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How soon should one resume exercising after a reversal?

Hello everyone. Does anyone know how soon one should try to resume jogging or lifting weights or pushups/pull ups/sit-ups after a reversal?

It will be 4 weeks for me Wednesday Feb 12. I’m in the military and would like to resume getting back into shape as soon as I can, but my recovery is my first concern.

I’m still in a bit of discomfort, but it’s much better than before the reversal.

Take it extremely easy for a couple of months. It was 7 months before I started going to the gym and doing gentle cardio. Listen to your body, and don’t jepordise such a delicate operation.

I started walking every day after 1 month. I don’t think I really started exercising for 2-3 months.

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Did you do your reversal for pain?

My dr tells me I can start exercising at one month, but I’d like to play safe.

They told me I could have sex at two weeks and that didn’t hurt. Bending down, standing, and moving around hurts a little, but not much. I just want to take it safe and slow.

Yes, it was for pain. Yes, safe and slow is the way to go.

I was very close to 100% recovered around month 14, and suffered a massive setback as overdone with activities. All the hard work and progress I’ve done wasted. Feel like being back to square one, trust me, it’s not worth pushing yourself. Take it very easy for at least a year, you’d be kicking yourself if you suffer a setback (I am!)