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How do we spread the word of the horrors of vasectomy

Hi all,
I am unfortunately a user on this site like the rest of you. Question for the community- how do we spread the word about the epic horror risks of this procedure.

A few things I am considering:

  1. Twice a week, our local urologist holds a class for the pre op assessment. I am considering making flyers telling a little bit of my story and pointing people to read this community and the reddit post the covers the various med societies that all give different risk assessments
  2. Considering taking an add out in our local paper, however on the heels of the reversal and the routine pelvic floor specialist, I don’t have spare cash.
  3. I am considering reaching out to the Chive website to see if they will give a public announcement.

Any other thoughts? I figure the best thing we can do is to help others boys have to join this community and maybe karma will eventually return a favor. Thoughts or ideas.

Also, I am 5 days post reversal and my epi’s seem to feel better. Unfortunately, my right side had a zing when I got out of the car the day of the surgery and tons of pain right there. Hoping my pelvic floor specialist who’s amazing and hands on can take care of that.
Wish me luck as I wish you all luck as well.

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It takes a big effort to spread the word. Requires a lot of time and energy and many members from this site to volunteer. I am a very frequent listener of NPR and was thinking about the possibility to work with a select director (don’t know who) that works with NPR to put a program together that covers us and our stories - all members to remain anaonymous. I think this is possible. However I am an extremely busy guy like most of all here, four kids, high tech guy, etc etc.

Don’t know what others here think…!!!

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I’ve joined vasectomy groups on FB, and been spreading word this way, but I can see a resistance in accepting what I have to say. We men don’t listen to any reason, don’t look at the the manuals, and unfortunately rather deal with consequences

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Hi. I like the idea of NPR. Perhaps we can get a tenacious reporter.

Understood on hours. My wife is doing so much in addition to her full time job. Likewise, tech exec here, at least former tech exec, not sure I can return to work next week which will be nearly 2 weeks post reversal.

Can we get any stats on the number of posters and users to the website. Possibly unique visitors too? I wonder if we can use these stats as an example of the issue. Anyways, just trying to figure how I can help and doing harm to the urologist probably is not in my family’s best interest

I think Wikipedia should have a link to this forum when people look for Vasectomy.

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Given what I know today versus 2.5 years ago and implications of this horrific procedure I am ready to volunteer some of my time for this. Members like @Choohooo @RingoStar @MikeO should have all the stats and can help mobilize a movement :grin:. Pretty sure they are busy like we are.

I am principal engineer/architect (overlooking a wide multi regional multi faceted engineering team) and work for one of those known microprocessor design companies and have minuscule time and energy left for anything but am willing to do it. Just don’t have contact and direction for reaching out to NPR.

To answer a point that was raised earlier on Wikipedia, when I did my searches prior to the procedure I looked at many places and could not find or see a connection to this site. It’s a pity that I didn’t but the reality was I did not !! That tells me that there is something wrong that needs correction.

So, as I think about more and more, my strawman concept would be

  • set up a website. A better name than this but something like “

  • summarize some basic info and stories here. For example, there’s one reddit post that summarizes all the various different data % outcomes.

  • I think the most impactful part would be actual short user video clips. Guys state their name, background, doc that did the snip, what they were told and the outcome. Those would be very impactful for people contemplating this. We can even have wives on there too. Or couples

  • we can do social media as well as possible paid google adwords though we may need to do some fundraising. Perhaps go fund me or ask some of the docs or other specialists who have helped to kick back into the fund.

  • I am going to ask my step bro in law to help set the website up and implement the related marketing tools. He’s done this a lot for himself as he basically accomplished financial freedom in late his 20’s doing random internet marketing. He would help get it set up and coached through if I asked. I have helped him deal with some demons and I think he would enjoy giving back some.

