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I had a phone appointment with Dr Jarvi today

See my previous topic for my story and context, but long story short, after almost five years (2 since I’ve since him in person), I had a chat with Dr Jarvi today on having my vasectomy reversal or not. As you can imagine, there is no clear answers. I know there is probably not much new information for the veterans here, but it might help some of you, or at least, provide more info on Dr Jarvi’s views, who is the main pvps doctor in Canada.

  • He said that he never suggests a reversal before a year
  • Again, he has seen about 75% success on men having reversal, and he hasn’t seen people getting worse, but yes, there is always a slight chance and at the end, you might be back to square one.
  • He doesn’t remove the clips unless it is necessary. He is really about trying not to create other problems (I know the clips thing is debatable here…)
  • I told him that it doesn’t look like I’m having congestion issues, but he said that I might have some, but it is just that my body could have got used to it to some sort, but that’s very difficult to know. If men have classic congestion pain, indeed, reversal seems to be more efficient as we know.
  • Recovery is longer for pain patient, but after 3 months he said you have a good idea if it has worked or not
  • To put it simply, for him, the pain is directly associated to the vasectomy, and by just putting the pipes in place, it has been successful for many. Which makes sense, but not that simple as we know.
  • As for my decision, I still haven’t made my mind if I would go or not in December, but he said, it’s really about how it is affecting my daily life (duh!)" or if I’m seeing improvement or not overtime. For him, the risk of the VR is pretty low, but it remains a personal decision.
  • He also mentioned the drawback of being fertile again, but as probably most of us here, it is the last of our concerns if we can be pain free!

Anyway, just wanted to share

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