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Ilioinguinal nerve block this morning

As far as non-surgical therapies go, this one isn’t too bad. Unlike the hospital system that did my back injections, the Cleveland Clinic treats this like surgery with an IV, sedation, and BP and EKG monitors affixed the entire time. The actual procedure took, maybe, 5 minutes. Check in and setup took over an hour.

I’m not overly optimistic, but figured I owed it to myself to try this. I will say that I felt virtually no pain on the left side (only treated one side) for the first 6 hours post-procedure, so I hear that’s a good sign. The short-term analgesic appears to be wearing off, but am hopeful that the slower-acting steroid kicks in and helps more permanently.

Seemed like a reasonable approach to try all things considered.

Good luck with this - where did the pain rate in the days before this? Also, is the block administered in the spinal cord? if so, at what vertebrae?

Thanks, I appreciate the well wishes.

The block was administered in the inguinal canal. Closer to the scrotum (where most of my pain is) than the back. Made a lot more sense to me. I’m not overly optimistic about the results, but this seemed a lot less invasive than the other therapies available. And, my urologist is out on medical leave himself for 2 months, so the cord block option wasn’t going to happen unless I headed to Florida to see Dr. P. This seemed like a low-impact shot (pun intended).

Tough to describe pain levels. It’s high enough that it’s depressing me, but that’s because I’ve been mostly pain-free since my vasectomy, perhaps a bit spoiled I admit compared to other PVPS patients. When laying down, the pain drops to a very low level and I wake up with 0. But, once I get vertical, even just sitting, it’s probably a 3-4 but all the time. If I stand or do anything that an otherwise healthy 51 y/o would do, then it’s 5-6.

The “how much does it hurt question” is tough. I’m grateful that it isn’t mind-numbing, bend-me-over and take me to the ER pain. But, it’s bad enough to have altered my demeanor, my health, and my outlook on life, so to me, it’s too high.



Glad to hear this gave you some relief. In my case, all 3 of my inguinal nerves have now been removed, so there is nothing left to do nerve-wise for me. Techically, I should not be in pain anymore, but I am. I cannot explain why.

My last shot is a dorsal root ganglion stimulator. I am trying right now to get approved for this. I am praying I get it soon and that it works. If it doesn’t, then it will have to be time to consider suicide. I simply will have no other choice.

I have been there! I take something for the anxiety aspect and have spent years taking time release morphine and Norco. I have not done denervation as I have not been impressed with its success rate.

I have found that by not overdoing it, not having intimate relations and concentrating on the thought that pain is just weakness leaving the body… It’s a slogan the Marine Corps uses during training… I have been able to reduce my medications down to occasional. Sounds easy but it is not! I’ve been dealing with this since 2006.

An Orthopedic Surgeon told me that the body has the ability to acclimate to the pain IF you are not taking pain meds. I have found some comfort in this process but still take the Norco when I overdo it. That is 3-4 hours of activity over the day.

I did apply and was approved for disability. I have a supportive wife. I am still miserable most of the time. I stand or recline, normal sitting causes great pain. I have had to learn to deal with it. I pray for the strength to deal! Jumping off a cliff seemed a bit much and against my religious beliefs.

I hope you too can find a path to deal with this and tell everyone the real information when considering getting a Vasectomy…because the Drs won’t!

Jesse @sdhc81,

I don’t know if I’ve told you about the site “NoOneGetsFlowersForChronicPain”. Kind of an interesting site. Maybe you go to a pain management clinic like the one in Cleveland where the young woman that started that blog/site went. She went through hell for many years but when she went there she shifted from cure seeking to radical acceptance and coping strategies with the long term goal being having as good a life as possible while being in/dealing with the pain.

You are the guy here that can probably do the most for people by finding a way. If you can find a way, then others can. It’s a tough draw for sure but when you look at all the shitty stuff that happens to people (dying from cancer young like my sister in law, dying in accidents, being a victim of violent crime etc… ) , it has to happen to someone. You are just that guy. If you can accept it and move forward then what else can life throw at you? You win.

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