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I lost the max in my climax

The first paragraph in the causes section of the Wikipedia link I posted is quite interesting @Kai. I
also found the entire wiki to be a good read in general.

Did you have any of these symptoms before the vasectomy?

So does that mean its to high? Sorry i have no idea at all. I know its only been about 6 months for me and alot of guys here have had this issue for years but it’s all ready starting to get to much for me

No issues before hand but instantly after, to be fully honest i never even thought of something like this happening to a male before hand, orgasms use to always be good and most quite strong could feel everything starting from the testicles all the way along and now feel nothing at all

I hear you @Kai, that’s what I figured.

Theres probably several possible solutions, starting with conservative stuff first, such as time, supplements, physical therapy, and then some.

Seems towards the beginning of this thread someone says they found a “button” on themselves that seemed to help things. I’m not advocating that will work, or that there’s a such thing, but it seemed to work for someone.

@Kai, Here’s another thread related to this same topic. It’s a considerably longer thread with way more posters, input, ideas, etc.

Keep us posted, and good luck.

Firstly, I never post on forums but this topic is too important not too and I need to say thanks.

I got a vasectomy 2 years ago and instantly my orgasm reduced to almost nothing. I also noticed the size of my erection was reduced and wasn’t as firm as before. I was a broken man.

To make matters worse I saw a urologist and the prick didn’t take it seriously. He basically said it was due to getting old and being tired from having small kids. He also suggested this type of thing happens when a wife forces a husband to get a vasectomy and the husband regrets it afterwards. I wanted to head butt the f&%ker at that point!

I found this forum and a couple of others which gave me hope. I had a reversal 6 weeks ago and boy am I glad I did it! Orgasms are back - not 100% yet but 1000 times better than post vasectomy. Also erections are firmer and bigger.

My advice to anyone experiencing this issue is to ignore medical professionals and get a reversal. I want to thank the posters on this forum for sharing your stories and giving me the courage to get a reversal.


How was your reversal recovery and did you use a local reversal specialist or someone else? Good to hear about the positive results.

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I was the same post vasectomy ie loss of orgasm ,poorer erection and no real control .My reversal helped to 70 -80 % …But only for 18 months and now i am back to no to very weak orgasm … I do not regret reversal as helped with my pain.

Recovery was ok. Didn’t need any pain relief after leaving the hospital and it was day surgery so out in 4 hours. Stayed off work for a week to rest up and couldn’t do any heavy lifting or exercise for 4 weeks.

I chose to use a micro surgeon who specialises in reversals. My advice would be to find one of them and ask how many reversals have they done. The guy i went with had done 1200 in 5 years.

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Glad it helped you @itsback.

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@Choohooo want to confirm - you already got a reversal or no?

I’m really trying to understand if reversal can fix my missingnorgasm problem.

BTW folks in this thread feel free to read my posts. I have the same damn missing orgasm issue post vas. That’s my main problem. I have gained weight and have gotten depressed since vasectomy and I know it is 100% related to this lack of satisfaction.

Someone here posted that reversal brought the sensation back. But some say it did not bring the sensation back. I’m confused!!

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Reversal helped me with orgasms, they feel more intense, unfortunately only around 50% to pre vasectomy levels, but I’ll take it.

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I have not reversed. I have not done any additional surgeries since the vas. I’m afraid of making it worse. I’ve figured out ways to live with the pain. Reversal isn’t always perfect and significantly more invasive than the original vas. If they can botch a 30 min vas, I’m afraid of my chances with a larger surgery with bigger incisions.

I’m fortunate in that my pain levels are manageable most days. Many on here don’t have that luxury and are forced to roll the dice. I’m also not of the mindset that vasectomy is inherently bad or painful. I think most cases of PVPS aren’t caused by the vasectomy itself but rather collateral damage due to invasive surgery on a highly complex and sensitive area.

Vasectomy is advertised as simple and no big deal yet the procedure takes place in one of the most highly innervated and complex locations in the body. In there lies the issue. I’m simply not willing to cut again without some kind of guarantee of better odds or recovery.

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@Choohooo thanks for the post. I am also sort of in the same mindset. However my feeling is, having read what I read on this forums and based on my general knowledge, pain and other complications happen for other odd reasons and not just the vasectomy procedure. This is why not everyone has the troubles we have. In our cases maybe something happened during or in post surgery. We need to find what it is and fix it.
Dr Roeder told me this: “if you touch the bean size thing on the side of your testicle and if it is tender then likely sperm is leaking from the there causing pain.” This is the man who did 3000 reversals so I cannot ignore what he says. He told me he had some patients who came to him with pain and reversal fixed their pains.

