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Infection? 5+ months post

Trying to make a long story short, here goes!
Procedure was end of February.
Week 5, pain became intense urologist said probably an infection. 10 days of antibiotics
12 days later no change
10 days of another antibiotic
No change
Another 10 days antibiotic (each time a different one)
Ultrasound performed… after “losing” results… results indicate… infection
14 days antibiotic….
No change… called doc to ask about infection spreading? Ghosted me, no call back
Lower back and abdominal pains keeping me from sleeping unless I take NSAIDS constantly
Left groin pain and in thigh down to knee.
Prescription strength Nsaids daily or 1200mg OTC every 6 hours or I’m completely miserable.
At this point losing faith in docs, can/will infection spread? Should I trust they even “found” the ultrasound results?
Life of pain is one thing, the thought of an infection growing is entirely different