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I lost the max in my climax

I am new to this group. My issue isn’t pain (sorry to all my vasected Brothers who are suffering pain), but greatly reduced pleasure during orgasm. Due to my technical training , and background, I have arrived to a cause for the effect. I am curious if any of my Brothers have had similar experiences, and also willing to share my theory, if anyone cares to read. God Bless you guys, and good luck!

Please share! I am in that boat as well. I have ones that are pretty close, but most fizzle out. Sadly I would live without the “max” if given the option to be out of pain.

The research is pretty clear on sexual side effects after vasectomy. 5-10% experience a decrease in orgasm sensation after vasectomy. The other 90-95% are called liars and told it’s all in their head by doctors who have never had a vasectomy.


I enjoyed Choohoo’s response. But, in all seriousness, loss of sensation is extremely common. I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news on this particular subject. However, welcome to the group and please feel free to ask any questions.

I second this. The majority of guys I’ve read about in 7+ years experienced the same, or similar problems far as sexual side effects, and that includes myself as well. Many report a general disconnected feeling to.

I’ve got $20 that says most every doctor you mention this to says it’s either psychological or old age. I was 33 when I got my first old age excuse. I gave that doc the same look my vasectomist gave me when I told him I’ve had a migraine since my vasectomy.

I’ve said it before. After two days at the Mayo Clinic in MN, medicine is completely unprepared to handle the problems caused by vasectomy.

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I hear you brother. I have no idea why so many urologists are so inclined to deny so much. I don’t buy it that most all vas urologists haven’t heard an earful about side effects, and pain from a multitude of men. So what’s the motive? I’d say in most countries, it’s gotta be the money.

They say vas doesn’t affect your energy, testosterone, sex, etc, etc. I will tell anyone the same thing many would tell anyone that had a successful reversal. I could feel the energy surging through my body afterwards. Popping wood left and right. I could definitely tell I had been hooked back up.

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@jmsalaba So what’s your theory? Talk about popcorn with no butter…

Personally, I too experienced a diminished orgasm. The orgasm was about 80 present of what it was before. Plus, I lost that post sex feeling / relief of having emptied things out. Also, the orgasm is weaker - things went from really shooting out to kind of just dribbling out.

I had a reversal a month ago. The orgasm is better but I’m still hoping / waiting for the force to return. I’m in my mid thirties but feel like my orgasms are similar to a man in my mid-60’s (assuming Howard Stern’s descriptions of his orgasms are reflective of men of his age).

As to measuring this, I think time just wears people down. Most men after a few years lose track of what things were before the vasectomy.

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Wow! Wish I would have looked for this group pre-V… I did some cursory inter-web research and neither that, nor my directly asking my Uro, about post-V side effects, did I have any idea about losing the “max”

Among other things, I am a professionally trained, and experienced, electronics technician. This means lot’s of trouble-shooting and cause and effect analysis… I followed this methodology when trying to find my lost mojo.

Problem: Climax became Cli-not-so much…

Q: What, now, is physically different about ejaculating?
A: Sperm no longer in the mix.

Theory: Sperm is “thicker” than semen, therefore, perhaps there is a pleasure “sensor” in the urethra that is “activated” during a normal pre-V climax.

The good news: With this theory, I became a lab rat. There IS a pleasure sensor in the urethra. I have also have found different ways to activate it…

During my journey, I did some research into the embryonic development of external genitalia and found it to be quite interesting, and helpful. This is one of the links:

I hope this post does not offend anyone, I am just trying to help.

Thanks for all of the replies, Brothers!

I think your theory is sound most of us have came about to that same thing. That the send thru and pushing meeting up in the prostrate etc but it more tied into the vas defrens.

But you can’t leave everyone hanging. What is this trigger? And I am guessing you can’t flip that switch every time.

Climax is the least of my problems all i want is to be pain free.


I don’t know why you guys are complaining so much because this phd instructor from the same site is assuring everyone that vasectomies don’t have any negative effects on the male body. Somebody should send her a link to our forum and tell her to stop spreading non-sense. Check it out, vasectomies are a really good thing:

@Choohooo can you please tell us about your experience at Mayo. I was considering going there at some point because they’re usually better and more knowledgeable than most. I guess not when it comes to urology. My orgasm is diminished as well by the way. This in addition to constant pain.

I agree with your train of thought, but there is definitely more going on than just a ‘sensor’… May I suggest this [book]

It’s a very complex system we’re messing with.

As far as finding this group pre V, don’t we all!

@P4noG I’m still here until Friday. No real breakthroughs at this point and it doesn’t look like there will be any. That being said, I hesitate to throw in the towel just yet. I’ll post more after my exit exam tomorrow.

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“Climax is the least of my problems all i want is to be pain free.”


@MikeO i have had 6 month plus of agony from day 1 and i just turned 50 no suport from wife who pressured me into this you think i am worried about climax thats minor detail. I am house bound. Man we all have different agenda and opinions i want to be pain free. Yep seriously.

I was 40 when I had my vasectomy and in a vasectomized state for 15 months. Reduced climax and ED started about 3 months after the vasectomy and pain 5 months later. Reversed 7 months later. Orgasm intensity returned. No doubt in my mind that being sterile has sexual side effects, no doubt at all.

The short answer is: stimulating the tip of the urethra and/or near the end of the urethra.

Hey @Loz,

I was using “seriously” as an affirmation of what you said. I could have said: “Fucking A”, “Right On”, “You got that right”, “You and me both.”

I agree %100. Having the sex drive and life of a soapdish would be more acceptible if I didn’t feel I was being stabbed in the groin all the time.

I obviously don’t know you or your wife but there is a special place in hell for women that pressure their husbands to do this and then abandon them when they end up in chronic pain.

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