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Hornier with Pain

Had my vasectomy May 2018. Pain has usually been on the left side, left groin. Left testicle. Diminished orgasm. A soreness that feels deep inside. An indescribable ACHE. Sensitivity even more so than before. I mean, I am gentle with my balls now when I shower for example. Lately the right side is hurting now. But I am hornier than ever now. Just want to stroke off ALL the time and it does hurt. But feels satisfying. I wanna fuck, jack off more and more. Wonder if there is a correlation to this with pleasure. Horny as I write this. Any of you feel this way? Let me know.

I kind of know what you mean, but for me, I think it’s becasue I feel no real release now. It’s like when you get off but stop before it’s really done. So no matter what I do I never get rid of that feeling, but for me it hurts so I have to. This can’t be healthy psychologically so I’m really considering a reversal of it doesn’t get better.

Not an admin here but I think given there are ladies in this site hmm, may be spoof the language?? :grimacing::neutral_face: sorry understand the pain though.

I totally understand @Tyler1 as I have been like that since vasectomy and constantly for two and a half years. This is psychologically devastating. I Don’t want it as much as you describe it and the feeling of it has reduced since vas. Again, sadly so. However I continue to push myself in that direction and sometime overdo thinking about it especially within a week time and when my wife is ready - no more graphic!!! Anyway vasectomy f&cked up my sex life and I regret having done it. Biggest mistake I ever made. Now I want to turn back time and start using condoms. But I can’t. :triumph::frowning:

I have a strange sensation… it´s hard to explain (and english it not my language) but it´s like I´m entering the orgasm phase. It´s not a nice sensation, totally anticlimatic and, yes, it´s like been horny all the time that this sensation is present.

Yes. I think it is the feeling of always having full epididymes. That pressure used to be very much associated with having not gotten off in a few days and the resulting much better orgasm. I feel like my body thinks if I have an orgasm I will release that pressure but it never does of course and only hurts and inflames it, making it worse. I feel like it’s just so full of old, thick, well…

That make complete sense!!!

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