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Hi there - journey so far through stabbing nerve issues

Hi all, I’ve been reading here since late last year and this is my 1st post.

First of all I want to say how it hurts me to see so many of you guys suffering, be it mild or severe - suffering from PVP should be MAXIMIZED, rather than minimized, which is what our society constantly does.
I am extremely fortunate to have a very sweet and emphatic wife (she has blood clot condition so the Pill was never an option) who actually feels guilty for suggesting vasectomy in the 1st place - but I did not feel pressured into doing it and it was eventually my own decision. The lure of being able to get quickies into our busy schedule without fiddling with condoms was high… 2 kids - 3 & 6 - is enough and the whole baby to toddler years really took it out of me. Still sleep deprived…

I had Vas in Feb 2019, it was a horrible experience as the Uro didnt sedate my left side enough before starting. I also drove home with no pain med or anti-anxiety pills. Urologist, the old idiot, said it was all minor and fine to walk and drive;… (???)

Within a week I felt an ‘extra mass’ moving along with the vas on the left side, right at site of vas cut, though it only slightly bothered me when doing lunges etc and it eventually subsided, apart from sometimes bothering me during masturbation, but not actual sex…

Enter Nov 2020 and I started getting major tenderness after mountain-biking for a few weeks. THEN THE STABBING STARTED.

Oh, my holy f*cuk(!) ---- the shooting, stabbing pain (from vas site up to groin or sometimes right into hip) - this was a nightmare that initially lasted 48 hours straight.

To cut a long story short it subsided for about 2 mths and then started to creep back about 1x wek, sometimes less painfull, but always preceded by tingling and that ‘zapping’ kind of sensation.
I tried everythng from Ibuprofen to Tramadol and nothing really helped

Finally found a uro (dr Philippe Mast, who was also mentioned here by another guys - smurf-something?) who took me seriously and he admitted that he sees a fair amount of guys with trouble after initial vas. My issue prob caused by vas site irritating the nerve that runs alongside it…

I decided to bite the bullet and let him operate last week fri 2 april ) he removed a further part of the vas - where my pain was coming from - it had a 3-4mm, far thicker than vas, greyish, fibrous scarr tissue in between where the vast was cut (you couldnt even see the ‘break’ anymore) - I asked him to show it to me just after he closed me up.

I’m in day 8 of post-op recovery and actually mostly pain free apart for the moments where my scrotum gets pulled or moved when sweaty skin is tugged by my underwear - F*CK ME cause then it feels like sharp wire is inserted from vast site to my groin. But it’s not the ‘shooting’ neuralgia type of pain, i’d say it is caused by the epi’ getting moved and ‘tugging’ on the still very sensitive vas-def throughout the vas-def canal into the groin… doesn’t really respond to the Tramadol, but ice is a great relief.

I started on B12 and 5-HTP today hoping it might help with nerve regen… going to try to get my doc to prescribe me Pregabalin or Gabapentin next week to see if that helps calm the nerves during this recovery. I have been taking almost dailmy amounts of benzo’s (oxazepam and alprozolam) to help witht he anxiety of the pain - though I am reading studies that suggest that Benzo’s may harm nerve-regeneration and generally be bad for the CNS so I am going to cut these out now.

Anyway THANK YOU ALL for sharing your stories here - a lot of you guys have really helped me understand the condition, causes of the pain and helped me put it all into perspective. So far I think I’m lucky that it has been limited to neuralgia without any form of constant chronic issues.




Wishing you a speedy recovery! Good vibes being sent you way! Give us an update every now and then.

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So, now exactly 3 weeks post op (removal of thrombosed blood vessel/scarctissue from vasectomy area) and I finally feel like I can function somewhat again

On 2 x 75 mg LYRICA and 200mg Celebrex for inflammation still but don’t have to take pain killers every day anymore so that’s progress

EPI still crazy sensitive and it ‘burns‘ sometimes when my sack is tugged or scrapes on underwear, but I can walk again

Doc thinks I’ll need 6 weeks total to be okay…

The shooting neuralgia seems to have gone for good… so I think that the procedure did it’s job and that’s the uro’s theory of it irritating the main nerve was correct - though it was a gamble to let em operate again :grimacing:


Thanks for sharing your story and please keep the follow ups coming. It’s important for guys that end up here to see that people actually come and go and get through this. We tend to collect people still in acute phases of suffering and guys that feel better naturally move on. I pretty much stopped coming here about 2 1/2 years ago when my pain levels finally got under control. That’s how it should be but I come back from time to time to offer words of encouragement.


Hi all - it’s been a while since I last posted here and I’m hoping my improvement update can give some of you guys some hope & bit of encouragement.

So last (2nd OP) was April 2nd this year. About three months post op (2nd op, left test’ removal of hemorrhaged blood vessel impinging the nerves - after botched VAS in 2019) I started being able to wear normal underwear again and it has just gotten better and better since then.
The debilitating shooting pains initially were greatly helped with Lyrica +Celebrex and snug but not overly tight boxer briefs (I bought about 10 new ones once I found the right fit).
Extreme Epi sensitivity was the worst, and only helped by icing constantly to keep scrotum nice and ‘tight’…

Apart from the odd weird sensation in the same nerve I’m pretty much painfree now - running or playing with the kids can sometimes make the cord ache, but that is nothing really compared to the nerve and epi’ pain from before…

I’m aware a lot of you don’t feel positive and see me as ‘one of the lucky ones’ - I merely want to put it out there that many of these conditions DO GET BETTER, and some of them actually completely heal with disappearance of symptoms.

As Mike O point out above - it’s important to have POSITIVE posts here as well. Don’t give up, no matter how cr*p it seems right now

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I’m also here to give encouragement. I also had stabbing nerve pain and literally felt as if I was being kicked in the scrotum with stomach nausea for months after my procedure. Behind the testicle felt like it was being tapped by a spoon every time I would sit or walk too fast. I had ultrasounds which showed all was fine and was prescribed gabapentin. I went thought serious depression and looked at options to fix this mistake I had made. For me, I finally turned the corner after about 9-10 months out from the vas. Now it’s been 2 years and I have all but forgotten I had the procedure done and everting is fine, sex is great and no issues.
I believe I had some nerve damage and the body will fix this but it is a slow process for nerve ending to grow. Give it time even though it’s pure misery right now and there is a good chance you will recover 100% without a hint of issue.
I will acknowledge the level of psychological impact this had on me and reading every article on the internet made it even worse. Once you heal your mind will probably heal as well and you will no longer struggle with these physiological aspects of the procedure. Now that I am in a good place I look back and wonder why I struggled so much mentally but the answer is due to the pain that is being experienced. I know not everyone has the same results but there is a reason most people on here disappear after a couple of years - they get better and life goes on.
Don’t make a rash decision during first few months / if struggling in 1-2 years out then I think that makes sense to look deeper. My experience is that nerve damage takes a long time for the body to naturally heal so hang in there and you will be good at some point.

@bmc thanks for making your way back to encourage others.