Overtime, we possibly could get sponsors or ask for donations if we get enough eyeballs empathetic to the cause. Hell, grand slam long shot is getting Ellen or Oprah to pick it up. But let’s not get too far out there. (Though i do live in the same town as Ellen and Oprah. If we were buttoned up, I could maybe get 15 minute meeting with one of them through a connection if we get traction on a site and story. Having a whole bunch of user videos would go a long way.)

Anyways that’s way way too far down the line of thinking. For now, I just want to stop as many people as I can. Or at least inform as many people as I can. Plus, it would feel great naming the doctor who had no problem trying to ruin my life. (I am saying “trying” cuz I am going to beat this BS).

My question- would anyone here be willing to record a short video about themselves, what happened, the outcome, etc?

Also, I could use good writers. I am more an operator, fincance, business guy. I hope to have web developer locked up in a few days at zero costs in the beginning.

Maybe this won’t work out but I gotta try to spread the word.

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I could help you with the Spanish translation.

The first step in change is to address the medical perspective.
Doctors tell me that PVPS both ‘never happens’ and ‘is common’.

According to the American Urological Society, the chance of pain > 1 week is 1-2%, when studies say anywhere from 5-33%. There is something afoot here, and it’s a mens rights issue which is kept silent by how we don’t talk about our nuts.

No more. My family and friends all know about my GIANT nuts and how this shit isn’t even acknowledged as a potential risk.

Vasectomy is a money MAKER for the docs, it doesn’t matter that one guy a week visits the ER for nut pain post snip. A specialist near me told me that he ‘no longer treats vasectomy pain because it is so common’. So there is a serious disconnection between reality and established medical practice/advice. I don’t attribute it to malice, just laziness and the status quo.

Meanwhile, the rest of us just give up any sort of sex life while we wait for the condition to improve. Fuckin sucks my swollen brothers.

Websites and social media doesn’t really help advance the cause that much, you need to fix the problem at the root.

I can write though, I’ll contribute many words to this issue, driven by pain and a desire to not have this happen to anyone else, without having informed risks.


Excellent post and a great initiative. I’m willing to help with a video.

Ellen and Oprah are a lot stronger candidates than Terry Gross by the way, good call.

I just would like to hear more members chime in about this. I don’t want this one to be an emotional decision, but to be a logical decision that helps others in line.

Let’s talk more!!

I like the idea. I might take to printing flyers to tac up before / after all these urologist visits; maybe include a few statists and links. When one googles vasaectomy, all one gets are all the chipper sites thag talk it up. Even if it only reaches a few it would possibly have helped someone.

I think the idea of a article in a popular maginzen or tv show would be optimal. Even if it is a women’s maginzen or show; this affects the woman in a relationship to.

Getting the information out in any way would help.

Thanks @recovery_road for the post. Coincidentally, I was thinking about the same thing last week, how to spread the word. Probably best would be that someone wins a lawsuit case and docs’ bank account gets hit. Just single win could set a precedence to slow procedures down. But that would be really hard to win, seem doctors win 9 out of 10 times in lawsuits, and those are negligence ones. We are here talking about common practice itself. Not sure if there is a way to elevate to higher courts and present research papers that show much higher incidence of complications. Can medical procedures be stopped by higher authorities? I am not a lawyer, just an engineer.

Another good idea discussed here would be a web-link that pops up first in google search instead, for example, of GP’s website that did my VAS with “how great vasectomy is, and provide nitrous oxide gas to make more comfortable procedure” information. We could reference research, testimonials, link to this site, videos, etc. Maybe someone could help us to do this, find a way that this link pops up first. I spent already lots of money for therapy, medications, pain killers, massages, doctor visits, etc. so that I am happy to donate. I am also planning to post reviews (links to research) for my GP that did procedure, maybe need to be careful here since there are cases that people got sued for posting negative reviews.

Magazines, NPR, TV-shows would help a lot also.

