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Hoping a reversal works

Just had reversal with Dr. P 17 days ago. I’ll admit I was a bloody mess for the days and weeks prior…and it was for nothing. Everything went so smoothly and the first couple days afterwards I felt really good compared to what I was expecting. Once the 4 day injection of lidocaine wore off, I definitely felt sore and literally iced for 10 days straight. In the first 15 days I had a lot of night erections and random “sexual” feelings that I haven’t had since before my vas (such as getting hard kissing a woman). Then I released on day 15 and it has set me back a little as my epi flared up and has been a problem for 2 days. I do not regret it at all and I feel a little bit back to my old self, but only time will tell. You’ll be fine.

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I know that feeling and that scare. My doc had me wait 4 weeks before I released and I had that feeling creep up a few days before I released.

Then, I had that same feeling come back after I was able to go. It made me really sad. However, i was able to shake it. Specifically, my pelvic PT did internal work one session and released a nerve and that epic feeling went away. Knock on wood, it hasn’t returned. It’s a little confusing as epidymitis and nerve pain have both felt the same. The difference in my experience is the nerve pain can be released but the the epidymitis (sp?) could not.

It’s really been eye opening to me what nerve and related release can do. Not sure if it’s the same for you but that was my experience

I find this so interesting. So what I may think is nerve pain is actually epi pain? I’ve been trying to distinguish for months but I haven’t been certain which is which

Great to hear @Sbnick How did you find your Pelvic PT? And how long did you wait to see this person after reversal? I am thinking I should wait until my surgical wound totally heals?

I thought I had nerve damage for the first 7-8 months after vas. But I am almost positive that the mild pain and uncomfortableness was caused by inflamed epi. I had ultrasound to confirm the inflammation of epi on one side and every time I started to get aroused, that same epi would tingle. Which makes me believe the epi inflammation was the cause of the nerve tingle going through my lower abdomen and buttocks. But what do I know anyways…I do know that having a vasectomy was one of the worst decisions of my life…so far.

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I am not the person to tell the difference. For me, I believe I had both nerve and Epi pain. The nerve pain was worked out through the pt. I actually seemed to get better, then my wife and I went to Hawaii in August and celebrated our anniversary in September, both of which we had some fun, followed by blue ball feeling in the center of my testies. At that point, I believe it was epi’s being capped caused the pain and threw in the towel. Again, i am no professional and I think even docs have a hard time telling what is going on.

So don’t take my guessing as fact.

Thanks @MrValentino @Sbnick. Both of you are giving me hope heading into reversal. Making my way through “You are the Placebo” as we speak.

All my ultrasounds (3) have come back normal from all I’ve been told (and seen). I just haven’t felt right at all since V-day. I am counting down to reversal, healing, and putting this whole mess behind me.

As someone on this site said, the reversal doesn’t magically erase the snip. I am glad i did it but still regret the original snip. Onward towards success!

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Hello @Sbnick, @DudeinPain, @MrValentino, @Speedracer, I am in a similar position than all of you, or all of us here on this forum. Had my vas in July 2018 and been in pain ever since; tried all kinds of meds, PT, acupuncture, meditation, some blocks - I still do not understand what’s going and why I have the pain. I have a blue balls sore feeling every day, and pain intensifies after long walks, exercise or ejaculations. I do believe it is more the “back pressure” congestion type pain rather than nerve pain, but who knows. I have been thinking about reversal since day one, but don’t want to go under the knife unless absolutely necessary. That already tells you I kind of adjusted to the new reality, being in constant pain, but a pain that is, for now, tolerable; it’s far from normal, far from how it was before the snip, but I am not in excruciating pain. Time has not really changed anything for me, and I am still taking Lyrica, trying to slowly wean off.
I guess my question for you is - what makes you think reversal is the way to go? I am asking because typically that is what urologists want to sell us because that’s all they can offer (and it comes at a nice price). I am not saying it does not help - I just don’t know, I have no good stats, I just know it’s a business for them. One other approach, possible explanation is given by Wise & Anderson, who emphasize that pain is the result of muscular tension and that PT, stretching, relaxation techniques are ultimately the key to improve the condition.
I wish you all the best for whatever decision you make.