Again my understanding is pain is likely caused because of some surgery related complication. But this varies case by case.

For me, other than the lack of orgasm and ejaculate pressure I’m always uncomfortable down there. I think this does not happen with a “typical” guy who did vasectomy. I pretty much don’t believe the one in 1000s claim, but feel like we here represent ~10% or less of the ones having done vasectomies. I think in our cases something wrong happened at or after surgery. I think medicine is way off in understanding the issues we are having!! The doctors are full of crap.

BTW I think we should all come up with a Conclusive Remarks post. There is a lot of information on this forum that is extremely useful but it’s all very sporadic across different posts.

A “bean size thing” that’s tender sounds like a granuloma. Yes, reversal would fix this but that’s a pretty extreme solution to a rather simple problem.

@Choohooo thanks.

I got checked today by my family physician and apparently I have epidydimitis. Yes it was a granuloma and I have a cyst too in that area. Started me on antibiotics. Will do bloodwork for hormones and T levels tomorrow.

To repeat myself I developed all the below symptoms in post vasectomy (I hope my post appears in people searching vasectomy prior to the operation):

  • Discomfort in the testicle area, mild pain time to time that comes and goes but recently feeling it all the time, not yet chronic.
  • Loss of sexual pleasure and orgasm and penis numbness during sex
  • Significant loss in ejaculate pressure (likely tied to prostate)
  • Strange bowl movement (prostate?)
  • Weight gain around 20lbs
  • Depression and some anxiety
  • Significant short term memory loss like forgetting what I read or heard ten seconds ago
  • Significant issue remembering names and numbers

These are not in my head. They are real issues.
I have two engineering phds (mech, Biomed), was a research fellow in a large medical research university, and have been in a complex industry for the past 15 years. Enough to prove I know how to correlate data.

I am not giving up. Need my life back. Let’s hope that I get as many of these issues fixed as possible.

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Any systemic issues? Aches, pains, stiffness, etc. I’ve had the same memory issues. There was a day I tried calling in a prescription for a patient and couldn’t remember my numbers (1, 2, 3…etc). Then there was the time I had to grab my drivers license because I couldn’t remember my middle name. These issues are real. You’re not making them up. What antibiotics were you prescribed?


Yes down there has recently become worse and uncomfortable. Could not wear jeans and now after exercise feel that the testicle areas keep hurting even on regular pants. So stopped hard exercise until antibiotic treatment is over. He suggested Demoxicylin. I did some search and it is the right one for my symptoms.

The granuloma was checked by the Dr and he pressed on it and God it was very painful. Definitely there is an infection there that probably has been on and off. Roeders idea was that “bean” forms because of sperm leak. This actually makes sense to me because I am assuming that sperm leak there has probably been causing epydidimitis.

One important discovery (for me) when describing and discussing my case with my dr was that the nerves that make up the sensation areas of the penis do not come from down there. They actually emerge from the prostate region. So Drs idea was that my epydidimitis likely diffused to the prostate and infected my prostate as well. I sort of agree with that: prostate functionality must be impacted by not receiving sperm anymore right? I sense the prostate issue in three ways
1- Strange bowl movement
2- Penis insensitivity as a result of numbness of the tip and some parts of the shaft.
3- Significantly lower ejaculate pressure.

The other issue he pointed was the change in my hormone levels (weight gain being the symptom). So that’s going to be checked through my blood work.

My doctor did not think that reversal would fix the issue at this point.

The general conclusive remarks for my case is this: fixing epydidimitis through killing the infection should fix the prostate issues and the testicle area pain and discomfort. BUT if sperm is leaking on the left side the infection may come back again so we may have to go through the repeat of this issue at some point. This is why once the test results are out I’ll have another detailed discussion with him to see what his next proposal is. He mentioned that my case can be “picked up” by a urologist after this round but he was not sure.

I’m sorry to hear about your memory issues man. I’m completely on the same boat. But doctors generally (not just urologists) are hard to convince when it comes to these things - they look for statistically significant empirical data and when that does not exit they simply don’t believe it. When I described my memory issues (even though my dr is a great one with a lot of experience) I felt like he did not think memory loss was necessarily related to vasectomy.

I for one am thinking that the sperm antibodies are causing some damage and I want to end that as soon as I can. Does reversal cause these antibodies to disappear?? Does anyone here know?? Or are they staying with us forever?

I had reversal around 5 months ago, during SA, they have noted high concentration of sperm antibodies. Around 80% semen was covered with it. From what I read, sperm antibodies are here to stay, but they won’t have to fight sperm after reversal