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Inguinal Hernia repair

So almost three years after my vasectomy and doing fairly well at this point (mostly just epi sensitivity) and now I have an inguinal hernia. I am having a dull pressure-like discomfort at pubic bone and base of penis. It’s annoying but not serious pain at this point. I’m meeting with a surgeon tomorrow to discuss repair, which I would like to do. I’m afraid of having similar “hypersensitive” reaction to the surgery that I did with the vas. Has anyone here had inguinal hernia repair and can report results?

Have you actually had it confirmed it’s hernia with ultrasound? I had exactly same pains and a very small 1cm hernia, but after doing a lot of exercises for hernia repair for approximately 6 months, it healed itself. You sure you want to go under knife again without exploring non surgical treatment?

Have a look at herniatalk forum, wealth of information and advice

Thanks. I have a noticeable bulge on the right side and my regular doctor said it is pretty obviously a hernia. I see the surgeon tomorrow so I will get his opinion. I will readily do alternative treatments to surgery, but I am assuming a visible hernia will never repair itself. I guess i am just interested to hear if anyone had a bad vasectomy experience has also had a hernia repair and if it was similar or not.

Four years ago i had inguinal hernia repair. Open with mesh. That surgery ruined my groin and my life. fibroisis of mesh damaged my vas deference.
My strong advice is, if you dont have too much discomfort, strengthen your muscles and dont have surgery. İf you need surgery then dont and dont have mesh. Search for pure tissue repair. Shouldice hospital in Canada is good for this. İ strongly advice Dr shrin towfigh in CA.
Please read posts in Facebook group for mesh removal patients.

Dont and dont have mesh… Never…

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Thanks for sharing. Did you ever try to have the mesh removed? What are/were the options in your case?

My mesh was removed. But now Big scar tissue was formed. My vas deference is now entrapted by scar. İt creates a Big pain during sex. Ejacalation is painfull. İt took 2.5 years. i couldnt find a doctor to diagnose for my case. Every uro said he saw first time in his life. İ spend 4 times my monthly salary for doctor visits. Pain specialist doctors also couldnt help.
1.5 month ago a surgeon performed a laparoscopic surgery. He entered the abdomen with metal arms. He cut and burn the perivasal tissue. İ mean the muscle layer around vas deference. İt is also the case during spermatic cord denervation. But my surgeon performed it without skin cut…
For now , ejaculation pain almost gone. But not 100% pain free. More better than before.
Mesh can create autoimmune reactions. Mesh removal is a very dangerous surgery.
Dont accept mesh. Search for bioabsorbable materials and nonmesh alternatives.

Thanks. I met with one surgeon today who uses a robotic technique with mesh and I am going to meet with another on Tuesday who I assume uses mesh. So far I am not getting acceptable answers from the surgeons on mesh. A lot of denial that mesh is a problem.

I also am going to do an internet appointment with a surgeon a little farther away who I think does non-mesh surgeries. He also does mesh removal so he probably appreciates the issue. And I am now seriously considering the Shouldice Clinic, although I cannot go there now due to COVID restrictions. I will keep Towfigh in mind as well. Thanks again for your help.

Hey man, I’ve had inguinal and umbilical hernia repair. I would encourage you to not get mesh, but you do you.

My only advice would be to see a pelvic floor therapist or pelvic pain specialist first. I know you said there’s a noticeable bulge but I think it’s worth a visit to them to see if they can help before surgery.

Hoping the best for you man.

Hi. Thanks for your input. Did you have mesh for your repairs? If so, what was your experience? If not, what method did you have? Thanks.

I did have a large hernia but no mesh was used for my repair, but I was much younger.
So that may have played a big part in the decision. I had the inguinal and umbilical hernias repaired at the same time.

So I assume they did an “open” surgery directly in the groin for the inguinal hernia?

I had a visible hernia, I would still strongly recommend that you invest time in muscle strengthening exercises, they DO work and great chance that your hernia will go away. I had a friend who has hernia all the way to his testicle ( funny to see) but he is adamant on not having surgery

I would like to give the hernia exercises a try. Is there a resource that you can point me to?

Yes, loads of vids on YouTube, search for healing hernia with exercises. One thing I’d say is that you must be disciplined and consistent with your exerciskng regime