Why do I think reversal is the way to go?
Several reasons!!

First off, numerous testimonies of folks who got the reversal fixed not only their pain, but put their sex drive back in order… sadly it sounds like this is only about 80%… but I’ll roll these dice to and hope I get fixed.

2- after googling my symptoms leading me to this form, I also came across several government let studies on what vasectomies do to your body(hint- the pressure from getting things capped off causes scarring of the testis and a lowering of testosterone even if your not getting pain… this damage is 100% across the board. The government did studies on soldiers (autopsies on folks who died but had gotten vasectomies) and several studies were on animals.
All studies were unanimous, vasectomies do irreparable damage, and the longer your snipped the more damage is done…
I’m getting reversal to stop the continuation of the damage.

3, all your hormone producing glands work together. The above studies show that getting snipped is like a car getting an emissions sensor snipped out of the loop on your car… the car will continue to run, but without the feed back from that sensor it will backfire, sputter and runs poorly.

When your snipped, it does damage to the Testis, which produce tour testosterone… your body carefully controls the release of this hormone along with all other hormones… studies show that the release of all other hormones are impacted by the damage done by a vasectomy. Thyroid production was proven to slow down… Many people record changes in appetite( I did) along with serious weight gain( again… same happened to me).

My hope is if I put things back to factory defaults, my body can heal and attempt to get back to a somewhat normal life. The design of the human body is far more complicated and interconnected than modern evolutionary science allows them to admit to.


Could you link to some of the studies you found? They sound interesting!

Hi Juno,

That’s definitely the million dollar question, or should I say $20k question (that’s what I am estimating I am spending between reversal, PT and supplements).

For me, it boiled down to what I believed the issue to be. After working with my PT after the snip, it seemed that I beat nerve and scar tissue issues, neither of which a reversal would help. In fact, the reversal would set it backwards. In my non medical opinion, it seemed I was left with epidymitis (sp?). Accordingly, I figured a reversal gave me the best chance of success. It was not guaranteed obviously but I wasn’t going to sit back and live a diminished life. So I rolled the bones. TBD on the outcome. Today marks 11 weeks to the day. I woke up feeling great this morning and am just walked into the gym at 6Am. I used to do that before the snip. Wasn’t able to get out of bed like this since then.

I am very fortunate with my nerve focused Pt and so far reversal has been a success. Still work to do but onward for me. I hope you can heal without the reversal. My body wasn’t accepting my geyser being capped and i could just tell.

Hope that helps.


To be clear, the reversal is no magical eraser for the vasectomy and definitely takes risk as all procedures have risk (as everyone here knows).

Plus, I realize that I am touting pelvic PT. It occurred to me to clarify that PT is not a magical cure either. I see the therapist 2-3 times a week right now. Sometimes, I see no results from the treatment, sometimes i see modest gains which typically show 24-48 hours later while occasionally I see massive fast forwards the very next day or immediately after the therapy.

I also want to stress that pelvic PT in a vacuum doesn’t solve it alone. She gives me homework, which is often scary and painful. For example:

  • At week 6, she said “go swim”. I was scared of the stitches coming out and I had tons of nerve pain the next 2 days as i woke up nerves.

  • I have a 20 minute stretching routine which I am doing twice a day. It hurt a bunch at first.

  • week 8 I had to start the elliptical. Wow, my guys were on fire for the next 3 days as the nerves woke up there. 2 weeks later, now i can do the elliptical with no problems other than tired legs.

Long story short, there’s no magical cure.

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This really tells me that it is body mutilation big time. It is sad to think that we were sucked in by the medical profession. A great money spinner for some. Thank you for your post.

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Hi @Juno
what makes you think reversal is the way to go? I went to 3 different urologists, 10 visits, 2 ultrasounds and they all told me everything looked find but I had enlarged epididymis, but was told it is “normal” to have enlarged epididymis in vasectomized men. Well my pain and trembles from that area were NOT normal and I did not want to live in mild pain with sexual dysfunction. I thought it was the best course of action to let my sperm flow freely and make my physiological self whole again. Turns out I had scar tissue that was removed and a lot of non motile sperm in my scrotum which I believe was a major issue in my case.
I am not telling you what to do, but what you explain is pretty similar to my situation and I am very confident I made the right decision bc I feel better already and its only be 18 days since reversal. I don’t see myself having any issue resuming physical activity in a couple weeks.

