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I give up - Reversal w/ Dr. Marks scheduled for 11/29

Welp. I’ve hemmed and hawed enough I guess. I think 22 months is long enough to wait. I haven’t had any improvement in about 4-5 months, which is the longest I’ve gone. It really did seem like it was going to go away up until about 18 months, and then it didn’t.

I think the mental aspect of being put “back together” is probably the part that sounds the most appealing.

I’ll jump on here after the surgery and let everyone know how it went.

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Best wishes. No doubt, even though I’ve had intermittent bouts of nerve pain since my reversal, it helped me immensely mentally and physically.

Good luck @Tempe5. You’ve thought it through and it sounds like your mentally prepared. Keep us posted. I will be following your progress closely.

Just a suggestion. If you celebrate Christmas, get as much shopping as you can done prior to surgery. Don’t let the pressure of the holidays push you to do anything before you are ready, hanging lights, parties etc. If I had to do it again I would have done it after Christmas. I got mine 12/10/2012. I think you have given yourself a big enough buffer after T-Giving but the holidays create demands on you to socialize, shop etc…

Good luck.


Thanks, MikeO. My wife is totally on board, and I plan to do absolutely nothing the whole month.

And despite the reversal, I’m still not convinced in any way that my problem is “congestion”. I think what I have is a combo of a lot of things, including pelvic floor and muscular issues, and even psychosomatic issues.

Case in point: today, after scheduling the reversal yesterday, I’m having one of my best “pain days” in 22 months. Stuff like this makes me think the doctors who say “it’s all in your head” are a little bit correct, but that’s just a tiny grain of truth in a massive steaming pile of deception, greed, and hubris.

Wishing you the best of luck. I will be there before thanksgiving, having similar feelings. If you have waited 22 months it sounds to me like you have been very patient. I have waited almost exactly a year now, and feeling like if I don’t do something my condition may be permanent at this point. I wish that was something we could know with certainty, it would make these decisions easier.

MikeO - great advice! My reversal was in June (2006) so summer activities got in the way but there weren’t as many obligations as the holidays. I did have my spinal fusion on 12/4/2012, and the holidays definitely got in the way. My first time out of the house, IIRC, was actually on our anniversary on 12/30.

@Tempe5 from reading your posts, you’re a lifter. I would treat this surgery like a hernia repair, and not lift anything for 6 weeks. His 2 week time frame seems short.

Yessir. Planning on taking at least that long off. Thanks.

Don’t do anything at all for a week. I would recommend laying in bed or a reclining chair and following icing schedule religiously. Second week you can get up and.move around a little but no lifting. I think walking some is good. You need your metabolism a little. Protect your groin at all costs. Its easier to bump that part of your nody than you think. I bucked my hips into a laptop tray and gave myself a hematoma. I freaked out. My numbers at 4 months were stl astronomical. The first couple of SAs were pretty low. Then the flood gates opened up.

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Thanks a lot for the tips.

I’m taking a full week off of work even though it’s a desk job. I have an adjustable standing desk so I should be able to find the most comfortable way to sit/stand.

Work laying down if you can. I would get a laptop tray and just be very, very, very careful when you are maneuvering it. I found laying down worked well for me. Sitting was a problem for a while.

Right on- I been there, done that - no regrets. Heck my wife had a pretty good time -we stayed at the most expensive place they recommend-it has swimming pools etc and was kind of fun for my wife. Make sure you get the wheelchair through the airport and a direct flight-we flew into phoenix and rented a car so we could get a direct flight from washington dc area…all the best brother

Good luck - hope it goes well for you!
Almost exactly a year out on mine with Dr P. Feel way better all around. Take it very easy and give yourself time to heal. I had up and down pain for almost 9 months but it has settled down very well now.

Thanks for the positive stories, guys.

I’m having another great couple of days with minimal pain again of course. I’ll never again doubt the minds ability to influence pain levels, and I’ll never again underestimate the effects of stress. I have no second thoughts about the reversal even if I get pain free somehow in the next few weeks. I’m done being vasectomized period.

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Best of luck. No regrets regarding my reversal whatsoever, that was one year ago (and took place two and a half years after the original vasectomy). The only things I’d add would be no sport for 6 weeks.

Hopefully like me you can be in so much pain on the plane while flying out you are practically in tears and it will reinforce that you are doing the right thing.

It’s amazing to me that I was in SOOOO much pain. I still have problems now that are pretty bad but when I look back to where I was I realize how much suffering the reversal eliminated. I was really level 8 or higher every night and morning. It was torture.

MikeO, I’ve been lucky overall. My pain never was much over a 3-4, and is basically just a consistent 1-2 all the time. It’s very livable, but still on my mind constantly. I’m hoping to get to 0, or at least know that I tried.

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@Tempe5 for your sake I hope it works. I too was at a 1-2 daily, and since my reversal with Dr. Marks (2.5 months ago) I’ve been at probably a 4-6 daily. I’m pretty sure he told me he’s never seen anyone get worse from a reversal…so i’m either the first person in his 6,000+ to get worse, or he isn’t being totally honest.

You should see what he says…not trying to freak you out, and its still early for me (relatively speaking?), but there are many days when I basically regret the reversal.