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Hoping a reversal works

First off, thanks in advance to all of you who are here. I’ve been reading this forum for a bit over a year and the guidance and insights I’ve received have proven invaluable. I’m sorry we’re all here, and my only hope is that we all find relief and that we never had to experience this hell in the first place. But here we are.

Had my vasectomy about 15 months ago at 31. Procedure itself was relatively uneventful, but I needed a significant increase in lidocaine on one side. So much so that I got very loopy and off balance, similar to feeling drunk. It took about an hour for that to wear off.

Recovery was fine, ice, ice, baby. Things were sore for a bit, but things generally settled down and I was able to get back to normal pretty quickly.

Fast forward about two months or so, I contacted my doc with what felt like a light testicular pain and inguinal pain. It wasn’t awful, but something wasn’t right. Physical exam was normal as was the ultrasound and I was told “give it time.”

Fast forward another month, and I now have abdominal pain on top of inguinal pain, and testicular pain. By now I’m in such excruciating pain I am doubled over, I’m lying down and something is definitely off.

By this point, after trying 6 weeks of NSAIDs and no luck, and clean scans doc is “out of ideas.” This is “so strange” he says, as I was doing fine for so long. Clearly he’s not willing to acknowledge PVPS is a thing he’s ever heard of. His consent form never even mentioned this.

Second doc does a pelvic scan, nothing abnormal there. She recommends pelvic floor therapy, and after roughly two months I get only minimal relief.

It reaches a point my abdominal and inguinal pain gets so bad I’m off work for about two months.

I tried pain management with no luck.

After feeling completely gaslighted by docs for about six months, being told “it’s all in my head” etc, I just threw my hands up.

I spent 6 months debating what else to do.

My orgasms are weak, my erections too. I can still ejaculate but I feel like I get zero pleasure from it. It’s more of a workout than a release, and I just don’t feel like myself at ALL. I’m fatigued like no other, my drive has plummeted from excessively high to ZERO.

My pain now is a consistent 3-4 that feels like slight testicular tenderness at the same spot and possibly prostatitis like symptoms. Throughout this ordeal I have been treated for what I thought may have been a UTI a few times with a few rounds of antibiotics with no luck.

Sometimes it’s hard to know if it’s more testicular ache or some type of nerve damage.

I’m now scheduled for reversal in roughly a month. I’m hoping it’s successful, but I’ve reached a point where I’m not sure what else to do. I can only hope that the reversal works as I can not live like this.


Great write-up!

What do you think about doing testosterone test now, and another one 6 months after reversal?

Doctors think that vasectomy cannot change testosterone levels. If we can get a bunch of guys showing their T going up after reversal, it might convince some doubters.


I’ve thought about it, honestly. But I’m perhaps selfishly so focused on getting past the pain that I’m not even thinking about T testing. I’ve read enough to believe this a consequence and I am just hoping that I can be a reversal success story. I’m not entirely sure what’s at play here, but after having an incredibly healthy sex life in my early 30’s to feeling like Ive aged by at least 20 years, I have no doubt that the vasectomy is at play.

As we all know by now, that 1 in 1000 stat is a fallacy.

I’m freaked about the success of the reversal, but after 15 months of this I am willing to beg, borrow, and steal to get my life back.

This is affecting my life and friendships in every conceivable way and I just can’t sustain it like this.


I feel for you man. The reversal sucks. Those first 2-3 weeks were the lowest I have ever been. 10 1/2 weeks past reversal, I am positive and glad I got it done. Just be mentally prepared and have support around you for the first 8 weeks or so. It wasn’t until just this week that I started to feel like myself. Before the reversal, all i wanted was to sleep as my nuts felt so sore and full. Now, I am working out again and getting my life back.

Onwards and good luck


Thanks for the encouragement @Sbnick. I’m glad you’re feeling better. How has your drive been?

I have heard recovery can be a long road. Though some seem to recover way faster, I suppose it’s different for everyone. But I am mentally prepared for it. I’ve already kind of mentally blocked out 6 months in my mind, which would put this whole journey at about 2 years by then.

There’s a small part of me hoping that I will be a faster recovery and that whatever is at the root of this will resolve quickly, but I’m also realistic and know that it will likely be a long road. I just know that even though my pain isn’t likely anywhere near some of what I have read on this forum, I refuse to live like this. I can’t.

I’ve gotten pretty low as I feel like a part of my identity is just gone. I’m just hoping that the sixteen months or so that I’ve spent like this haven’t done irreparable damage.

I’ve read a few encouraging stories on this forum of folks who have had reversals and have reported that they’ve felt getting “hooked up” again was the best thing for them. I am clinging to these stories of hope that I can get my life back as well.

