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Hurts the most when sitting

Hi guys,

Just looking to see if anyone has had anything similar to me. I’m 7.5 months post vas. Been in pain for 2 months now.

It’s a constant pain but I can get it down to a 1-2 if I’m laying down. If I’m walking it starts becoming a little painful. But my big issue is sitting or wearing jeans. Especially hard chairs. If I sit with something that is supportive but has a cushion and arm rests I can keep my weight on the arm rests a bit and it’s not as bad.

It seems like any pressure I put on my testicles hurts.

My testicles will sometimes feel burning, sometimes swollen and I get a lot of tingling sensations on them.

My pain can be achy. But it also can be like a pinchy type feeling which can vary from a dull 2 on pain scale right up to a 7 or 8 where I have to go lay down. After laying for maybe half an hour to an hour it usually goes back down again to 1-2. It’s making things really difficult to work right now.

Pain is worse on right but a bit on left. It seems to radiate from my testicle to where my hip and thigh meet (sometimes down the thigh a bit).

Anyone have anything similar or suggestions? I have a call in to a Mens Health Clinic but it will be atleast March before I can get in…

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I’m not even a week out from my vas surgery but your pain description is similar to what I’m having. The dull throbbing to the pinching pain- it’s more on my left side than right but it does carry over from my bag into my lower abdomen/ groin side next to my thigh- pain description is similar to mine.

Definitely sitting can be the most uncomfortable thing for me. Lying down seems best- equalizes things and helps the swelling go down. Standing with my legs at a wide gait isn’t so bad. I’ve had the most trouble with getting into and out of sitting position though. If it’s not the right kind of chair where I’m sitting very forward on it then sitting hurts. Seems the longer I sit the more uncomfortable things get.

Ugh that’s similar to me but don’t worry, your only a week out. It takes time to heal for sure. I had issues for the first 6 weeks and then felt much better for like 4 months before these issues. You’re probably healing regularily.


Hi Help,

I’ve been experiencing the same issues. Started getting left testicle/epididymis pain roughly 9/10 months post vasectomy. Sitting is my biggest issue… after sitting for about 5 minutes or so the area begins to throb. After 4/5 hours of sitting at work, becomes very uncomfortable. Pain radiates down inner side of thigh. Using donut chair cushions helps a bit. Standing for awhile helps the discomfort subside. Clear ultrasound.

Was wondering where things are for you now, and if you did anything to find some relief?

I wish things were back too one hundred percent but unfortunately not. I can sit much longer than six months or a year ago but still can’t on hard wooden surface or if it’s for very long (say over two hours). Having a decently bad flair right now so maybe that’s skewing my perspective.

I would suggest getting yourself a standing desk for work and a good comfy couch for at home. I’m use to standing more now but it sure helps.

Thanks for your response. Sorry to hear… you’ve got my sympathies. I’ll let you know of any updates with my journey.

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Anyone know what nerves may be affected when it hurts while sitting? I’m guessing GF or IL but not sure. I still have pain while standing but sitting straight is just awful.

No one knows what nerve or nerves are affected. If you want to figure it out, find a pain management doctor and block each nerve one at a time. It is somewhat long and tedious. You may find that more than one nerve is involved. Could be one of the four peripheral nerves or the sympathetics or both. GF nerve block helped a little for me while sitting. However, I had a ton of sympathetically mediated pain. When I blocked that, sitting pain eased a lot. I’m thinking now that things have calmed down, I will ask to reblock the GF to see the effect. Not sure what doctor will say. I did ask the DRG stimulator rep if you could get nerve blocks with a stimulator and she said it is common. Realize, pain management is just that, management, not necessarily elimination. Good luck!

Thank you. Are you able to sit now? Has it eased for you?

Hi Help,

You described my pain exactly. Had a vas in Dec 20’ and started having pain in Jan 21’. 4 months out now and while things have gone up and down but never fully gone away because I can’t avoid sitting. Any relief for you at this point? Did you try bed rest for a few weeks or anything to get it fully to go away? Doc just keeps telling me to give it time and it’ll go away but I don’t have any confidence in him at this point.

Hoping you’re doing better.

Always sit on cushions, that’s been my solution. Good cushions. Not some foam thing from walmart. Purple brand and Ayilo are my favorite

Yes it’s the same for me, sitting is the worst, but so is standing and walking, exercise is out of the question and so is wearing jeans, it’s a living hell what we go through.

I’ve not even had a vasectomy, my pain started all on its own with no known cause.

Thanks for the tip. I’ve been sitting on a donut since month 2 after the doc recommended it. It definitely lessens the aggravation but no matter what, after a full day of popping up and down at my desk at work I find myself having to ice and lay down immediately when I get home every day. I’ll check out that purple brand though, it looks nicer than the donut I’ve been sitting on now.

Chip5, I’m sorry to hear that. That’s got to be even more maddening not knowing what caused it, I can’t imagine. Hang in there.