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I lost the max in my climax


@Choohooo that’s right. I keep missing the right name for this one.



I have been looking into it and problems with pain on ejaculation after a vasectomy have been known for a long time. I found this article from 1982:

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@daniel thanks a lot for the article. I hope a lot more like this comes out.



Just wanted to share my own experience with this topic.

I waited to masturbate 1 week after the procedure and felt no feeling at the moment of ejaculation. I could feel the climax arriving and then only the feeling of something coming it but no pleasure at all.

Had sex with my wife two days after that and same. Maybe 20% of normal with my pleasure and feeling levels. In fact, and still to this day to some extent, i cannot tell I even have a testicle in my left side. If you try to imagine having a testicle removed and it not being there that’s what it feels like.

Four weeks of this 20% or so in feeling i told my wife about how big of a loss I’m feeling i was experiencing. I had had waves of suicidal thoughts during that time having read many of your stories here on the forum. There were lots of tears shed in her part feeling terrible for me. That evening I had “mad at the world” sex with her and had a big jump in pleasure to 60% or so of normal. I emailed my doc who said he’d never heard of this happening to anyone and not to worry. He was sure this would fix itself and that there must be a mental element to it.

Fast forward to now, four months after surgery, I’m happy to report that my pleasure is back to normal from what I can tell. If it’s not 100% it’s 90% and must have gotten used to slightly lower pleasure.

I’m writing this to say a few things:

  1. Yes loss of feeling and pleasure is definitely a physical problem that happens to many of us and not only in our heads. We are lied to about how easy and routine this is.
  2. There is in my opinion a mental aspect to it as doctors like to say, but probably much smaller than the physical one.
  3. If you find yourself in this situation I hope you’ll be one of the lucky ones like me who regains most if not all of the sensations you had pre vasectomy. Don’t give up hope especially if it’s early in after the surgery. Talk to friends and loved ones and don’t give in to the darkest corners of your mind like I did for a few days and get to suicidal thoughts.

Thank you everyone for all your posts. It helped me get through many tough nights knowing I wasn’t alone.

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@jordi_s glad you got it back.

I don’t have it back after 2 years post surgery. I took three courses of antibiotics recently and feel like sensitivity has improved. However I’m still in 50% level. In your case probably you had an infection from the surgery and it went away in four weeks. In my case I got improvement after antibiotics but only half way so far. I’ll have to wait and see if it heals in time. I hope so.

Cold penis syndrome is what cyclists suffer from as well.

I met a urologist recently and he said this:

  • the reason for cold penis syndrome is that the muscles in that region are in shock.

He did not say which muscles and I was lazy to ask, so I missed the opportunity to dig in.

He had two solutions: physical therapy and an injection which he believed fixes the issue.

I am very weakly educated on the subject and need guys in this forum to help here:

  • how many of you had this issue and did you see improvements and how?
  • has anyone tried the “injection” and did they see improvement?
  • how many here had this same problem and saw significant improvement after reversal?

I have seen some sporadic responses in this forum butneill be good to have a collective response depot here to gain statistics on this. I don’t think I have the time to dig through every thread.

I recently met my family doctor and he agreed that reversal would be a better option compared to epididymectomy. So I am contemplating doing a reversal now.

Any ideas from the forum is welcome. Thanks.