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How to make a difference. - Review your doctor

Hi all. I had my vasectomy December of 2019. I have been in pain ever since.

If we all band together, we can make a difference.

If everyone on this site writes a public review of their doctor stating that they now have chronic pain as a result it will save many men in the future.

I watched the review boards of my doctor for months after I had the surgery and watched bad reviews pop up and then magically disappear, leaving a near perfect 5 star rating. Of course they call you if you leave an honest 1 star rating. (I found out from experience)

Google maps records how many views your review gets. Mine now have over 1,000. I would like to think that at least one person reconsidered this horrible surgery as a result of seeing my post.
Please everyone do the same! Do not lie. Very clearly state that this is your personal experience and there should be very little chance of any libel issues.

Best wishes to all. I appreciate everyone who has posted their stories. I believe Google maps is the best place, but have since left reviews on multiple sites after searching by name.

I would love to know if you left a review. Add a comment or email me.


YES, every guy should leave a very truthful review of their vasectomy or other procedures from their doctor. I did at They are the biggest and most reliable online review site of doctors all over the world. Its a must to leave your review(s) there on doctors. It will help others. I left a review explaining alot of bleeding occurred during my vasectomy and a huge permanent reduction of my sexual capability. I noticed another guy after me left a review that he cannot even achieve an erection from the same doctor after a vasectomy. Its a must to let it be known and even more of a must to do the search of your or other doctors and research of the procedure which sadly I never did any of that which was a major mistake of my life all because I trusted my doctor when he said vasectomies cause no possible difference to sexual functioning. will also help you find a new great doctor or surgeon by using google, type (or rate your doctor) with other details, your city and type of surgeon or doctor your looking for, BUT don’t get a vasectomy ever. There are better things you and a woman can do without a vasectomy…and when you’re alone watch those certain dvds too, no man needs a vasectomy that can ruin your life.

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You mentioned if we ban together we can make a difference. Yes it will help including leaving reviews but we are just individuals whereas doctors and hospitals are a greater bigger power. An equally greater bigger power equal to hospitals and doctors is what will make a real difference and solve the problem by writing laws that doctors and hospitals must enclose to all men seeking a vasectomy all 100% of the possible risks, complications, pain and sexual differences that all men have reported after a vasectomy including a doctor’s or surgeons history to properly warn every man seeking the procedure. Although its best just to not to get it done though. That risk of pain or sexual differences for life after the surgery is not worth taking that chance, in fact not worth all the money in the world.


I totally agree, but there is a consensus by the general public that the doctors are not lying. Until that changes, I doubt any laws will be passed.

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