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How long do you wait!

I had a vasectomy three months ago and am basically incapacitated like others on this site. I keep getting epi blowouts and electric nerve pain. I am on slow release oxy and can only go into office three days a week. I work remote the other days. This is crazy. I phoned PUR clinic today for Skype interview. I am a Canadian and there seems to be prostate experience up here but little PVP.

Am I jumping the gun? This is ridiculous I can’t live like this. We’ll I could but I sure as hell don’t want to.

A consult with PUR is a good start but don’t panic yet. There is still a good chance your pvp could disappear/ lessen over time. I assume you have researched on here all the conservative measures to help with pain: icing, tight or loose underwear, avoid lifting heavy things, anti inflammatory diet, natural supplements, acupuncture, hot baths with or without mag salts, less ejaculations or more, careful intercourse. Have you tried a anti depressant ?
These are all just measure to help lessen the pain and hopefully allow your body to heal.
I am Canadian and went to see DR P/PUR and I do not regret it at all !

Thanks Don. Yes I am on Cymbalta have had 2 months of Cipro off all sugar and caffeine my pain has gone from excruciating to constantly dense is a good way to describe it.

My question is why wait it seems to have plateaued a bad plateau. I just don’t get the sense it can heal itself there is no incremental good days at all just constant pain. I am in bed most days trying to listen to urologists orders but after a month of bed rest this can’t be the answer.

As a Canadian were you able to claim expenses on your taxes. Thanks for reply. Also can you give me some insight into your situation I feel like a unique and special snowflake in a bad way in our medical system.

I guess that is what I am asking. I don’t think there is much help here I am in Calgary and everyone does not have much for answers.

I’m over here in Ontario and I had a reversal to help with my PVP issues and it was covered by OHIP entirely. Our healthcare will cover it if the reversal is for pain, you just need to find the right doctor. I dealt with Dr Kirk Lo out of Mt Sinai in Toronto and he has done reversals for pain many times and had no issues getting the insurance request approved for me.


Thanks how long did you have to wait and how are your symptoms. My issue after becoming an internet expert on PVP my current urologist doesn’t think reversal will work. Or more truthfully this is not his area of expertise. I am seeing another urologist on the 22nd.

If money is not a huge obstacle do you go to the states or have it done in Canada by someone who isn’t Dr
Lo who is probably the best in Canada but not in Alberta?


What your doing to find out is that there is not right answer for everyone. This is going to sound strange but consider yourself lucky in at least knowing immediately your vasectomy has caused you problems instead of the “frog in a pot of boiling water” slow increase in pain over time. You are still early on.

Sounds like you have both nerve and congestive issues. I had both myself. I have virtually no congestive symptoms anymore after a reversal, however after a period of time when I was virtually pain free I am having nerve type pain on one side again. So my reversal made my daily 8 pain drop to around 0-1 but now it sometimes goes up to 3-4 on one side. Today I was at around zero.

Reversal is a very invasive procedure. There are many, myself included sometimes, that think doing the minimal amount of tissue alteration with the goal being pain relief and feeling “normal” above all is the most important thing you could do. Neurolysis as done by PUR doesn’t go in and sever your spermatic chord except a few arteries and lymphatics. They target the nerves which leaves sensation but kills the pain. That to me is a good goal. The goal is pain relief and really if you feel the same who the hell cares?

The epi blowouts can be disturbing. I had one at year three and when I went in to get an ultrasound I was told that they were going to harvest one of my nuts nuts if there blood supply was not there. Scary. It was important to me that never happen again so I chose reversal although there are times when I think neurolysis would have taken care of me too.

You are in good hands with PUR. I’m sorry this is happening to you. Be patient and do what you need to do to be as healthy as possible otherwise. We’re here for you if you need to vent.

Thanks Mike both for the empathy and the great answer. Also thanks all for the empathy.

Your correct each answer is different. I guess what I am struggling with is it worth the hassle of going through the motions in the Canadian system. It is an amazing system but is extremely slow and difficult to find the right doctors.

For all I know Calgary could have a world specialist in PVP.

What is making me reach out is the GP who did the vas my own GP and urologist who I know personally are all saying they have never seen anything like this.

Urologist said I have so many sperm granulomas both testes are like pee pods.

After reading the responses I think my best shot resides at PUR. I also realize I just want this to end which is binding my thought process. I have told GP about PUR and he said with what is going on it might be my best shot.

I have one last meeting on the 22 with a new urologist. I will listen to him but I an not overly optimistic.

As to your thinking if I am going to have anything done I want the right people and the least invasive. The more I read it looks like PUR is one of the better possible solutions.

I had epi/congestion pain for the first 1.5 months after my vas. I started juicing and getting healthier = pain stopped almost immediately and granuloma/blood scar at the vas site (on my right side) went from BB size to nothing in 2-3 weeks.

