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How long are nuts “sore” after reversal?

Gents, I know this is kind if stupid question since it sounds like my nuts will always by sore. With that said, it seems that guys can identify between surgery soreness vs other pain. It’s hard to tell as i don’t trust docs and they say 1-2 weeks.

What was people’s experience here?

I remember icing on a business trip in the hotel 6 weeks after the reversal.

Thanks for this response and all the others. This thing is hell.

I was just reading about how there’s new medical thoughts that ice feels good but slows healing due to slowing down the blood flow. I am trying to do no ice today and avoid : reduce nsaids. Phew rough day. Don’t know how I will get through returning to work this week.

I look forward to the next 18 months being in the rear view mirror. That’s my timeframe for achieving pain free. Which is my goal.

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I have been post reversal for 6.5 months, and am still in pain. Hoping you and I heal soon. Keep iij s posted on how you are feeling.

Don’t set yourself any hard time frames, see how your body heals. Everyone is different, heals at different rate and speed

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I was tender for a while but things got better very soon compared to before.