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I'll take what's behind door #2....going for reversal

So I just wanted to post here, that I made the tough choice to go for reversal after 13 months. I’m scheduled with Dr P in early March.

My pain isn’t terrible, but it seems the punched in the nuts feeling and pressure should respond well to reversal. I feel the urge to defecate coming from my scrotum. I also have mild sexual issues post vas, probably pain-related, but maybe due to the blockage.

If nothing changes pain-wise, I’m okay with that, and I’ll know I tried. The chance of making things worse is there, but hopefully small. The odd of improvement seem to be in my favor.

I also am done being surgically sterilized, this experiment is over. Condoms aren’t that bad, plus I only have 5 years or so until nature takes its course and my wife cant get pg anymore.

It’s a bit like Let’s Make a Deal, the Monty Hall Problem. If you choose the first round, and are offered the choice to switch to the other door after the host opens a loser, you should always switch - your odds are better.

What I don’t understand is why with a few years until nature kicks in some of us electively choose genital mutilation.


In my case is was a tirade by my wife. I don’t understand how we get from “My body, my choice” for women to “Put your foot down and demand he gets a vasectomy. Tell him to “man up”” etc. etc. It’s downright anti-male/anti-testicles.

My wife was 39 when I got it, arguably entering the period where pregnancy and potential birth defects are most risky…

No need to berate the people here who made the choice. Regret is generally universal here.

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Agree it is a waste of energy and a blind alley to dwell on regret and anger. Very self defeating and yields nothing but bitterness.

I was 41. My wife and I were not that fertile. Took us an average of a year or so for all our kids and we lost a couple pregnancies before the third was born.

It should be a mandatory part of the pre-vas consult to talk about options.

I think I’ve beaten my dead horse down to the sub-atomic particle level LOL.

Let me say something now that is useful. Prior to my reversal the level of pain I would wake in and had sitting was horrific. I could not get through the night without horrific pain. It was really life threatening in that I never slept. I was mad as a hatter. I would get erections in my sleep that would cause pain so bad I could not get back to sleep. The pain was where I had the vas scar tissue or due to something my doctor had done, not sure what. Once the scar tissue was removed after about a month I realized when I woke that horrible high intensity pain was gone. I should be thankful for that. I was also out of a job because I could not work in that state. I could barely get my kids onto the bus for kindergarten the pain was so bad in the morning. That no longer happens either. I still have pain though. This morning instead of going to work I went back home and slept on the couch until 1. When the nerve pain is bad that seems like the only thing that can calm it down. I am at work now typing this so I’m better but I’m not 100% and don’t think I ever will be.

You either have pain you can live with or you don’t. If you can’t live with where you’re at then I think you made the right decision.

Good luck! I’m still wondering what might have happened to the biowrap…

Hey good luck. I had a good experience with Dr P and a reversal. I think you are making the right call. He is top notch

Successful pain relief via reversal?
If so, good for you! :slight_smile:

We’ll see. It is next week. I’ll post on my experience and healing process. I am both a bit anxious to having surgery but also optimistic and looking forward to it a bit.

The good news is that an anesthesiologist friend of mine thought the anti-pain measures Dr P takes during his procedures are very good and in line with current thinking (that being under anesthesia + local prevents the brain from recognizing pain in the first place), and above the level he would have expected a Urologist to follow.

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Please do update us, I hope it gets better for you!

So Dr P uses anesthetics to knock you out + local to prevent what type of pain? The pain from the surgery?
How is that different from just local or under anesthesia alone?

Reversals are microsurgery. I don’t think anyone out there does not knock you out for a reversal. That being said, Dr. P also will knock you out for a nerve block as well which I think is wise.

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Oh, there are actually Uro’s that do not knock you out for a reversal, no doubt. I’m not into mentioning names, but rest assured, it’s true. I can think of one right here in my state that is a vasectomy guru, and he does his reversals under a loupe, local anisthetic only.

Edit: And if I recall correctly, there is a member here that had it done, local anisthetic only. Pure misery laying back in a chair awake for 2-4 hours.

Second edit: Here’s a link to the guy I spoke of above

The guys who are reversal factories (Wilson and Hickman), cheap and popular on babycenter, both just use local.

Robert - best of luck. I had a reversal in 2006 and have zero regrets. I’m convinced that some of us just weren’t made for being sterile. I became pain-free about 5 months after the reversal, that lasted 2 years, then pain-free for another 7 years, now about 10 months in pain again. Seems to be nerve pain the reversal itself didn’t correct.

We ended up with a post-reversal baby, too, at age 43. She’s been great and very welcomed, way better to have another child than PVP.

Best wishes on your procedure.

Hi Robert

I’m having very good results with Cialis and I started it 14 months after vasectomy. Tried everything else without much luck. The urologist I spoke with wasn’t a big believer in vasectomy reversals re. pain relief and believes that any surgery that revisits the location of a previous surgery is fraught with risks.

If you are not in extreme pain and your life is manageable I would be very slow to get a reversal. Why not try Cialis for a few months. The Cialis treatment is not meant to be a long term treatment - more that the increased blood flow from a short course of treatment (month or 2) helps to fully with the epididymal swelling which could explain a lot of your symptoms.

Be careful!! I recently read on here about a guy’s problems only starting after a reversal. Your pain could get a whole lot worse.

I would only say if your doing a reversal and in the USA for sure have a consult with Dr P.

Hey Robert -
All the best on your endeavor this week.

For what its worth I’m 5 plus months post reversal, haven’t regreted that decision since.

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Awesome news, I am happy for you. I just landed in Orlando for the big show tomorrow…

Thanks for the warning - I didnt want to rush into my decision, and am keenly aware of those risks. Clearly new pain can happen, and I am hopeful dr p’s technique minimizes that risk.

For most it seems to help, for some it doesnt and for others it is a bad choice.

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Good luck to you Robert. I doubt you’ll regret the decision.

I’m waiting for a reversal date with Dr. Jarvi. Should be in May or June, so hopefully I’ll still be able to enjoy the summer. He indicated to me that out of all the reversals he has done for pain, no one has gotten worse, but 25% did not improve.

Sure, it would suck to be in the 25% that didn’t get better, but at least I’ll say I can try.

Try to catch some sun and warm weather while in FL!

Hey Robert. Good luck. Manage your expectations and whatever you do, no matter the pressure you are under, don’t do shit except ice and take it easy for a at least a week. I would do nothing for two. Good luck. My vasectomy bought me the ability to sleep without horrific burning pain every night. I wish I could say I was completely pain free but I was a dead man if I had not gotten one because I would have killed myself the pain was so bad. I am not sure why I waited so long to tell you the truth. I think you made the right decision. Now look out for yourself and take it easy and heal up well and graduate from this place and never come back!

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