I’m terrified about reversal, but it’s been such a low year, I am willing to try anything and this seems the most straight forward approach.

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Wow I thought I was reading my story! Very similar to me. I just had reversal 2 weeks ago. It’s early but my sex drive has come back already and erections are back too. Still have surgical pain and inflammation but think (and pray) I made correct decision. Dr. Said I had scar tissue on the side that gave me problem and had a lot of non motile sperm In scrotum. Guess I’m a sperm machine where it had nowhere to go…?

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Glad to hear reversal was the right choice for you, @MrValentino. Are the pains you had post vas gone now with reversal? How long were you between Vas and reversal?

I know exactly how you feel. I mentally tried to prep for a year recovery. Now I am aiming. For 16 weeks. I am still in the process so still tbd.

There are two books that helped me significantly. I know it sounds crazy and I would not have believed it would help, especially being pragmatic finance oriented person.

I highly recommend reading “You are the Placebo” and “Mind Over Medicine”. A week into the reversal I wanted to give up. And this forum often made me feel like there was no hope. Thats bs and there’s hope. You need to have your mind lead your body to repairing nerves. And need a good PT who knows about nerve regeneration. From there, fight for it.

Check out my journal on this site for all the crazy stuff I did. Acupuncture, cupping, meditation, supplements, lots of PT ($$$), baths daily from week 3-6 then hot tub / swimming starting week 6. Again, not fully recovered but I just have some twinges today, which is something my pelvic PT knocked out after the original snip so I know she can do it again.

And I got a nasty hematoma when I moved out of the car the day of the reversal. That scared the (bleeeeep) out of me. That too is nearly gone 11 weeks later.

Good luck and definitely thinking of you.

Thanks, @Sbnick. I actually just started “You are the placebo” after reading your rec in your post. I’ll have this read before my reversal which seems like forever from now. The end of next month. Very few people can contemplate how slowly time moves when this pain just overtakes you.

Honestly I have been through a lot prior to my vas (physically, emotionally) and life has thrown me a bunch of curves, all of which I learned to handle with some grace. If this is my new normal though, I’m not sure I’m prepared for that.

11 months between vasectomy and reversal. My issue was almost all on one side. I thought it was nerve pain at first Bc it would go up my lower abdomen then to my buttocks and sometimes down my leg. But as time went on and no thanks to the 2 urologists and 10 visits, I self diagnosed myself as having chronic epididymitis. Had mild pain in one side of scrotum, weak erections, numbed sensation, and terrible orgasms. I felt it as necessary to use cialis when I had sex.
Recovery has been a lot easier than I anticipated. I’m 36 and In good physical shape. The same pain I had went away after surgery but I just ejaculated last night (which was mind blowing btw) and I feel really sore and tender on the same problematic side. Which worries me. I also had a hematoma 4 days ago but has gone down tremendously after icing it for 2 days. So for me it’s up in the air but I don’t regret it at all.

Your story gives me hope @MrValentino. Thank you. It supports my belief that my reversal, as far away as it seems right now is the right choice. I think I’ve found a decent doc (who I won’t name at the moment) but her name has come up a few tines throughout this forum.

I had a conversation with the team at ICVR and I like the team, but now that Marks isn’t doing reversals for pain and you can’t even get Burrows on the phone to get a sense of comfort with him without coughing up $500, something just seemed off to me about that. I don’t know. I’d be willing to go to AZ but a cross country flight is a bit challenging for me. My reversal doc (like Burrows) is fellowship trained, so I’m confident she’s a solid choice.

This whole experience as everyone here knows has been a total mind ****. Dr’s make the procedure sound so simple, like getting your ear pierced. Like with something this “simple” that any effects beyond sterility are all in our mind.

To make matters worse, I suspect that there are some who believe them. Patients who attribute their symptoms to aging or who experience some degree of pain but figure it’s just the new normal. Or they may not make the connection.

“Doc didn’t touch my prostate. So must be a separate issue.”

And when you start making the connections that all of the symptoms must be related, we start to sound like conspiracy theorists. I have multiple academic degrees and was in the process of starting to pursue my doctorate before all this.

I just feel so violated and lied to by my doc. I was a healthy highly sexual guy and this whole experience has just leveled me. I am trying to stay positive, but it’s really tough. I feel like this surgery has just taken a part of my personality that I can only hope returns with a successful reversal.

This has been an all-consuming hell for about 15 months now.

And I’m generally not a negative person. I’ve learned to battle back from a lot. This is proving to be the thing that may just push me over the edge, but I’m super hopeful that a reversal leads to a return to normalcy.



It’s possible to heal. All of our bodies have the ability to heal. From cutting your finger to breaking your bone, you can heal. It’s proven that if you can allow your mind to see the healing, you can healing. Hang in there. The next month and half.

