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I got banned from r/Vasectomy reddit!


I have posted links to the aua, cua, and NHS sites in similar situations. There are links here to research papers as well. Dont let it bother you. Keep him engaged and be civil. The research is out there, a lot of it in our own library section.

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I just got banned at /r/vasectomy :frowning:

I guess you’re just supposed to shut up and fade away…



Sweet lie is better than bitter truth. How are you those days @Ethan_Scruples?

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I’ve been on Lyrica for a month. It has been pretty effective for dealing with pain. Not perfect but pretty good. I still feel fragile and sensitive but at least I don’t feel a burning sensation all the time and achy.

I’m going to try weaning off of Lyrica and see what happens. Apparently withdrawal can be a bad experience, so my plan is to go down by 10% every 2-3 days. I’m filling a syringe with warm water, then squirting it into a cup and dumping the capsule contents in there, then mixing, then sucking out the volume I don’t want, then drinking what’s left.

Main issues with Lyrica are I don’t want to use it long term because I worry it will cause brain damage. I have absolutely no sex drive whatsoever right now and would like to get back whatever I can. Sex is still fraught with discomfort and not as enjoyable as before, but I’d like to want it again if possible. I also think lyrica is screwing with my ability to focus and be motivated.

Finally, I want to see whether or not the pain comes back.

Edit: Just wanted to add something I forgot. I do think that the pain relief may be wearing off somewhat as time goes by. So that’s another reason to try dropping it to see where things are now.

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I was banned as well today.



Ethan, I feel the same way. I’ve been on Lyrica since February. Getting damn expensive. I feel like I’m getting diminishing benefit, and my sex drive and motivation levels are down. I don’t know if that’s from pain or the pain med. I’m meeting with Pain Mgt. this week to see if he’s got any other ideas. Thinking of going off pain meds and seeing what my un-medicated baseline is before going for more botox treatment with Dr. P. next month.



Looks like some of your posts are still on there as of today @etf42. I was just over there reading a bit, and that PMMYD person is really something else. He calls several people including the ones who have been banned “the Alex Jones/s” of vasectomy, lol.

I’m sure I’d get the same stones thrown at me, and that’s a part of why I’ve never bothered creating an account over there. There doesn’t seem to be much purpose in going over there to try to talk some sense into people that already seem to know everything. Seems many that have tried are meet by the current moderators with heavy resistance, aggressive replies, eff bombs, etc.

PMMYD comes off as a self righteous, pro vasectomy know it all that really doesn’t seem to know very much about what he/she indoctrinates others to believe as fact. I can only imagine how many people will learn the hard way after taking his/her advice to heart, and rolling the dice on his/her perspectives regarding vasectomy outcomes, statistics, etc.

Seems one of the mods, or frequent posters over there hasn’t even had a vasectomy :confused:



That place would be a whole lot less bias if they would let someone with pvps, or someone with a history of chronic pain post vasectomy partake in the moderation process over there. There doesn’t seem to much of any balance over there when it comes to warnings given beforehand, and then some.

As for those that may have gone over there and acted crazy, I can understand why they were banned if that was the case, especially if they were warned beforehand. Most public places/forums have some sort of rules of conduct.



Here is the comment that got me banned:

just snips the tubes that transmit sperm into the penis

This is an oversimplification commonly used to calm down men who are understandably nervous about having the function of their genitals permanently modified. The vasectomy does not JUST snip tubes that transmit sperm into the penis. It also:

  1. Cuts nerves that lead to the testicles, leading to a loss of sensation during orgasm for some. Some glands secrete hormone in response to nerve signals. I don’t know if anyone understands to what degree the testes fall in this category.

  2. Sometimes vasectomy cuts one of the 3 arteries that leads to the testicle, forcing the other 2 arteries to pick up the slack. Presumably the other arteries can supply the testicle with adequate blood supply, and they can make adequate levels of testosterone, but has this been studied carefully? The range for ‘normal’ testosterone is very large – from 270 to 1070. Doctors are motivated to tell you your T is acceptable because steroid therapy has some baggage associated with it, and low T (within that range) is not bad for your health. It just alters your personality and possibly gives you slight man boobs.

  3. Nerves and blood vessels can have their function impaired by scar tissue or granulomas that form at the vasectomy site.

  4. Vasectomy puts many (most?) men into a state of chronic auto-immune response, with inflammation and white blood cells visiting the area to destroy sperm that cannot escape. Auto-immune response can shut down hormone production in disesases such as Hashimoto’s. Has this been studied and ruled out for PVPS? ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  5. Chronic pelvic pain and the stress it causes alone are sufficient to lower testosterone. Chronic pain affects at least 1% of men who get vasectomy, and possibly up to 10% although of course they have good reasons not to talk about it, even to close friends or their spouses.

  6. Sperm swells up the epididymis like a little hemorrhoid on your testicle, eventually wrecking the microstructure of the organ and/or causing it to burst. Do your gonads down-regulate testosterone in response to an engorged epididymis? I don’t know, but I can tell you that “it’s just a little snip” deceptively oversimplifies the physiology involved, and is not a proper answer to the question “can vasectomy affect testosterone levels.”



My posts are still up I just cannot post. Its basically an echochamber where no opposing views are allowed. I visited the forum before I got a vasectomy. It’s no surpise why I did not see any of the horror stories.



Yea, places like that are everywhere online. Lots of people like to promote what they think is real, what they think is fact, what they think is safe, and what they think in general must be a fact without having many, or any facts.

Perceptions of facts, and reality seem to vary person to person. Facts, and people’s personal perceptions of reality are two different things.

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Your comments are deleted. They are only visible when you are logged in as /u/etf42. Log out or visit from incognito mode and you will see that they are gone.



Hopefully you are aware that there is a manufacturer’s coupon that helps defray the cost of Lyrica for some people for a while:



Thanks. Yes, I tried it back in February. It wouldn’t coordinate with my plan then. I’m going to try again anyway.