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I need some advice from you guys

Hi all,

I had done a post about my husband getting a MDSC surgery done September 2020. Unfortunately, as that pain subsided, a new one came up. They did an ilioinguinal block that didn’t help at all, but after the genitofemoral block, he had significant relief. This was done in June 2021.

I just found out he cancelled his appointment with the chronic pain specialist because he doesn’t want to get a needle there. I’m devastated. He says it’s not needed, but his pain gets to a 6/10 and he sleeps for 3 hours after working a part-time day. He’s moody and down the rest of the evening, and then the cycle starts again the next day.

Is there anything I can say to him to express how this type of life is not ok? I’ve already gone on a stress leave for 6 months partially due to the fact I have to do everything. I’m going back to work now and I seriously cannot do it all anymore! But I don’t know how to express that to him, and I certainly don’t want to push him into a GF nerve block if it could make things worse.

It has been 6 years of this and I’m just so tired. Any advice you have on how to talk to him or what we can do would be very appreciated

Thank you!

Has he considered other treatment options? Like a reversal, pelvic floor physical therapy, a prescription NSAID, anti-depressant (they have nerve properties) or nerve agent like Lyrica.

You’re a good woman, to start with. Six years of this is a long time and I admire you’re supporting your husband. My wife was the opposite. We divorced 2 years after the vasectomy.
You need to talk to him, how he feels, what he needs, show him empathy for his situation (sounds like you’re doing it already), but also make him clear how tough this is on you. Talking openly is the key. Discuss all options together, you’re in this as much as he is!
Good luck

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What is significant relief defined? In other words - how long did this significant relief last? Days? Weeks? Based on a pain score between 1-10, 1 being poor and 10 being great, what kind of relief are we talking about here?

Is it fair for everyone to assume that he cancelled his next appointment to have another genitofemoral block that supposedly worked the last time? If so, it would seem that he’s already had a needle for this specific block at least one time. My instincts suggest that there is something/s about the current details about your husband’s story that doesn’t quite add up. It’s like we are missing some important details here.

If your husband experienced good results from the genitofemoral block but the effects only lasted for a short period of time, I can understand why he would have reservations about having this/that block over and over and over again indefinitely. I digress for now…

I understand that your husband has never had a vasectomy. I remembered your husband’s story, but to be certain, I did refresh myself before I answered your inquiry.

Your husband does have quite a few options to exhaust still. Hard to say what he should do. Ultimately, he has to choose what that may or may not be. From medications, to radical orchiectomy and every potential option in-between.

FWIW, chronic pain destroys countless relationships. Countless married couples do end up divorced over this/that kind of stuff. That said, don’t get the idea that you are some kind of horrible person for feeling like you are reaching your limits and having such thoughts. That kind of stuff comes with the territory. I won’t advise, but there may come a point where you can only save yourself, your children, or whatever else is at stake. Only you will know where to draw those line/s. Certainly your husband must be aware of this/that aspect himself.

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Hi Juno,

Thank so much. I will definitely be discussing things with him more.

Hi Sentosa,

Yes, we tried pelvic floor physio and it went horribly. And I mean HORRIBLY. He was bedridden for weeks. He is on Lyrica right now, but it makes him super foggy headed. He is on the highest dose. He also takes amitriptyline and eszopocolone. He was taking Percocet, but we have weaned him off it for now.

Reversal won’t work - this is some sort of idiopathic testicular pain that they can’t pinpoint very well. They did the Microdenervation of the Spermatic Cord surgery which would be like a reversal, and it helped to a point.


Hi Ringo,

Thanks for replying. Okay, so what I mean by significant is that he told me he had 0 pain when he was walking up and down the stairs at the clinic - which is huge for him. It only lasted about 3 hours, though. That could be why he is upset in me pushing the issue to try another nerve block when that one lasted so little time. I was thinking since the first one was diagnostic they would up the meds in the next one and it would last longer? But maybe I don’t know what I am talking about.

Additionally, after the gong show with physio, he is hesitant to do anything. He says he is getting better slowly, and that is better than nothing. My main concern is that the Lyrica is making him super foggy-headed and he is becoming scared to drive. His depression as a result is back full force.

Since it’s idiopathic, and you tried MSCD already (which I think I read multiple times on this forum helps better for idiopathic pain), have you thought about neurectomy higher up?
Either neurectomy only of the GF or triple neurectomy of GF/II/IH in the inguinal canal.
Both were suggested to me by different surgeons.

Also, a pain doc suggested a SCS (spinal cord stimulator) or DRG (dorsal root ganglion), to me.
I think @Sentosa tried the SGS and has a dedicated thread about it.

I am just throwing out ideas to consider, I am by no means educated or even informed enough to tell you anything about these options.

IDK… Givin what I think I understand about your husband’s situation, and what day in day out life seems to be like for many years now, I would likely be looking into a unilateral radical (inguinal) orchiectomy if my life had become as described.

If you are unsure what a radical orchiectomy is, it’s not something “radical”, like OMG, that must be something really bad. Statistically, on this site, radical orchiectomy has been something really good in comparison to other version/s of orchiectomy such as the simple version. Pain relief statistics on this site with radical orchiectomy are pretty damn good too.

Complaints on this site regarding side effects from a radical orchiectomy are surprisingly low. I generally put complaints into two groups. The former (out the gates) and the latter (fully recovered from the surgery itself). In one hand, IDK of a surgical procedure that makes a person feel great afterwards. In the other hand, there are numerous testimonials on this site where the man had a radical orchiectomy and felt better out the gates.

Good luck with everything and keep everyone posted.


I’m sorry. We get it. This is absolutely horrible to deal with and the stress it can put in relationships may seem unbearable at times. Love your husband and be patient. He’s grieving too.

Sorry you are here.

My wife can relate to you for sure.
And this is hell for him, as I know first hand.

I got a reversal and am on Lyrica and Cymbalta. I have done a number of other things as as well and am on 6 different supplements etc Overall I am slowly getting better and getting my life back.

I can’t run yet, but I swim laps every day. And someday In convinced I will be pain free. Some day.

Have you had a consultation with Dr Sijo Perakattill in Florida? He will do a phone consult. He is the one who did my reversal and he is very knowledgeable. He is very busy and always seems to be in a rush, but he’s a brilliant surgeon and very, very kind. He was the first Dr to give me hope.

You might also want to reach out to Dr. Amin Herati at Johns Hopkins
You will need to contact the Urology department directly at: (410)-955-6100 for assistance with scheduling. But he will do a phone consultation.

He does a targeted MRI guided denervation higher up, outside of the scrotum and has other outside of the box thinking. I like him A LOT.

Good luck to you! Don’t stop searching.
And God bless you for searching on his behalf