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İlioinguinal nerve block

Yesterday i have received ilioinguinal nerve block. Dr injected the cortico Steroid and anestehetic to the nerve near iliac crest. He found nerve with ultrasound. But after the procedure i didnt feel any difference. No change in pain. No numbness in groin. Nothing. İ look for ilioinguinal nerve inervation zones from Medical sources. But there is no feeling difference at that zones. İs it acceptable or Dr inject the liquid innto the wrong nerve or he made something wrong??

I got a nerve block of IH, II, and GF nerves, but felt no benefit.

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It’s a process of elimination. Assuming he got fluid to the nerve, it’s likely the II isnt your problem. Same result as me twice. I never got any relief from II blocks.

Next step would be the GF nerve. On that, I got some or a lot of relief every time.

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