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I give up - Reversal w/ Dr. Marks scheduled for 11/29


Sorry to hear it @Tempe5, I know I was feeling pretty miserable when I heard my 10k was a zero again.

Steroid’s make me bounce off the walls, unable to sleep, and make me feel really weird in general. I wasn’t to thrilled to hear I needed to take them again either. A few days into my attempt to save my redo, I pulled the plug on the steroids because of the side effects. I knew I couldn’t keep taking that stuff indefinitely.

Hard to say what you should do, but I empathize with you. I’ve been there.

I agree with what @Ben said in regard to waiting things out, and trying to remain optimistic. I’m sure your last SA results probably made you feel like your house just fell on top of you. I’ve been there to.

I’d be surprised if things didn’t improve over time if you keep things conservative all the way out to 18 months or so. I know everyone is different, and I know your story, and at at 6 months post reversal, I have reservations believing you’ve reached the end of your journey just yet.

Of course it’s possible you may have some ups and downs in time due to congestion, but I wouldn’t jinx yourself just yet. Sounds like you already have a strategy for that if things actually do pan out that way.

Stay active, stretch yourself out often, and try to stay positive.


I’m truly sorry to hear things haven’t worked out the way you were hoping. I have been following your story hoping to hear you were happy with how things are going, and I’m disappointed to hear they are not.

FWIW, it does seem a lot of men end up getting pain relief from the reversal even if they are infertile. I have actually been leaning towards having a reversal in the fall. My local PVPS guy actually asked me if I would check semen samples afterwards. I said I probably would but then asked him why. He actually discourages PVPS men from getting them primarily for the fact that the goal is pain relief, not fertility. He doesn’t think fertility is necessary for pain relief and that becoming emotionally attached to fertility can set you up for mental failure even if things are improving.

Who knows, but there definitely is a mental component to all this and I’m inclined to believe what he says. It actually seems like a lot of the PVPS guys feel that way too. Honestly, sterility, and no pain would be the ultimate goal.

Either way, good luck. Keep your head up and realize that you’re still early and things could, and probably will, still improve. Take care.


I think there’s some wisdom to that. It’s hard not to feel bummed out after a bad SA. Marks seems like he uses the fertility numbers mostly as a gauge of inflammation. He did make a point to say after this one that pain relief is not related to numbers.

Mentally, I’m still very glad I got the reversal. I was hoping to be better off by the 6 month mark, but it is what it is and who knows what tomorrrow will bring.


Is he referring to your case specifically^^^?

I’m going to guess he is because I’ve heard otherwise regarding several other specific cases from the same horse. You can bet I wouldn’t have had a redo reversal if I’d been told the same.

I think these guys could be a whole lot more up front regarding long term patency right from the get go. Why set men up for a mental disaster?

I too also think there is some wisdom in what @Kyvas doc thinks as well (on a purely psychological level), but as I’ve already mentioned, I think it’s pretty silly mind games to not know the status of one’s fertility post reversal. I can think of several reasons for why I would want to know.

Men that don’t know their fertility status that post in forums like this one actually leads to other’s that don’t know any better believing a bunch of this, that, and the other, that’s likely way off.

FWIW, this forum is ahead of the game, and far more knowledgeable as a whole when it comes to reversal, failure, pain relief, and then some. We weren’t as fortunate back in the old school.


It sounded more like a general statement honestly. Maybe he’s kind of “come around” on his view that it’s all physical congestion. More than anything, he seems focused on inflammation as the main problem. I also think he’s all about thinking positive, and he’s likely just trying to comfort me.


Yea, that’s always been him. He’s a great motivational speaker to. I always enjoyed talking with him in general.

Stay positive man. 6 months is really hard on a guy physically, and mentally. Back in the old school, reversal had been dubbed “the long road out” by many. I truely believe that you have a good chance at making some headway over time. I’ve seen countless guys do it, including myself.


Thanks, man. I really appreciate it. I’m still optimistic overall, just getting worn down a bit.


Quick update at the 9 month mark:

Things are looking up. I’ve had some improvement over the last month that has me back in a good place mentally. The months 2-7 after reversal were rough as it felt like nothing was happening.

I’m getting darn close to feeling “normal” again. Off all meds and shooting blanks again now.


Tempe, everyone’s different, but if you had to categorize your pain/discomfort/etc on a 1-10 level for the weeks pre-reversal and currently, what would you say? 0 being no pain, 10 the most. If you have it for the month post reversal and the 2-7 month post reversal period, too, that’d be great.

Similarly for mental headspace, though that’s probably a bit harder to quantify.


I’d say my pain levels were never more than 1-3 post vasectomy, and usually closer to 1. But they were persistent and dominated my thoughts.

If I re-calibrate a bit and say those 1-3 pains pre-vasectomy were a 10 for me, my pain now is in the 4-6 range. So about a 50% decrease on average I’d say (just the last couple weeks, was more like 25% the first 8 months).

Mentally, I was probably at my most depressed/angry from about 3 months post vas to right before reversal. I felt good mentally right after reversal and that lasted a few months. About month 6 after reversal I was pretty low, but still better than pre-reversal. At least I had tried something, you know?


Thank you for your update. Do you get days when you are pain free @Tempe5?


I can’t say I’ve had a single pain free day yet. Hopeful that may come.


Yep, definitely makes sense.

Relative to the other question, any pain free blocks of time at all?


@Tempe5 Any updates on SA? We just had a reversal w/ ICVR 3 weeks ago…
I’m 100% new here, so forgive me if this is a dumb question, but have you looked into pelvic floor physical therapy?