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I got banned from r/Vasectomy reddit!




I agree that the mods, or frequent posters on the r/Vasectomy Reddit site are very pro vas without a proper warning. I see several of them saying things that I certainly find questionable far as their MO’s. Where are the facts? Apparently, they have no issues with some men having to wait 1-5+ years to get better, and never being told such a thing could happen beforehand (informed consent).

I also agree with anyone that says to keep posts/info as fact based as possible. Don’t be railing on your spouse constantly, and not expect to be judged for that type of conduct. Try to keep verbiage as clean as possible, etc. People that say they’ve seen 25+ urological specialists, including a few of the best in north America, and never found anything they said, or could do for them to be helpful is over the top as well.

Perhaps in time things will change over there.



I’m the one who’s seen 25 or spoken to 25 doctors including 3 at the Clinic locally. My original uro makes 26.
I’m far from disturbed or confused. And I document everything.

But thanks for the support<sarcasm

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WOW! I’m disturbed and confused. That’s funny.



The mods on that site certainly know about this site. Links to this site have been posted often enough over there, and I’m absolutely certain they have visited this place.

There was a post on this site yesterday that could’ve easily been one of them.



I don’t disagree that their sub has had this site listed many times. And I wouldn’t be surprised if they came on here to post something stupid or defamatory saying we are confused or disturbed.

I’d like to know how someone can be those things if it’s happening to them?



I’m not sure if anything ever happened to any of them as I’ve never seen any evidence to support their stories.

I will say this tho, I used to be comparably as pissed off as some of the most pissed off people I’ve seen in forums like this one (many years ago). I used to think I’d never get any better, etc, etc. Things aren’t perfect, but I managed to get the majority of my life back.

I was also one of them guys that got indoctrinated into believing a bunch of nonsense by a few of my mentors many years ago. I don’t blame them for not knowing everything. Everyone was doing their best back then with what info, studies, and feedback we had. I have no hard feelings for any other victims that helped me years ago weather they gave me bad advice, or not.

What I just said above is also part of why I stick around this place, and share my knowledge I’ve learned over time. Success stories with pain, personal life, knowledge learned the hard way, etc needs to be heard. Not just a bunch of misinformation, assumptions, and doom and gloom.



I’m sorry, but some how I am a religious nutcase who has an agenda??? I am so far from religious! Or a nutcase. Or a religious nutcase. I got no idea why the one mod is claiming that. Cause I never ever brought up religion.

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I have no idea man. I certainly wouldn’t refer to you as a religious nutcase.

I don’t plan on rushing over to their stomping grounds and raining on their parade anytime soon, but perhaps one day I will make time, or have an opportunity to engage some of the people you speak of in some sort of intelligent conversation.



I don’t think you can have a logical conversation with them. They clearly have an agenda. Hell, I wouldn’t be surprised if it isn’t modded by Jonathan Stack!



During my all-too-brief “research” before my surgery, I remember coming across a thread somewhere about PVPS and there was a link to this site, but others in the thread were claiming that this site is just a bunch of religious nutjobs with ulterior motives trying to scare people out of getting a “perfectly safe” vasectomy. So, I stupidly took their word for it and didn’t look into it any further.

I’m not just atheist, I’m strongly anti-theist. I absolutely despise religion. Yet, here I am four months after the supposed safe procedure, and I’m still sore.

People who claim that PVPS victims are just religious people with an agenda have their heads very far up their own asses. The shit’s real.

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I think some basic math is in order for the pro-vas people. I read somewhere that there are 500,000 vasectomies are performed each year in the US. If 1% develop chronic pain, that’s 5,000 men IN ONE YEAR. We’ve got men on here that have been in pain over 20 years. My first bout was 12 years ago. Let’s be conservative and go with just the last 10 years…that’s 50,000 men with chronic pain! At 2%, in 10 years, you’ve got 100,000 men.

