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How to hold back damage prior to reversal?

Hello. I know a lot of you might have seen my posts elsewhere around here, but I wanted to start a new thread for a specific question: is there any way to hold off damage while waiting for a reversal?

Such as: eat an antianflamitory diet, take antianflamitory medication, hot baths, papaya seed powder, abstain from orgasm/ejulation,

To recap my situation: I’m 9 weeks post vasectomy. Felt good the first week and pressure like pain started building around a week to a week and a half later. Stated as a duel ache but started to get a burning feeling too. I think I had some inflamation and pelvic floor pain but have gotten rid of most of that around 5-7 weeks after.

Pain with orgasm has improved but is still there. I don’t know what pain scale were using here but I wake up and don’t feel bad, I feel pain but it’s not awful, but it gets worse throughout the day so that by night time I just want to sit down and take a hot bath. The burning pain I assume was inflamation is mostly gone and now I mostly just have a dull ache in what I assume is my epididimes. Pain varies day to day but over all they both generally hurt about the same.

I’ve been taking 1/2 tsp of papaya seed powder twice a day and a daily turmeric capsule. I took 10 days of doxy around 3-4 weeks but I don’t think it helped much. I was taking 800 mg ibuprofen 3 times a day from about 3 weeks post vas to 7 weeks, which I think beat most of the inflamation. I’ve just fishished 5 days of prednisone but I don’t think it helped; if anything I’m in a little more pain, I think because I stopped taking ibuprofen.

I’m leaning toward waiting until March for a reversal if not better enough by then. First because I want to give myself time to maybe improve without surgery but also to save some money and throw tax returns towards the reversal bill which as to be payed upfront.

Is there anything that anyone has come across that maximizes chances of a successful reversal that I could be doing now? I’ve seen some people say that reversal surgeons say they’ve never seen a blow out before 2 years, but I don’t want to take any chances. I don’t want inflammation scarring everything up either.

I’ve been eating horrible since all this happened, I just find it hard to care about anything. I’m sure eating a better diet could help with inflamation and maybe help me feel better overall. I’ve read inflamation can play a big part in reversal success so I’d want to start eating right before a reversal in any case.

I’ve read mixed things about papaya seed powder: that keeping the pressure off by taking it can help a reversal but that the surgeon might find no sperm and do a epididimis to vas bypass vs a vasovasostomy. Also that by taking papaya seed powder and not making spent the vas night close up after a reversal.

Thanks for the help. I apologize if this post Is a bit redundant to my other main thread.

Read up on serrapaptease, suppose to help with imflammation and dissolves fibrin and scar tissue. I’ve been taking it before and ever since reversal, and still have good sperm count 15 months post reversal. Also, green tea, turmeric, bromelian


Hi Tyler. I recently switched from tumeric to cucumerin which is an extract from tumeric, more expensive (blah), but supposedly better / stronger. Again, as you have heard me say before, find a pelvic floor specialist.

In hindsight, I healed from the vasectomy other than my epi’s were very unhappy from being capped. Since I have returned to my pelvic pt post reversal, all my nerve pain has dramatically decreased. Like crazy. I haven’t touched a NSAIDs in days and I nearly able to sit down without pain since the work on Thursday and yesterday. She has even gotten to work on the actual site yet. (3 more weeks).

After going through second procedure, I am more sold than ever pelvic pt can knock out nerve damage. And way better than surgical options like nerve blocks etc. good luck my friend.

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Have a read up on autophagy and how you can induce it through fasting. There is no better natural way to reduce inflammation, increase the bodies ability hear scar tissue, and increase stem cell production. I’m day 5 nothing but water, and one cup of coffee a day, my spermatic cord pain is almost gone, I had zero progress in that area since the start of this nightmare, I was limping terribly now I’m just kind of walking with a wide stride do to pelvic floor pain. Walked about 5k yesterday.

I’ll shoot for 15 days, but it’s hard mentally when you feel okay, even harder when you’re in pain. But, it does get easier as you go, first few days are the hardest. By 5th day I’ve got almost too much energy, wish I could hit the gym. My vision has improved to a degree that I couldn’t imagine, skin is definitely clearing, surface scars I’ve had for ages fading away.

My pelvic floor is still messed up badly, but I’m hoping a lot of this will resolve in time. Just doing a visual, inflammation clearly way down, my pubic area was very blown up, it’s easily come down by 50 percent.

I won’t advise you to do this, just giving my experience, but it’s something to look into, I guess discuss with your doctor if you’re interested. And most importantly do your homework, there’s a lot to learn. I’ve done a few of these in the past, longest was 8 days.

I also understand people not wanted to do this though, it’s extremely taxing mentally, physically it’s tough first few days, but then you kinda cruise, hunger pains drop, high energy kicks in.

I’m still looking towards a reversal, I feel like my system will always be taxed with my body the way it is right now. I haven’t felt right from the start, pain aside, I’m not me in general terms.

Oh don’t worry about loosing muscle, just a myth, I’m a power lifter, and the loss is marginal at best.


How long is it safe to go with just water? I certantly have some weight to spare at the moment.

Well it depends on you’re health man, people go 30-40 days at the fasting clinics although monitored by doctors. Do yourself a favour and read up on it, I guarantee its worth your time. Google autophagy and fasting “ or “reduce inflammation fasting” or “ “healing through fasting”. It’s now being used to treat a boat load of conditions including autoimmune disease.

I’m the same, Put on tons of fat through this whole ordeal by getting so low that a guy kinda gives up. I have nothing to loose at this point, it’s done me wonders in the past, so why wouldn’t I try it now.

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@Sbnick I sent you a PM. Let me know if you got it…thanks!