Then about 5-6 months after that the congestive pressure pain came back very slight at first and 3 months later it was a constant dull ache (30-60 minutes post-ejaculation) where the pain would spike to 3-4 / 10 and gradually work down to a 1-2 over the course of 2-3 days. But in my case it was getting worse and worse.

I waited 3 months from the time of onset of first congestive pain symptoms and then got a reversal as the pain was just getting worse and worse. FWIW I never re-developed any granulomas at the vas sight so I am guessing I wasn’t leaking.

The MD community classifies epididymitis as ‘chronic’ after 3+ months.

Personally I would say if the pain isn’t getting slowly less over the course of weeks/months after 3 months I would personally start looking for solutions (starting with reversal IMHO). I had two friends and they had congestive pains after their vas. One took 6 months to go away and the other took 2 years. But they both were on the path to ever less pain while I was on an oppositte path.

My full story is in the surgical section if you are interested.

good luck

Thanks Dave. Reading your story helped a lot. Like most others on this board I think we are all stunned that this could happen. Even worse since we elected to do it. I feel so duped by the whole process.

What your story taught me that this will be a process so a tremendous level of acceptance is the only sane way through this.

Thanks to all that have replied like all guys I suck at asking for help but your insights have all helped tremendously.

Sorry to hear about this Charly, I think its smart to get an opinion from PUR right away and see what they recommend. I had really bad pain after first week of seemingly normal recovery from Vas. Please share what you can about your vasectomy story, we have all been there to one degree or another. You need to be informed and be your own advocate, as you know many Uros really write us off. Yea it is crazy, but please don’t sink into depression, it can get really ugly. Use this forum as much as you need to. For what its worth I reversed at 4 month mark and it didn’t help much at all. Others get relief right away. there is help and I believe you will get better.

Personally I would find the $ and look into going to PUR. The new way they have for reversal with the bio wrap is something you want, especially with a reversal for pain. I think us guys who get pvps are already in an inflammatory pain mode to begin with. The bio wrap might just have that extra something to make the difference. Also I believe to seek the best person to do it right the first time !
Some extra thoughts:
Is it better to get a reversal sooner than later ? less scarring and other issues ?
Look into the neurolysis.

Thanks Solomon. Sorry to here about your failure. May I ask you what life is like for you daily. Are you at a point where you just get on with thugs regardless of the of the pain.

I am preparing myself for such a result and telling myself not to awfulize this. Today I am going no pain meds and just sucking it up and ignoring it since this may be an outcome I live with.

Getting better at mind over pain. Had some experience I downhill mountain bike and have broken shoulder and ankle so have had pain experience.

Don you hit the nail in the head. When I saw the bio wrap that is what got me interested in PUR.

Also I almost weeped when they showed men riding bicycle on website. That told me these people actually know what this is all about.

I love my work but I work so i can bike and ski. I have a group of friends that do an annual bike trip to Santa Monica and an annual cat ski trip.

Just told them I had to tap out this year.

So no ski no bike no sex company will be happy all I have left is work. Which I will need the cash for so my balls can be shrink wrapped.

Don it is so good to know another Canadian went down there. I am sure their are many more but my GP who I trust really wanted me to do due diligence.

His big concern is that I could never have feeling or get an erection after denervation. So they way you described PURs approach really helps.

You can see where I’ve been in my personal info page. I would point out that some have a severe acute phase after reversal which can start around 6-9 weeks after the procedure and last until month 9 or longer. Before I had reversal I was warned it would be tough, this was real tough. Pre reversal I could always find a way/position to sleep in. Reversal, there were weeks/ months where I couldn’t. There is also a long term chance the vas could scar over after reversal, this should be discussed with any potential surgeon.

I’m 2 yrs following and am visiting Dr. P end of September to have variocele (varicose vein) removed and neurolysis. I’m not free from discomfort, obviously.

I still think both procedures should be considered. Dr. P can confirm or give more information, if you go reversal it will be awhile before it can be followed by neurolysis. Not sure about the other way around.

Hang in there, don’t rush, it’s surgery.

Hi Charly, sorry to hear of your pain and troubles after vas. It’s a frustrating and emotional thing to have. These guys here are so helpful and have so much info about every possible thing to try as you are finding out.
Interesting thought about neurolysis before reversal, if you get neurolysis first what happens to congestion problems, do you still have pain from congestion. The new Dr I’m seeing advised me against reversal as it could make the nerve issues worse and just target the nerves and if that doesn’t work removal of testical. Text book Uro stuff, need to find a new Uro.

‘need to find a new Uro.’

Yes. Removal of anything (testicle, epididymis, etc) should be one of the last avenues - if ever. Never return to the Uro who suggests such a thing.

