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I got banned from r/Vasectomy reddit!

I got banned from the r/vasectomy reddit page! Can you freaking believe that?! The two mods clearly don’t want anyone to have an opinion other than their own. One of them I was talking to on there for awhile. He wasn’t pissed, at least I didn’t think so. But because I was speaking truth, clearly the other mod didn’t like it. Cause he threatened me and banned me cause he said he was tired of getting reports of my bullshit.

I can’t believe people don’t want to know everything. That they don’t want someone who is dealing with problems to give answers and advice. It’s crazy to me.

I read your posts, I don’t get on that site much but I didn’t think you were out of line. You were just trying to give the risks and warnings of the procedure. Everyone wants to keep there head buried in the sand

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what’s funny is now the one mod ‘Datsun’ is telling someone on there he doesn’t have PVPS. Which is hilarious given that mod hasn’t even gotten a vasectomy!!! And now he’s following me on other subs and harassing me on those.

It’s amazing the two mods of that sub don’t want their bubble burst. They have serious Ostrich Syndrome. One of them told me he didn’t like that I was telling my story. That he and others didn’t want to hear what could happen and they were pissed off and he didn’t want to hear anymore negatives about me so he banned me.

WTF is wrong with people!!! Why wouldn’t you want to hear about possible side effects of something that could fuck your life up??? If I had know about this beforehand I never EVER would’ve gotten a vasectomy. I never looked cause I was busy with work, family and home and I just kept getting pushed. Since my FIL and others were all supposedly OK, I never looked. What a fucking mistake.


We could create our own sub and then share many articles, literatures on the PVPS subject and complications. Wive and I made a Facebook page and it barely gets visits. Once every 6-10 months might get a visitor or two. But on REDDIT it might get seen a lot more and we could cross post link to that Vasectomy page and just show NON BELIEVERS. I have been a big advocate for GET All information And Make An Educated Choice not Blinded One on this subject. The Masses have got to know the truth


Create a new sub reddit. Sounds like that place had an agenda. If they don’t want to hear the horror stories shame on them.

I think any guy getting vasectomy should know what the worst case scenario is. As long as we quote statistics from the American Urological Association that lets them know what the percentage chance of chronic pain is I don’t see what the issue is.


I’m a 31 year old male considering getting one. I have an appointment scheduled next month. Can you let me know what you said?

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All I said was I had one done and am still in pain. I got hit with a shit ton of hate from others on there including people telling me to go fucking die and I was a liar. Even telling me I never had one.

When I responded with info and proof, I was attacked more. Even to the point of the 2 mods attacking me. When someone did ask me questions, I responded. I gave them info to digest. They said it was all biased and fake. That I some how made up studies and faked them.

Only 2 people out of 800+ actually asked me questions about what I had been through. What it was like. What to look for. It was a pretty fucked up place. They clearly have an agenda. Funny thing was one of the mods, hadn’t even had a vasectomy! And he was attacking me about what I said. There was one other person on there who happened to support me. But it was pretty bad.

If someone pointed me to this site or anything else where it said here was even the smallest chance of something bad happening, I never would’ve gotten one done.


Sorry to hear this. After reading your post, I’m seriously reconsidering having it done.

We should. They clearly have an agenda.

Just look around on here. There are dozens of men on here who’ve had their lives ruined. My marriage and health is failing cause of this. I would love to take back the last decade.


I just created /r/postvasectomypain so, if anyone wants to go vent…


You should definitely read up on it more before proceeding with the so-called procedure. I’m about 3.5 months out and I’ve basically had the symptoms of chronic prostatitis ever since (pain/burning/heaviness in scrotum and near the prostate). Go on Google Scholar and read up on post-vasectomy pain syndrome symptoms and rates.

Also, read up on chronic post-surgery pain. By referring to this as a procedure and not a surgery, I think the urologists (unwittingly?) cause those of us going in to discount the risk. Here are a couple interesting publications on the more general topic of chronic post-surgery pain and whether the risks outweigh the rewards for an unnecessary surgery: (“Awareness of the risk of chronic pain is particularly relevant when patients wish to have surgery for reasons other than illness or disability, for example, male and female sterilization and some cosmetic surgery operations, which may be performed for aesthetic rather than medical reasons. Chronic pain after vasectomy has been the subject of several studies. These show an incidence of around 15%. . . It is disappointing then to find in a recent publication on sterilization the statement: ‘Whether a postvasectomy pain syndrome exists remains controversial’.”). (Vasectomy is the second most common operation performed on men worldwide. It is performed for social reasons rather than because of illness and men having vasectomies are pain-free before the procedure. It is distressing, therefore, to and that chronic testicular pain occurs in between 5% and 33% of patients.").


My plan was to make one not just on PVPS. But vasectomies in general. But not let it just be about PVPS. And let ALL points of view there. I just didn’t make it yet.

Of course I’d link it to everything else EXCEPT that original vasectomy page.

Interesting video. He had PVP and says he’s seen numbers like 1 in 6 have chronic pain after a vasectomy.

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Was going to see him, but he’s retired now

@Ethan_Scruples, you should post a link in this thread, and perhaps in the other Reddit thread on here to your new r/postvasectomypain site. By doing so, you will make it as easy as a click away for anyone that wants to check it out, or join the discussion.

Well done brother.

Good job @Ethan_Scruples.


funny. they kicked your post in r/vasectomy. it shows in the listing but when you click it, it never loads or says Oops. The mods there are super vas positive.

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can you copy and paste your post and the comments? I see there are 7 comments. But no matter what i do or what device, I can’t actually read them. I’m curious what’s being said.