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I am healing - interesting talk available this weekend

Hi gents,
I am 2 & 1/2 weeks post reversal. I won’t lie, emotionally taxing. With that said I am excited for the future which I am creating.

I am eternally grateful for this forum. With that said, I am not coming here at all. Kindly,
please do NOT email me or respond to me, especially anything negative as I am getting a little hippy dippy below. If you don’t believe, that’s fine by me. Please don’t try and dissuade me.

The first week and a half of recovery was really hard, more emotionally than anything. With that said, I realized how much my mind was not helping. I just finished reading “You are the Placebo”. Good uplifting book if you can get behind it. At the end of the day, our bodies do have the ability to heal if we enable it. Your cuts heal, your bones heal, your body heals.

I am posting this as there’s an interesting talk by the author available for this weekend. Here’s the link. It’s basically a short summary of the book. I am just now starting the actual meditation part of the process. It will be a process and I am not sure when I will be healed but I will be healed.

Google “FMTV How to Reprogram Your Mind To Change Your Life”. This is only available until tomorrow (10/13). Again it just a summary of the book.

Also, I am trying tapping solution as another person posted and said it worked. I never knew about this stuff before this life hiccup. At the of the day, our bodies can heal if we create the right environment.

FWIW. I am also doing supplements zyflamend, joint support which has bromaline, and doing lymphatic drainage which is supposed to help both with inflammation and scar tissue. After 2 sessions, it’s does seem to help. Then again, it.l could all be a placebo which is fine by me.

Thanks again for this forum. I am forever grateful.