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Hoping a reversal works

12 Day Update

Still healing well from a reversal on both sides. I’ve been able to take it relatively easy these last 2 weeks and haven’t had any significant challenges or setbacks with healing, which as I’ve mentioned previously was a welcome surprise from some of the horror stories I’ve read on the potential hell of recovery.

Still a few days from knowing what ejaculation will feel like, but as I can tell my libido has started to return, it seems like a long and difficult wait.

Having said this, I have some discomfort on my left side in the form of what I thought was some form of scrotal itch as a consequence of scars and incision healing. However, it’s surrounding the scars and not the scars themselves. As I’m trying to pinpoint the discomfort, I admit I’m not entirely sure if its origin is in fact new or the return of an original pain that varied in degree pre-reversal now that I’m past my immediate post-op recovery discomfort.

it seems like an isolated area of scrotal skin that feels like sensitive to the touch similar to a sunburn and does itch, but it feels subcutaneous. It feels quite literally like an itch I can’t scratch. Visually there is no obvious difference to rest of the skin. My doc recommended Aquaphor, but so far it hasn’t helped.

I have moved up my post-op checkup as a result. Hopefully I’ll find out what what other recommendations doc may have to eliminate what seems to be my only remaining symptom. In the scheme of things, it seems minor compared to the hell that I started with. If I can get this one thing under control I’ll be close to getting my life back.

Can anyone else shed light on this issue as a result of either vas or vas reversal?

Sunburn feeling is caused by cut nerves, have a Google search on peripheral nerves damage and healing so you’ll know what to expect. I had it quite bad after reversal and few other surgeries, it took me about a year for this to fully dissapear

I am just looking for patterns. I think that’s legitimate on this site?
Talking to different doctors gave me very different answers, that’s why I am looking for input from this site, from other men experiencing similar pain.

That is an understandable, or legitimate quarry.

The stickler is - in the vast majority of cases, Joe or Jill generally come up with the assumption that reversal is for congestive pvps, and other options such as denervation of the spermatic cord is for purely neuropathic pvps. I understand how Joe or Jill end up with this wrong thinking, but that’s exactly what it is. The truth is, both procedures can be used to treat either condition.

You must also understand that some men want nothing to do with reversal. Whether that is their choice, their wife’s choice, a matter of having a procedure that is covered by insurance, or whatever the reasoning - many go out via denervation no matter the symptoms or findings. It definitely happens here in the US and elsewhere in the world.

One could quarry every single member on this site as to how or why they choose the corrective procedure they had and not be a whole lot further ahead of where they begin their journey down such a rabbit hole. In many cases, the more you learn, the less you know, or the more questions you will have.

You can learn a lot from many top tier pvps docs, from people here, and so on, but I don’t want you to be the next guy that takes your anger out on this group and posts something that reads like you feel like you got mind f****d by every top tier pvps doc you spoke with, and/or the members of this site that you spoke with pre surgical intervention if things don’t work out as expected. The truth is, nobody can predict with any certainly what might work for you. Nobody.

When I see things posted on this site that I feel could be unintentionally manipulative to the desperate mind, I generally speak up. I have been that desperate guy, and know what to be on the lookout for. There is no need for people to fall into the same mental traps that many of us fell into in the past, and not speak up before it’s too late.

Back in my early days, on a different platform, there was a guy posting in pvps forums regularly that had the wrong thinking I am talking about, and was indoctrinating the members into believing the same thing - IE: congestion = reversal, and nerve = denervation, etc. I fought that guy tooth and nail about it until I couldn’t take it anymore.

The point I am trying to convey here regarding reversal was known pre 2010. At least one published paper had been written on the topic pre 2010, and nearly a decade later, more and more evidence has came out regarding the same topic.

I understand that some of this must be rather confusing to you @Juno. Based on your previous posts, the doctors and urologist’s in the country you are in seem to know next to nothing about this pvp/s stuff. IDK how that’s even possible in a country that has been performing vasectomies for quite some time. It really makes me think… WTH? I can only imagine how you must feel experiencing that treatment first hand.

Hope that helps you or anyone else understand what I was getting at.

Good luck brother.


I agree with Ringo. There is no way to cleanly diagnose the wide array of symptoms into one bin or the other. I have presented symptoms at times that had me convinced it was one or the other. All this did was stress me out and delay taking action. I am pursuing a reversal because I believe the risk of making myself worse is lowest.

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Read my post to understand my symptoms post vas/ pre reversal:

I believe it was congestion because once I had reversal all my nerve related issues are gone.

Please don’t take my response like I am trolling on you here. Please understand that we have guys on this site that are shooting blanks post reversal that no longer have nerve issues either.

