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How do Cord Blocks Work?

And by saying that, I’m not suggesting that ultrasound is not used to diagnose other pieces and parts of the body, various conditions, etc.

In typical cases, I’d expect what I said ^^^

I’ve speculated this because I feel like I’ve noticed a significant decrease in ejulation volume. It used to be that after not doing it for a few days it was a much larger amount; now it’s about the same every time; doesn’t matter if it’s 1 day or 7. I feel like the volume has gone down by like 25% or so. Not the 5-10 they advertise.

Yeah my volume is down huge as well, even if I wait days, it’s a dribble compared to what it used to be, and never shoots out with force, just runs out, it’s unbelievable the difference. And no pre cum, maybe someone can chime in about this? I used to have Tons of it, get hard and start leaking, had this my entire life, now nothing, completely dry.

I still have some but not nearly as much precum. Then again, I don’t have long lasting arousals now. I get it over with quick to try to get a little bit of relief from one urge, but really it usually just makes me feel worse for the next few hours. Never get the relief I used to.

Dr. Jarvi basically said cord block is the next step for me. That was back in March or so. I have gotten better since March but I also have something in the back of my mind telling me it’s a bad idea. Still don’t plan on booking that appointment.

That’s the impression I’m getting. If it stands to cause more damage and it’s not all that effective as a diagnostic, and only a temporary pain relief, I don’t think I want to mess with it.

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I can only speak for myself, and I am post-reversal, so I don’t have to worry about the scarring that might prevent a reversal, but I’ve had 4 cord blocks without issue. One was in office with a uro mentioned here often who performs only SCD to treat PVPS and general scrotal pain. That one was strictly diagnostic (anesthetic only). The other 3 were therapeutic, 1 steroid and 2 steroid plus botox, and done under anesthesia. These were done by another uro oft cited here. I got good relief from all 4 after several days of increased pain from the process.

I’ve also had 3 blocks of the II/IH, 4 of the GF plus 1 pulsed RF of the GF, and 2 blocks of the pudendal and pulsed RF of the pudendal.

The GF, II/IH, and cord blocks helped me diagnose that the GF is the culprit and helped put it back to rest without surgery. The pudendal blocks helped relieve pelvic floor tension (along with pelvic PT).

Maybe I’m lucky, but no complications from any of those procedures.