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I am thinking about vasectomy

Hello, I’m 30 years old. I live in poland. I would like to perform vasectomy. I wonder of the method with open ended or closed ended. But seeing your experience, I have big doubts whether to do it at all.

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Use an IUD instead.

Welcome. You are unlikely to get anyone here to recommend that you get a vasectomy, open or close-ended. Members have had bad to life-ending experiences.

Speaking for myself only, I think the problem with vasectomy is that the medical community doesn’t fully understand or has chosen to ignore the consequences. As a result, they understate the risks. Sure, the members here represent a minority, but you’ll find (if you do enough research) that many men without massive pain like us experience unexpected consequences. Loss of libido, drop in testosterone, erectile dysfunction, loss of sensitivity.

There’s no single agency that collects all this information. This website is probably the best source worldwide for learning about the risks.

Maybe schedule a call with Dr. Parekatill in Orlando FL. He performs vasectomies but also treats numerous men for pain and complications. He provides a more realistic look at the risks than most urologists who choose to ignore their negative outcomes.

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@Marek Look man, I can’t tell if you are trolling or coming here to genuinely seek advice thinking people here would more knowledge of the best kind of vasectomy.

I will give you the benefit of the doubt, and offer the best advice I can.

The best kind of vasectomy is the “No Vasectomy Method”

The studies on the effects of a vasectomy are very poor, and I don’t know how much experience doctors in poland have dealing with pain after a vasectomy. If they are anything like the United States, they will either pretend to know nothing or just know nothing. They will refer and pawn you off to anyone they can, and you will just be fucked.

Vasectomies are sold as worry free sex with everything the same as it was before with very little to no short or long term complications linked to the procedure. This is a fucking damnable lie.

I wish I had the forethought to search for this shit before my procedure and come here and ask a question, and had someone warn me not to do it.

I get that you may not want kids and the thought of kids might scare the shit out of you, but find another method of birth control.

A vasectomy has the potential to steal the joy from your life and send you in a downward spiral you could have never imagined leaving you with a life of suffering and misery begging for an end to it all.

Just don’t fucking do it. Don’t let anyone talk you into it and tell you it will “be ok” because it was “ok” for them Fuck them, they are not looking out for your best interest or health trying to convince you to do an elective surgery.

Good luck to you.


Peritectal IUD is clearly the consensus on this site!

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Hello Marek,

Anything except vas. You are one of the lucky ones to find this site BEFORE getting the vasectomy. Just don’t get it, it’s not worth potential risks. Use condoms.


Thank you fot your answers.
The point is, when i was looking informations about vasectomy in polish net, i was found only positive information and storys. Only here i found so many bad experience. Maybe in Poland not enough people doing it yet. By the way I wonder what percentage of people have these side effects. I think i will not decide to vasectomy.

Here’s a link that might be helpful.

The article essential states that the reasons for scrotal pain aren’t completely known, but notice that the clinic also cites vasectomy several times as a leading potential cause due (my wording here) to the nerve damage caused by vasectomy and other surgeries.

Many surgeries can create long-term nerve damage. Hernia, spine, etc. Read up on any post-surgical nerve damage. The difference is that no one voluntarily decides to get spine surgery or hernia surgery. They’re meant to be corrective and the downside risks (1%, 2%, who knows) are explained and worth the risk due to the state of the patient.

With vasectomy, the risks are ignored or downplayed. Many men here were told 0% chance of complications or the classic "none of my patients ever had a problem. The PUR Clinic in Florida estimates 6%-15% of men develop chronic pain or complications. Further, these urological lies are perpetrated on healthy men. No one gets a vasectomy to correct a problem needing surgery.

That’s the beef of most of us here on this forum. We were all healthy 30-50 year-old men and came out with a truckload of problems.

I’m “lucky” relative to most here. Since my vasectomy 15 years ago, I’ve “only” had 3-1/2 years of chronic scrotal pain that effected my life. I’ve had extended remissions. All it takes, however, is some inciting event from, for example bicycling, to turn the damaged nerves ON again, and it’ll take months or years to calm them down. I had my vasectomy reversed and have had about 15 nerve injections since my vasectomy. The cost and lost work is staggering yet others here have fared far worse.

Last point - if there are no bad stories in Poland, that’s a worse sign for you. That means there’s no doctor educated enough to help you if you end up in the 6%-15% with complications or chronic pain. At least here in the US, there are several urologists who treated enough men with problems that they’ve developed treatment protocols. In the US, the word about the risks of vasectomy are slowly reaching the public.

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@Marek Run, and don’t look back!
Unless you willing to roll the dice and hope you won’t have any issues after the snip.

dont do it. consider this a sign. just dont.

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This is not the place for guys considering vasectomy to get an unbiased opinion. Guys in the throws of life altering/relationship/career wrecking pain would kill to be in your shoes and can’t be expected to do so.

That said, if I had to do it again I’d tell the doctor to do it with minimal tissue disruption. No fascial interposition, minimal to no removal of vas deferens tissue (air gap). Just tell him or her to do the minimal amount of cutting/pulling to isolate, divide and close it off. Minimal cautery as well. If you do that at least you will have the best chance possible to reverse should you ever want to have kids again if you meet someone who wants them, your spouse passes and same, or God forbid you lose a child.

Are you crazy !!

The very worst thing i ever did was have a vasectomy.