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I have my life back :-)

Hey Everyone,

I had a reversal because I linked my insomnia, autoimmune and overall feeling like shit to my vasectomy I had five years ago.

Tomorrow I will be exactly four weeks post reversal surgery. Surgery cost $9,000 USD by Dr. John Greer in Idaho. Pain after surgery never exceeded a #1 on the pain scale. I’ve been back walking and hiking for about a week now, still not ready to lift weights. My scars are ugly as fuck and still inflamed, a bit tender but getting better daily.

Now most importantly, I had my first orgasm last night and blew a load like a 20-year-old and feel like a million bucks!

I knew I was having prostate issues, as my ejaculations were so weak, as was my stamina. I thought it was because I was getting old (41 years old), the wife and I have taken a 5-week break from sex in the past because it was making me so ill and the first orgasm was still anti-climatic (after 5 weeks).

Last night we were like 6 weeks from the last orgasm and seriously I blew four huge ropes, each shot 3 to 4 feet in distance. I haven’t seen anything like it in 10 to 15 years.

In summary, if you are thinking of getting a reversal do so, and do it now. I’m out $9K but feel like I have my sex life back, and more importantly, my health is back.

After a year of research, I’ve discovered that vasectomies lead to prostate cancer (it take 20 years), dementia, lower energy, sex drive, etc… I’m saddened and afraid that many of us men just think its part of getting older - it’s NOT!! We’ve been lied to and made to believe that a vasectomy is an easy, risk-free surgery and that everyone does it. I thought of it like getting my daughters ears pierced, no big deal it’s just something every man does.

It’s not healthy, nor safe. I’ve learned there is a vein that goes from you pituitary gland down the length of your body to your testicles, the testicles then send sperm (information) to your prostate which then communicates with your thyroid and back to the pituitary gland. A vasectomy destroys this hypothalamic-pituitary-testicular axis.

Finally, I have my life back. Thank you :slight_smile:


Congrats, I’m only 6 weeks in and feeling all wrong, testosterone crashed, swollen prostate, pain, lame dribbling orgasms etc I’m already thinking I want out, put the shit back the way it was, no modifications, I run better stock.

Awesome news mate, I’m year after reversal, and my volume is much improved, but unfortunately not to your standards, I but cannot complain.

Congrats and really appreciate the info. Hard to imagine going in for another surgery after such a slow painful year. Next month marks 1 year post-vas. Keep us updated how things progress!

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Thank you. I am so so so stoked for you. Heading into the reversal ext week, I needed to hear this!