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Incision is Attached to Something

I’m 5 days post-vasectomy. My right side is generally doing very well… still sore when it gets bumped, but typically fine. The incision is healing nicely and moves freely with the skin. The left side is a different story. The incision is significantly depressed and appears to be attached to the back wall of my scrotum and really hurts. The left incision doesn’t move freely and gets pulled and tugged when I move causing pain. I saw the dr yesterday and he confirmed the vas deferens are not caught in the stitches (that checkup hurt like hell!). Unfortunately, the dr didn’t have a good answer why it looks indented, doesn’t move freely, and hurts much more than the right side. His only explanation was the skin is stitched in that shape causing some irritation, but didn’t seem real confident in that assessment.

So, has anyone else experienced similar issues with their incision? I’m worried this is going to keep lingering. Hopefully it softens up in a few weeks and gets better. I cannot imagine having sex right now and wasn’t that the point of having a vasectomy?!

This is an adhesion. Doctors usually don’t talk about it, but it is likely to happen with almost every surgery and that’s why good doctors don’t just cut people open for no reason.

When an incision is made, it goes through different layers of tissue, including superficial skin, fascia, deep skin, fat and muscle. The scarring process doesn’t make any distinction between the tissues being glued back together. Also, scars are not malleable. That’s why it is not moving freely. The sad thing about it is that nothing can be done to reverse it, as more cutting may lead to more adhesion.

It happened to me. Right-side incision healed perfectly fine leaving no mark. Left-side however is quite noticeable. Fortunately I feel no pain from it. But it dramatically affected my self esteem because I was always told this would be a safe, quick procedure that most men even forget they’ve even had it, and ended up feeling butchered for quite a while.

The pain you’re feeling is probably because of an inflammation at the incision site, which is not unusual and also a sign of an adhesion being formed.

I’m sorry to tell you that the best thing you can do is trying not to think about it. Women don’t give much of a shit about men’s ballsack appearance. As far as the pain, it will probably go away when the whole scarring process is finished.


Thanks for the reply. Seems like I’m pretty similar to what you describe. It’s been a few days since I originally posted and the left side is starting to loosen up a bit. There is less of a depression now than right after surgery. It looked terrible a few days ago. If the same improvement occurs over the next couple weeks, I probably won’t notice it going forward. We shall see.

I’m probably most disappointed my doctor didn’t have a good explanation for what was going on.

In about three weeks the stitches fall off and the inner and outer healing is over. Then this is most likely how it’s going to look like for the rest of your life. Two other things that are very common are stitch granulomas and sperm granulomas. So, don’t panic if you feel lumps around your incision sites and/or close to where the vas deferens were snipped. Granulomas are lumps of scar that encapsulate foreign bodies. Some of them go away, others don’t - which is ok as long as they don’t hurt or get too big. I hope you heal well and feel no pain.