usually recommend rest, ice, and antinflammatories around the clock for a few weeks. If it doesnt there are treatments available. Hang in there.

Jamin Brahmbhatt, MD

Thank you. I was rotating between 400mg Naproxen and 400mg Ibuprofen q4h for 3 straight days but it didn’t seem to make any difference so I stopped. I’ll get back on it. Thanks again.

Hi Choohooo! How are you feeling now? I had a vasectomy a week ago, and am feeling the same kind of pain.

I still struggle after 5.5 years. Official diagnosis is torn rectus abdominis and torn adductor, both at the insertion (pubis). I assume it’s from a damaged ilioinguinal nerve. It’s responsible for motor innervation in this area and about the only thing that can explain my unique injury with something as simple as holding a newborn.

The direct pain in that location isn’t my issue. I’m now losing my SI joint and low back from a lack of supporting core muscles. Every action has a reaction.

You’re at a week. I wouldn’t sweat it. Rest, ice, relax.

Hope you’re doing well. You’re right, the chronic pain is just one element some of us deal with. I’m grateful to you and aschiro for “connecting the dots” for me. I never had lumbar problems, but they actually started 4 months after my vasectomy, even before my pain onset at 8 months post-vas! I never put together that from 2005 - 2012, the lumbar and PVP problems I dealt with were due to core weakness from a damaged GF nerve. Sadly, no urologist confirms this, but PTs, pelvic PTs, and a chiropractor all agree that the vasectomy was the first domino.

Are you having fusion of the SI joints? Crossing fingers, but my L5/S1 fusion was nearly 8 years ago and so far, so good. Gave up most any activity that requires twisting like baseball and golf, the price of a “simple” vasectomy

Thanks. As you know, this injury is nothing short of a musculoskeletal nightmare. Everything really does evolve around the core muscles. I’ve researched and consulted the heck out of my case. At this point I’ve elected to stick with noninvasive and restorative procedures (PT and PRP). That said, I haven’t progressed far. The single most helpful thing I’ve done is a genitofemoral hydrodissection two months ago. My SIJ was greatly improved but now it’s back. I think my job is responsible for most of the relapse.

I’ve mentioned SI fusion but it’s been met with quite a bit of pushback. Apparently, it puts a lot of pressure on the hip and my R hip is already shot. So far it’s been recommended to have core muscles/pelvic floor surgery for the torn rectus and adductor, hip surgery for the CAM and labral tear (they want to do both the groin and hip at the same time), and I’ve got a consult around Christmas for an anterior fusion of L5/S1. There’s not a lot of agreement amongst any of the surgeons. My PT and regenerative doc told me I’m an idiot if I do any of them. I’m not in a hurry to cut but I would like my life back.

It’s a tough call and I’m not sure what to do next. Just last week I saw yet another PT and now the two sets of PT’s are in disagreement on my treatment plan going forward. We’ll see what happens. I’m hurting but I can’t really afford more pain from another botched surgery. I’m already living right at my pain threshold.