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How many on long term Lyrica or Neurontin?

I am curious because I take on average 300 mg of Neurontin/Gabapentin a night. Some nights I take none.

I am concerned about the effects it has on brain health.

300mg is not a lot of Neurontin compared to what some people take. I am dealing with some cognitive issues and some neuromuscular issues and wanted to start eliminating any non-necessary PVPS medications to see if I will feel better overall if I can stop them.

I am up to 1800mg gabapentin a day. along with 60mg duloxetine a day. no issues so far.

I’ve been on Lyrica (which is a much smaller capsule, considerably more powerful and expensive than the generic) for 12yrs—and I don’t even know if it works! Because of dizziness that 150mgs creates, I only take it at night. Going off it, even reducing its dose, creates mind twisting side effects, horror sleep, and that will persist, who knows for how long—hence I won’t go off it just to avoid this hellish withdrawal. It does lower sensitivity sexually, as it puts the pelvic floor to,sleep to some extent, so now it’s harder to climax, so it must do something!..only that’s not what I want!
Be careful, Lyrica is a long term commitment of questionable efficacy.

I was on 3600mgs of neurontin years ago for about a year and it really didn’t help me much. I had a friend who couldn’t afford it and this was a miracle drug for her. It helped her anxiety, and about 5-6 other problems, a couple were women problems she told me. I’ve never seen her as happy as when she was on this medication. I’m on 900 mg a day and I really can’t tell any difference in anything.

I was taking Neurontin for one month. 100mg three times daily, then increased to 200 mg three times daily. I couldn’t tolerate the cognitive slowing/foginess as it impaired my work (I am a physician)

I’ve been taking Pregabalin (Lyrica) for 5 months, am now at 2 x 150 mg per day. I am not sure it is helping, but I am afraid of weaning off, either. I also take Tramadol (2 x 50) right now, and Nortriptyline. I also tried Tapentadol instead of Tramadol, for a short time, Gabapentin (before switching to Pregabalin), and Duloxetine (stopped after a few days).
I believe that actually only Tramadol is helping me, and I will try to stop taking Pregabalin.
Side effects: skin rashes, micturition problems, dry mouth (but could also come from Tramadol). I do not think Pregabalin changed me mentally; I might be more anxious than I was, but that could also be because of the shit situation I am in.

@Juno, I found gabapentin and lyrica to be lacking. They kind of pooped out on me and I gained weight on them both.

I took metformin to try to lose some weight, I am 6’ 2" and about 214 now, after getting up to 220 after vacation last summer. I was working out the entire time I was on vacation in the pool pretty hard. I didn’t understand it but it was probably the alcohol -> 3 or 4 drinks a day and beach food. The metformin took a lot of the neuropathic pain away better than Pregablin and Gabapentin did. It make me tired and I have to take days off i.e. 1 or 2 a week. I’ve found it somehow makes my pain manageable but don’t quite understand how and frankly don’t care. I’ve been schilling it here to see if other guys have luck on it.

If you are taking drugs to control neuropathic pain you might want to consider it. I did not need metformin as my blood glucose is okay. I was at borderline prediabetes with a fasting blood glucose of 100 so I thought that’s why I could not lose weight. Again, I feel like both Pregablin and Gabapentin make you fat. I have weird issues with words when taking them too. I will be talking about something and won’t be able to recall a celebrities name or the right word. It’s not good.

@MikeO, actually, now that you mention it, I can confirm I am also lacking words sometimes; something that’s hardly ever happened to me before. It caught my attention when it first occurred, because I knew it could be a side effect, but it’s not very frequent. I want to stop taking it altogether.
I asked my local GP about Metformin, she did not think it would help, and I did not get it prescribed. I want to try it, after I read your thread and the article you posted. I did not thoroughly research whether there are more papers about it, but on first sight, I could not find any. But as you said - if it’s working, who gives a shit? Doctors work anyways mostly by trial and error and don’t understand the human body properly. When I think back to university days, I know that maybe 10% excelled, 30% were OK, and the rest were just incapable morons. I guess this distribution applies by and large to the medical community, too - so it requires some luck to find a knowledgable doctor, and even more to find one that is compassionate, too. That’s what I struggle with almost the most - the negligence they display, many playing with people’s lives and not caring if the shit hits the fan.

@Juno, there is a reason they call Neurontin “Morontin” lol. Not remembering some celeb in a movies name isn’t good but when you are having a hard time with more fundamental words that make up the vocabulary of a well educated person that can be scary.

Doctors generally don’t do the off label out of the box stuff. They just don’t do that. I think they are worried about getting in trouble. I was having weird issues I thought were blood sugar related and we had discussed it a year earlier so I had an in of sorts.

I would ask her if you could try a 1 month trial of Metformin ER and print out some articles on it.

Here is one.

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Thanks, I’ll give it a try.

Shit just reading this now. Been on Lyrica 150 mg twice daily for 20 months - I assume it is helping, but I haven’t ever tried weaning completely. Also struggle to lose weight and have just realised that my inability to remember a word is another side effect. Dammit!

I had some (mild) memory/concentration/motivation issues while on Lyrica but just want to point out that chronic pain itself can definitely affect concentration and probably things like word recall. It’s certainly distracting.