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Hip joint pathology among men referred to urology for chronic orchialgia

I know a lot of you guys have labrum tears…

Urology journal

Aug 2020

Hip joint pathology among men referred to urology for chronic orchialgia: A source for misdiagnosis and opportunity for quality improvement


Hip MRI has a high rate of diagnosis of labral tear in appropriately selected men referred to the urologist for CO. Identification of orthopedic pathology may avoid unnecessary antibiotics, opiates, or urological surgery. Referrals to orthopedics and/or PT for intervention may lead to resolution of pain.

Great find, @Ethan_Scruples. I think there is some relation between my PVPS and some kind of musculoskeletal issue.

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Yes. The scientists interpret the causality as running the other way, i.e. hip problems produce orchialgia. :thinking:

Vasectomy definitely changed the way I move my pelvis around. My balls are swollen and always tender. My pelvic muscles feel like they are about 10% paralyzed. I think it’s plausible that chronic orchialgia could damage your hips somehow.

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Perhaps is the way we move with testicle pain, perhaps is a nerve-thing related…
I still can’t believe the doctors don’t know the origin of this hell.

I think the conclusion that hip problems may cause scrotal pain is totally plausible in general. But after a vasectomy and the onset of related pain, it seems highly suspect. Hips don’t degenerate over night, but that’s what I experienced. I became petrified in that area. I hope I got on top of it quick enough with PT and the like to avoid permanent damage. I even had an x-ray at original urologists request which showed no abnormalities. Glad it didn’t, cause they prob would have tried to convince me that was the problem. Urologists do seem to look for anything to blame besides the vasectomy. And let’s say that vasectomy plus something else causes pain, then they ought to be screening men for these other factors first. But are they…


Thanks for this. I’ve developed these issues over the past year and also believe it was the result of my vasectomy issues.

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