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@DudeinPain @Speedracer good luck to you both on the reversal! And I agree with @Ethan_Scruples you guys should check testosterone Before and after . I did and will check it again in few months ( I’m in US and I use online service for lab work myself without going to my doc. Only cost me $75 last time, contact me for website name if you want)
@MrValentino did your doc. say it was ok to release only after 2 weeks?!, mine said wait at least 3 to 4 weeks.
I’m going on day 18 after reversal and feel great!!!Most if not all symptoms are gone, hoping it won’t come back, recovery is going fast, hematoma/swelling went away after about a week. I only iced for the first 2 days and then used heat for next few days as per my doc’s orders.Pain went away after couple of days, but since came back twice just for a day though but because of overdoing it physicaly. I’m already back to work ( labor intensive job, I’m window/glass installer) although trying to take it easy for couple more weeks.
After surgery it might be tough mentally, (if it’s your first major surgery ever) just don’t let it get to you as @Sbnick recommended to read the books! I remember I felt really depressed after my knee surgery about 10 years ago, but now ( 5 major surgeries latter ,reversal was 6th, mentaly it doesn’t bother me anymore… gosh I just thought how many stitches my body has now, around 90 + some anchors and I only just turned 39 few days ago.)
I wrote today at another post about my theory about pain: that sperm release causes inflammation and possibly micro raptures and possibly permanent damage in epi or even testicals making them super sensitive as well. Why some have pain on one side?, possibly because some of us have one dominant testical that produces most of the sperm therefor creates more pressure/inflammation only in that side.
Don’t forget to keep us updated after reversal guys. I will be doing the same.

@DudeinPain its scary how almost every story that one reads on this site could be written by any one of us - so many common threads and shared symptoms. The fact that vasectomies are still presented as ‘quick, safe and easy’ by the medical fraternity is a disgrace to my mind.

I had my vasectomy a year ago at age 36. Constant pain for three months was enough to drive me to reversal, you guys lasted longer than I did. Still in pain nine months after reversal, although I have better and worse days, and am often functionally ok if I am active and not sitting too much.

Personally I believe that I have primarily nerve related pain. My pain specialist has me on NSSRIs and Lyrica, and believes that I will be ok in time, but that nerves heal slowly. I do think that before the reversal I also had congestive pain, which I don’t feel any more (heavy, dragging sensation on my balls, pain on ejaculation).

Surgery itself was easy, recovery quite tough - your balls are going to look rough at first (bruised and swollen), but they will go back to normal in appearance after about a month. Hopefully you get relief.

My main hope is in the fact that you don’t see a lot of people on here posting about issues 2, 5 or 10 years after a vas / reversal. I figure that means most people do feel better eventually.

Good luck!

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Exactly. 1/20 is too high of a risk to be considered safe which is why I believe in the same conspiracies you’ve cited. Too many with money and/or agendas on the pro-vasectomy side.

Took the words right out of my mouth. I honestly don’t know the source of my pain (as odd as it sounds). It’s debilitating on like a 4-5 most days, but I’m not screaming in pain. Nothing seems to trigger it. It’s just there. Constantly. No change in intensity or location. The best way I can describe it would be “testicular nausea” if that makes ANY sense with some urethra pain that varies, which leads me to thinking chronic prostatitis.

I spent all of this year thinking I was dehydrated and sick, now I’m just convinced it’s because of prostatitis with low T combo and it’s messing with hormones. This of course is all conjecture and no urologist I’ve been to will cop to the link.

I’m glad for you that you went for reversal so quickly… Less damage means you’ll hopefully heal fast.


I was specifically told to wait two weeks after surgery and release as much as possible afterwards. What was everyone else told that went through the reversal process? Was the after sensations of release felt at all in the beginning but got better as time went on?