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Hi Charly, sorry for the delay in response; I was away the past few days. If money is not an issue then I would surely recommend the PUR clinic. Those guys sound like the best in PVP help. For me, money was a big deal which is why I reached out to the best I could, locally here in Canada. My symptoms manifested around a month after my vasectomy and I waited it out 9 months to give it a chance to resolve on it’s own. Unfortunately for me they never did and I had constant burning/aching with occasional shots of pain, mostly in right side. Since my reversal almost 6 months ago I am doing much better. Most days I’m completely fine, still some nerve issues occasionally that cause some discomfort, but it’s nothing like it was. I’m still hopeful it will go away entirely.

Thanks Kyle maybe we can get Lance Armstrong to champion our cause so money isn’t an issue for any of us.

Do the Ice Balls bucket challenge. Not only does this suck but good luck trying to get sympathetic monetary help on this one.

Doctors who do Vas should have a contingency fund for that 2%. They are making tons off this.

How long after you made the decision to see Dr Lo was the surgery done. Did it take forever like everything in Canada.

Also to any people who used PUR how long after Skype did it take to have surgery. Is the wait weeks months?

Again thanks to everyone for listening. It has brought me tremendous ease.

Thought I would use this as a diary for myself and others. Had vas June 27 first 4 days seemed like it was supposed to be. I took it easy. Vas was done on a Friday by the next Thursday things are getting quite painful.

By Friday I am starting to freak out this is now different more extreme pain. Drive myself to ER at 10 just to be safe.

I had to stand in line since I have no visible issues this is excruciating. Also Calgary has a Stampede so this is like our Mardi Gras so I am at ER with a million drunks who have been beaten up and are inadvertently jostling me.

Get to see Doc I show him that I now have a third testicle. He immediately gets me a morphine shot and says I will need it for ultrasound.

Ultrasound is done and the technician asks me to wait in room. She then brings back specialist and they both say wow we can see why you are in pain.

Monday back to vas doc he thinks granuloma gives me antibiotic and Percocet. I go to a condo short distance from Calgary for family summer vacation.

I am now taking Percocets like tic tacs spend most nights moaning in pain and sit in hot tub with kids. Keep being stoic but as soon as we’re home I get fast tracked to urologist. Pain is pretty much constant with horrible spikes in between.

Uro says he hates vasectomies they interfere with the physiology too much as he is feeling my nuts. He says I have several granulomas and needs me to bed rest. Prostate is enlarged as well but thinks that is just a reaction to everything else.

It has now been three weeks where I haven’t worked because of this. He gives me flomav toradal and tells me to get pain meds from GP. He says I should turn a corner soon. He said if he could hang me upside down for 4 days it would clear.

I tell work I have a problem but my job means I can work remote. I lay in bed on strict bed rest for three solid weeks. The pain from the vas cuts subside but my right testicle constantly goes through waves of pain to extreme pain. Once in awhile my left testicle joins the party.

Typical day is taking long release oxy vimovo cipro and hot bath in morning. Hang out read watch kids doing there stuff help as much as I can without lifting. By 3 I have to take another 10 mg oxy. Things get much worse at night. Some nights ok some in ball with pillow between legs.

At 2 1/2 months go off oxy to T3s because I thought there was some improvement. After about three days I realize oxy was masking pain rather than an improvement. Getting by on T3s but really cranky and exhausted.

Did some meetings at work I could last till about 1 then I would race home grab a handful of pain meds (mostly too many ) lay in bed in a ball scanning internet for anything about PVP.

Still 8 days away from magical 3 month chronic date. Back on oxy if I don’t take my pain gets ahead of me and I am taking way too much pain meds to catch it.

Next week I start back to work for real. Team has scheduled meetings in mornings etc. Pain is still CONSTANT without meds I would be at home in bed ALL DAY. As it is I spend all day in bed when I don’t need to work or be somewhere.

Left epi has many lumps but testcle not so sore. Right epi and testi really sore just not interested in resolving. Every once in awhile I still get what I call a blowout. Feels like a Klingon pain stick is being jabbed in there.

Back to my original question. If I had even a little relief I would give resolution on its own a shot. But in present state that would mean shutting down business and life for 9 months. So after financial ruin by waiting ( the uro cure) they would suggest going to go to PUR.

I have quite a high pain tolerance but I can wait on biking sex and skiing but I literally can’t work because of this.

Some of you asked for a more complete description of what is going on there it is.

Did most of you have pain to this degree? I can’t imagine giving this another 9 months or maybe 2 years.

I think those examples must have had much less discomfort than I am experiencing.

Charly, yes, it was around a 2 month wait for my reversal surgery when I finally pulled the trigger that I wanted it done. The reversal doctor is a pretty busy guy though so I was fully expecting the wait. Most of his practice is reversal for fertility reasons, which is a booming business it seems.