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Hydrocelectomy repair

Who on here has had a hydrocelectomy? For the ones that dont know my history. Had vasectomy 2.5 years ago and reversal 1.5 years ago i am not fixed, just dont use forum much to keep my sanity. But ever since reversal i have been fighting this hydocele, had it drained few times needle aspiration. My question is has anyone had hydrocecectomy? And how was recovery? Because after all the pain i am in and live with daily i swore i would never touch my nuts again, but this hydrocele is just getting to uncomfortable. Doctors say its easy surgery but so was a vas and look how we ended up.Thanks everyone.

So no one has had a hydrocele operation on here??

I had hydrocele, but went away on its own after 5 months

Thanks mate. Sadly mine is getting bigger over last 18months. I have watched repair/surgery on youtube and its no walk in the park. I know first hand about having testicles removed and put back this was all done upon my request with reversal. At the time i suffered so much pain i wanted my nuts checked out, but sadly all they found was usual granulomas, scaring, infamation all the ordinary shit nothing unusual. But my day has come for another op.

You had it real rough, sorry to hear Laurie. Yes, watched it too, not a walk in the park. How did you feel after when they were drained?

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Better when drained no weight pulling down. But it just fills up again. All from the harmless vas, i never had a hydrocele in my life prior.

Hey, just signed up to respond to you. How is your hydrocele? Did you get the hydrocelectomy surgery?

I am 18 days post op from having one removed on my right side due to a vasectomy 11 months ago. I also have other issues due to the vasectomy as well similar to people here.

If you have any questions let me know. Hope you are doing better.

No i have been draining it with a syringe.
Maybe next year for repair.
How is your recovery?

I also had mine drained once back in March and then gave it 6 months to see if it would resolve on it’s own. It did not appear to refill but it also did not resolve and the surgeon did not recommend draining again because I had a second ultra sound done and it presented as a complex hydrocele, which had developed layers or seperations inside it.

It’s been a long 2 1/2 weeks since the surgery. The surgeon did a radical excision of the sac in my case since it was a complex hydrocele.

He put a penrose drain in which was 2 tubes the size of a pencil that stuck out about 3” from the bottom backside of my scrotum. Was absolutely miserable. Surgery was on a Thursday and went back on the following Monday to have the drains removed.

I still have a long road ahead of me. He said it could take 6-8 weeks for all the Edema to resolve, but I’ve read experiences on a hydrocele forum where it could take 6-8 months to fully resolve.

I still have constant feeling of pressure/tugging in my lower abdomen, inguinal canal that I had before the surgery. Not sure if that will resolve with the weight of the hydrocele gone, but I need the edema to resolve now to reduce the weight…

I also still have a spot on the left testicle that can burn/tingle and increases in intensity when pressure is applied which makes sitting hard it also makes the outside and inside of my thigh tingle/burn…not sure what’s going on there if anyone has any ideas please let me know. When I stand it chills out some. Sometimes laying down it can happen and can feel so bad I can’t sleep and I have to try and rearrange and it can be hard to find relief. It also can feel like it shoots to my lower back on the left side too. I was hoping after the hydrocele was removed this would resolve. Time will tell as the edema goes down hopefully.

The right testicle is still very tender and swollen with edema, so far it does not appear that the hydrocele has come back. The right testicle feels more like a rock or very meaty and not free floating like the left. It rides high and tight even if I stand in the shower for a long time with hot water running over it to relax the scrotum.

I can keep you updated as i recover. I won’t sugar coat it. It was psychologically very difficult and was a hard decision to make after a simple vasectomy put me in that position to begin with. So far, it appears to be healing well.

My heart goes out to everyone on this forum. Like most i did not do my due diligence and was unaware that PVPS appears to be more common than the <1% my urologist told me. I’m praying for all of you guys to find some relief and hold on to hope.

Again, like most I’m just your average hard working dad of a 7 year old and 3 year old. I was looking forward to being involved in all the sports like la crosse, soccer, baseball, and got my son signed up to learn hockey. First lessons this Saturday. Being heavily involved in any sport with him seems like a far fetched dream now.

Now I’m just praying I don’t develope some disabaling pain that keeps me from working.

I’m still holding on to hope that with the hydrocele resolved, as I recover some of my pain/discomfort resolves.

Also, the urologist that did my vasectomy did NOT do my hydrocelectomy.

If I did not specifically answer any question, please feel free to ask for some clarification.


I have had all this on reversal. Fluid, edema, hematoma, infection, problems urinating and more. All the fun things that apparently dont ever happen with vasectomy. I once put up a pic of my nuts without warning and mike opened it in public and near had heat attack. If i told you how black and blue i ended up you would not believe. My balls, penis, groan, side of legs looked like i got bashed. Thanks for reasuring me. Lol