My now-subjective bet is that vasectomy came in vogue about 40 years ago. It fits well with the 1970s movements broadly. At 1%, we’re at 200,000 victims in just the US, and at 2%, were at 400,000 victims in just the US. Sure, some men who had a vasectomy 40 years ago are now deceased, but it stands to objective reasoning using the AUA’s own numbers that there are at least 100,000 and possibly as many as 500,000 men walking around the country with aching balls.

I’d encourage the Reddit pro-vasectomy folks to do some basic math.



I just posted on the r/vasectomy thread. Let’s see if it’s deleted.



I tried to do basic math with them and they deleted it. They don’t want to hear anything that is negative towards a vasectomy.

Even based on your hypothetical numbers, think about that. 500,000 men have had vasectomies. The studies, they post results from LESS THAN 1000 men!!! That’s 00.22% of all men in the US being questioned on after vasectomy pain! That’s an insanely small amount of men being polled. And then the questions, I guarantee you that they aren’t in depth. They are most likely basic.

Like I said, I wouldn’t be surprised if Jonathan Stack is somehow tied to that sub page. Cause it’s VERY pro Vas.



I so far from religious it’s not even funny. Yet somehow I am some religious nut job who is disturbed and confused about what’s happen to my own body after a surgery that was billed to me as safe, simple and relatively pain free.

I love how I am confused about what’s happening to my own body. WTF!



I just had a mega block with botox with Dr. P. in Orlando this past Monday. The attending nurse asked “did you have a vasectomy?” and I, of course, said yes. She said she sees a lot of men coming through with pain due to vasectomy. The word is getting out at the grass roots level, but there’s no “Big Data” source gathering all of this. The closest thing would be the membership number of this forum, and that’s too small to reflect the real damage counts.

I think the numbers of men being treated for pain due to vasectomy are in the tens or hundreds of thousands just in North America.

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I wouldn’t be surprised by the numbers. It’s just that men don’t talk about their junk. Unless you are a porn star or something, you don’t whip it out or talk about it. It’s pretty simple to see how and why men don’t know about PVPS. Add into it the Uros telling everyone how simple it is and that no one ever has a problem. That bullshit and the silence of men, that’s the problem.

Look at Terry Crews. He opened up about what happened on a casting couch and he is being slammed by many many people over it. 50 Cent just slammed him on Instagram the other day. It’s just like women who don’t make claims. They don’t want to look weak or get attacked by others. Same goes for PVPS.

Look at me. I have been told numerous times that it’s in my head. The original Uro who performed it won’t even see me and continues to say no one has had an issue. And then I bring it up on that sub. And I got attacked as some disturbed and confused religious nutcase. It’s pretty easy to see why people don’t talk about shit that’s affecting them.

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I don’t get where people come off insisting that it’s in our heads.

I’ve never had herpes, but if someone tells me how bad it is, I’m not going to say “ahhh… it’s all in your head!”

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I don’t get it either. But it happens. Being told it’s all in our heads. Not the herpes. Although that probably happens all the time too. Not to me though. Just the PVPS is in my head.



And now he attacked my post just siting I need to provide my claim of (was 33% but I corrected it)15% and that it is still happening to 1-2% of men only…then he went through my history and replied from another post a month ago that was in open forum NOT in Vasectomy sub (Ask Reddit-- what was your most painful experience). Saying I need to stop spreading fear and misinformation. When all I did was told my story, abbreviated version. Is he truly serious? All I ask is for couples or male candidates to review ALL the information NOT HALF TRUTHS about VASECTOMY. Just Unbelievable.
"You are absolutely free to share your personal and subjective experiences with post vasectomy pain and your experience with vasectomy in general, but do not go around slandering the procedure and spreading fear without having a legitimate basis to your claims or providing some sort of source.

I’m truly sorry that you experience these issues, but spreading misinformation here, especially without citing valid medical sources that back up your claims, is unacceptable. Consider this your first and last warning."

I just unsubscribed to the sub and I will openly keep posting information and links to here for people need to hear this. Who does this guy think he is? That is what bothers me about people like this Datsun character,the head in the sand disease.