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Great idea… Over here in the UK there seems to be a awareness of it slightly in that the NHS website quotes 10% will suffer chronic testicular pain. Also there have been some BBC radio items about PVPS. Still people seem genuinely shocked and still cynical about mens motivations for making people aware which is shocking. I myself have written to the guy who did my vasectomy every year since. Nothing nasty but just to tell him about my current situation and to remind him to make people aware… When i asked him about PVPS and my doctors unease over it he essentially told me not to worry, he and the conference he goes to every year has NEVER had anyone with PVPS… the way it was conveyed was ‘man up, its only a quick snip’… But do i think it changes anything? NO, but i have posted a few bits on facebook to warn other guys or wives of guys that they have ownership of their bodies and to be aware of the risks. I think that anything that gets the message out there is brilliant, wider the distribution the better!!

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Hi all,
With dealing with my own personal recovery, i have failed miserably. I am thinking we need to focused on the female awareness. I remember telling my wife my fear of this and she just referenced her friends who husbands were “just fine”. If every doc that delivered a baby would spread these risks, this horrible practice would be reduced. And we are taking away their revenue stream vs urologist.

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Hmm they are just fine, nothing more. Probably some of them lie that they are just fine and most me can can’t afford a reversal anyway.

The least is for the insurances to cover reversals. @recovery_road thanks for mentioning female awareness. If you you search through this forum you will find comments from some members here talking about feminist movement actually in support of vasectomy!!! Why would women suffer let men suffer!! I don’t know if there is a relationship between that and insurance companies policies. However I can argue that PVPS or loss of sensitivity down there is a physical issue that requires medical attention due to the hazardous impact on bodies.

The least that can be done here is to help sufferers to get covered by insurance so that more people can take the benefit of removing pain through reversal. I hope reversal brings back sensation by the way!!

Maybe people here can help me understand the reason why insurance would not cover reversal. Is it the same lack of medical evidence on the goodnesses reversal brings? Or am showcasing too obvious or stupid with these comments???

I agree with people being “just fine”. There’s no doubt a lot of us have it worse, but I don’t see how anyone could feel “normal” after this.

One big problem is that guys prefer not to discuss this stuff publicly because it is so embarrassing and taboo. They don’t want to appear weak, or whiny, or like some kind of weirdo who likes talking about his private parts. That is why doctors should be the one ringing the bell on this issue, but we know that is not going to happen anytime soon.

So I was thinking maybe something a little subtle that people could do is put a sticker or magnet on their car that symbolizes PVPS. You know how people use ribbons to show support for a cause.

Specifically, I was thinking the red snake-eyes dice:


The red dice represent the sore testicles, and the white single dots represent (roughly) the odds of getting a serious case of PVPS. Odds of rolling snake eyes are 2.8% The 3 white dots on the side represent congested epididymis. The stainless steel background represents a surgeon’s stainless steel instrument tray.

This accomplishes a couple of goals:

  1. It gives people a visual hook to represent the problem and bring it to mind.
  2. People will see cars with the dice on them, and know that it represents a person who is affected by PVPS. That will help people understand that this is something in the real world.
  3. All men have to do is put the sticker on the car. They don’t have to initiate awkward conversations or seem like they are targeting anyone in particular to be a recipient of their persuasion. If people are curious about the dice, they can ask, and the man can briefly explain that it represents chronic pain caused by vasectomy. That can be the end of the conversation or the listener of course might ask more questions.

Have you seen this video? Professionally made and it almost looks like I’m talking (given similar problems) with mine at a higher intensity and my video would be a lot more sad than this one!!! He makes it sound like a positive experience though at the end he reveals his final statement saying “well I guess this was the best decision I made?” :blush:

Another one here. For some reason when you search “vasectomy issues” these are first videos to appear but VERY few viewers have seen them :flushed:. Guess we are failing the statistics?? No one has issues??

This is a very long video. I believe this person is a member of this forum but not sure. I can tell you that the way he describes it makes me really really worried about antibodies.