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How can I be sure the Pain is due to the Vasectomy?

I started to have some upper abdominal pain 1 day after having my vasectomy. The pain didn’t go away and because the pain was so far from the area of the vasectomy no doctor would connect the two things. Now, besides the upper abdominal pain I starting to have some lower abdominal pain on the left and on the bladder area.

I really suspect that the pain is due to the vasectomy. I might be wrong, but it would be the biggest coincidence in the world to start having these pains less than a day after my vasectomy. however, they did an ultrasound on the scrotum and found no visible problems.

How can I know that the pain I’m having is due to the vasectomy? Are there any exams I can ask or things I can try to check that?

Could you describe the pain sensation in your abdomen more? Sharp/dull/pressure/nausea/burning/aching whatever? And how is the pain distributed? Belly button/solar plexus/sides etc

Assuming your urologist is a male, next time you see him again - politely ask him if you can kick him in the nuts one time. If he has pain in his abdomen afterwards, remind him of what he told you.


Ultrasounds are not as helpful as one would think when diagnosing PVPS (at least in my experience). There’s an actual radiologist that is unfortunately dealing with issues after his vasectomy and he could probably add more or correct this, but an ultrasound won’t pick up granulomas and won’t show definitively if your congested.

My opinion on the issue is it isn’t coincidence. I had upper and lower abdominal pain after my vasectomy along with low grade nausea that persisted for over 2 years along with other things.

As Ethan already asked, are you able to provide more detail?

Sorry you’re dealing with this.

I actually think ultrasound finds granulomas, but they will often be misdiagnosed as simple cysts, or spermatocele.
I think granulomas change in appearance on both ultrasound and MRI, depending on how much time has passed. One article described them as ‘sterile abscess’, which would be described as a cyst on ultrasound by someone not actively looking for granulomas.

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That’s interesting. The radiologists that did my ultrasounds must have been inexperienced or incompetent because none of them diagnosed my granulomas. I even asked one if he could see the one on the left I knew I 100% had. He said he couldn’t see it. I literally grabbed it with my fingers and said “it’s right here”. He put the probe on it and said he couldn’t see anything…

The surgeon that did my reversal piloted an ultrasound machine himself and found my left granuloma and said it looked like I had one on the right side too (right side granuloma was confirmed at reversal)

Glad you at least know what you’re looking for.

Thank you for your replies.

I started having upper abdominal pain that comes in waves after the vasectomy. It started as a pressure that became the worst pain of my life. All other possible issues like Gallbladder, intestine, kidney, pancreas, liver, were eliminated through dozens of exams I’ve done. I did even some advanced neurological exams that were all clear.

The pain is still there and if I stop my pain medication (anti-inflammatories and pain killers) I’ll have to run to the hospital because the pain is unbearable.

I start having some shooting pains on my testicles, but they are not frequent and happen from time to time, but the pain in the upper abdomen is still there.

The only doctor that consider the possibility of the pain be related to the vasectomy was a resident at the hospital that mentioned that when we were embryos the testicles were formed on the upper back (where my pain first started and where I have spasms since the vasectomy).

One odd thing was that in one of the exams they said in the report that they could see I had a vasectomy because of the clips. WHAT CLIPS???

Also, I can feel a bump on both sides of my testicle like a knot that was not there before Can it be the granula?

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The link below should give you some insight regarding the clips.