Please be sure to post some SA results somewhere on this site too. Perhaps in your dedicated thread.

Good luck.

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Yes, but they also clean up scar tissue while they’re in there. So that might be what relieved your nerves. If I had to place a bet, I think I’m congested too. But irritated nerves can set off inflammation. I’ve gone around in circles on this myself. I’m hoping a reversal will do the same for me.

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I had a version of this prior to reversal too, but post vas. But this did go away for you post reversal after some time?

It seems livable as what appears to be my main symptom now compared to how I started. Was there anything you did that helped? I only seem to have this on one side.

Yes, went away eventually on its own. Not much you can do to speed it up, but wait for nerves to regenerate. I had something similar on my face, which took 3 years in total, no issues now

Did you have it pre reversal, too? Because it was manageable then (but I had congestion pain as well so it was hard to isolate), but always seemed to be lurking

No, only issue I had was painful nodules at the end of cut vas, possibly sperm granuloma.

I’m also concerned since the clips were left in that maybe that’s it, but I honestly don’t know. She remarked that their removal was risky given their proximity to the artery and didn’t see any obvious signs of inflammation to warrant their removal. She’s been great, but that one piece of knowledge has bothered me.

Hi do I take it that because the clips are still in are you still vasectomised? And do you feel better because they cleaned the area up.

Hi @Francis,

I had a full reversal a few weeks ago. I am feeling a lot better (my journey is thusfar chronicled in this thread). This slight feeling of pinch/burn at an isolated area persists, but it’s not unbearable. Thankfully it’s on one side.

Hopefully I am not jacking up @DudeinPain thread, but many VR surgeons do tricks that many people are not aware of - such as leaving the clip/s in place, and finding other creative ways of making the connection.

Several of the pvps surgeons that get mentioned on this site regularly do remove the hemoclips if present (a full clean up). By saying that, I’m not suggesting they would remove the clip/s if they felt it was a bad idea based on their findings. IDK.

Some men have posted individual stories on here that suggest one of the pvps surgeons that get mentioned here fairly regularly does not remove the hemoclip/s in all of his pvps reversals. Based on those individual accounts, it seems he does what he thinks is best based on the findings.

On a side note, let’s not forget that there are other variants of pvps reversals that do not make the man fertile afterwards. I feel confident saying that it works in many cases. In how many cases does this work -vs- fertility versions? IDK. I don’t think one of the pvps surgeons that gets mentioned here regularly would even offer that option if it didn’t work in ~how many cases.

Hope that helps.

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This is precisely what she told me. It was based on findings. I was just surprised. Having read a lot in this forum I understood the clips to be a potential source of pain and consequently it seemed almost illogical to leave them. That said, she said it was otherwise textbook. Yet, I have this small area of localized burning/pinching. and I have to wonder if they’re at play.

Thanks for your input, @RingoStar


No problem.

BTW, I edited my previous post. I added the link at the bottom of it.

Good luck brother.

Hey Dude,

Glad to hear the recovery is going well for the most part. I’m a couple days ahead of you I think (reversal on Jan27th) and am wondering if you are noticing that the vas or epididymis are pretty hard? Think it is my vas as it is not directly connected to my testes. Mine are rock solid at this point and kinda tucked up and towards the back of my scrotum. Not painful, but just wondering when they will start to hang and soften up. Maybe after first release? Speaking of release my doc said to wait 3 weeks, so still some time there.

Also had quite a bit of fluid in the scrotum for the first week or so, to the point where I could hear it sloshing around, but that seems gone now. Doctor initially said the hardness was the fluid, but now I am noticing the hardness of the vas and am wondering if you are experiencing anything similar.


Hey @ThunderTrain

Mine was the 27th as well. My doc said two weeks, so I’m curious about the rationale in the discrepancy in waiting periods.

I can’t speak to your symptoms, and I wish I could offer more guidance.

My major symptom right now remains the sunburn/itch feeling beneath the skin on a small area on my left side. I had my follow up this morning and the best thought she offered was “it’s healing.” And she wrote me an rx for some fungal just in case it helps.

As I’ve written, I believe I may have had a similar feeling (post vas/pre reversal), but I had so many other pains as well so it was hard to isolate. When I asked if she thought it was nerves she seemed dismissive, which struck me as odd. If it was nerves, she believes I’d be feeling it more, and I’d be twitchy and things would set it off.

But even healing from incision is nerves, is it not?

She seemed uncharacteristically rushed this morning as she had squeezed me in.

It’s livable, but def a difference compared to my right which seems to have healed/is healing perfectly.