Getting your body ready for surgery. Vitamins, supplements, stretching and you will crush it.

One huge thing you have going for you is that you recovered well initially after the first procedure. Several of us, myself included had nerve issues out of the gate. That’s what seems to be the long term issue for folks here.

Thinking of you and everyone here.


I know this probably doesn’t need to be said, but Please don’t forget to keep us all updated on your decisions and recoveries. I’m praying and rooting for us all here.

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Thanks. One of the things that I struggle with is the idea that maybe I wasn’t recovering as quickly as I thought. That is, perhaps this pain started more mildly and I attributed it to a slightly slower healing process. As it persisted over the months and weeks, I started to realize something wasn’t right.

I’ve read some in this forum talk about nausea, but it seems less common. I definitely have that on the daily but I can’t logically find a reason for it. It’s like al the pain and discomfort individually is 3-4 seemingly mild, yet taken together the whole thing, testicular ache, nausea, fatigue, it’s just too much and knocking me on my $#@.

I’m trying to get ready but this seems like such a struggle to just get through the waking hours right now.

If I could give you advice, it would be for a good month, DO NOT log into here, do not think about your groin area at all, keep your mind busy, and hit the gym, run, do whatever you can to stay active. If after that month, you still feel the pain down there, then you know its not in your mind and that you need to make a decision of what to do next. That is what I did for 6 months and it made the decision so easy for me bc I knew it wasn’t in my head and chose reversal. I believe if you are in good health, the recovery will not be bad. As I said I’m only 17 days since reversal, I’m at work sitting up, walking, and feel generally okay my pain level is only 1-2. Oh and I do not believe Nausea or fatigue is caused by PVPS, I think that is totally mental and stress caused that to the people who had it. I believe that PVPS is definitely felt in the groin area and surrounding and definitely causes sexual changes in the sense of not interested in sex and ED.

Understood. That’s very similar from the slow healing and just not right. It’s sucks. In the weeks leading up to the reversal, I was more and more of a wreck. All I wanted to do was sleep / lay down. It sucks.

I did not have the nausea that I recall, though i have always had a strong stomach. In a few a months, You will be past that crappy feeling inside your epi’s (at least that was my issue) and on the rebound. Then you will need to fight the nerves.

I go under the knife next week(19th) for my reversal…
I have many of the same symptoms. Sex drive dropped off the map, my testosterone was 307 as tested last week… which is apparently the average level for an 85 to 100 year old male…
No wonder I felt like I aged 40 years in 3 months.
I’ll be posting here to say how
My reversal goes… the doctor is scheduling level testing to document if my testosterone improves.

And I have my own theory as to why dr’s tell you it’s all in your head(my dr told me I was just getting old when my sex drive dropped off and the pain was psychological). Doctors just do as they are told… the majority of them do not research or fact check for themselves.
Even Dr. p who is doing my reversal told me repeatedly that vasectomies are typically considered safe and problem free even though the people with major issues with pain and hormones are really 5 in 100… well, as a former engineering student, I’m pretty good a math and that is 1 in 20…

Think on that… supposedly the best estimate is 1 in 20 has issues with a vasectomy and they still say that’s safe!!!

How many billionaires out there are pushing that there are too many people on our planet?
You want both control? It’s free… you wan to your tubes tied or a vasectomy… covered under insurance (and I watched my sister go thought all kinds of side affects from getting tubes tied… that’s why I did vasectomy because “they said it was safe and side affect free”)

But on the flip side, you have trouble conceiving? Fertility treatments can run $30,000…
Get that vasectomy reverses? $10,000… and all is coming out of your pocket.

I believe the truth is we all fell victim to the depopulation plans of the mega rich(read anything by Ted turner, bill gates, and the rest… they all admit Pretty openly they are pushing for a 93% reduction of world population by any means). They use their influence on the scientific community to push for birth control even if it’s not safe(just this week they established that birth control pills are shrinking women’s brains) and we all know know very personally how bad vasectomy’s can be… I just cannot reason any other way doctors who know 1 in 20 would ave issues would still push this as “safe”


Good luck @Speedracer. I hope things improve for you. I empathize.

I’m honestly not sure if mine is more congestion or nerves (or something pressing on a nerve, like the clip?) It’s pretty constant throughout the day and nothing seems to change it. Primarily on the left side.

I believe you are so right. I was sucked in to mate. I hope things go well for you.

@Sbnick - so you had epi issues before reversal? Chronic epididymitis is the primary reason for my reversal and was fine the first 15 days after reversal. I released for the first time 2 days ago and one epi has been flaring up pretty bad. Makes me really sad. But did this happen to you and did it clear up with time?