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Hernia surgery after vas reversal?

Hey folks- I have not been on here much the past few years. I had vas 2013 and then 2 reversals- one at PUR clinic and one with Dr Marks in Arizona. I’ve been 90% pain free the last few years and its been years since pain in my nuts was my one and only thought. I feel for all of you going through this hell. I noticed several months ago that I have a hernia- you can see it on the left side of my groin-pops in and out and I should get surgery. I am haunted by Dr P at the PUR clinic saying to me in 2014 “Never get hernia surgery” I am hoping that my vas problems were congestive hence the relief but I am worried. Really its starting to hurt and I need to get surgery sometime soon but there is this fear that if its puts me back in the dark pain place I will not recover again. Any advice or thoughts? thanks

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Good subject to discuss. I’ll chime in, but purely speculation with a little bit of what I’ve experienced and heard.

I had a bilateral hernia as a child (around 1975). Repair was a bit more medieval back then. Vas in March, 2005, pain onset , pain started late October 2005, and succumbed to reversal June 2006. I’ve had 3 years’ worth of nerve pain lapses since late 2006 after recovering from the reversal, but, like you, mostly pain free, one of the fortunate ones all things considered.

A peripheral nerve surgeon in Baltimore discovered a small hernia on my left (painful) side in late 2018. That complicated my plan to have him do a neurtectomy (in lieu of cord denervation by a uro) because, as a plastic surgeon, he’s not licensed for hernia repair. I DID find a surgeon closer to home who was going to repair the hernia and perform laproscopic GF (single) neurectomy.

Dr. P. told me same as you…leave the hernia alone and try SCD before neurectomy. Thankfully, Dr. P’s cord blocks and a GF block by Pain Mgt. at home settled things down after 2-1/2 years of pain, so no surgery.

Finding the hernia confirmed for me what many have speculated here, that vasectomy often leads to core weakness. Further evidence beyond a hernia? I ended up with spinal fusion in 2012 at the ripe old age of 47…no lumbar problems prior to my vas. They all started July 2005 just 4 months after my vas.

Not shocking you have a hernia. Vasectomy has convinced me that NO elective surgery should ever be undertaken. I haven’t noticed any problems with mine since it was discovered 2 years ago. If it ever becomes a problem, I’ll think about it. In YOUR case, since it’s becoming painful, it may no longer be optional.

Get a couple of opinions and perhaps try to find a surgeon who’s dealt with groin pain guys. The surgeon I saw at the Cleveland Clinic performs hernia surgeries AND he also performs neurectomies on people who suffer from hernia-related pain. That seems like a good option for you. He’s at the Cleveland Clinic. If you’re near here, might be worth seeing him.

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Dear Adjason, hernia surgery is within the inguinal canal. it is very close to the vas deference. The scar tissue of the hernia surgery can disturb spermatic cord. the ilioinguinal, iliohypogastric and genitefemoral nerves can be damaged. chronic pain after hernia surgery is around 15%. More than PVPS. The treatment of the pain is very difficult.
I strongly advice to see DR. Shrin Towfigh before any surgery. Dont thrust surgeons.
Hernia surgery risks:
Loss of testicle
Spermatic cord damage
Nerve entrapment and chronic groin and testicular pain
Loss of ejaculation (ejaculation in to the bladder)
Ejaculation pain
Autoimmune problems due to foreign obje (mesh)

Don’t accept mesh. Please look for “pure tissue repair”… Shouldice hospital in Canada…
Dr Ulrike in Germany…Dr. Hakan Gok or Dr. Metin Ertem in Turkey, DR. Shrin Towfigh in CA.

Please follow “mesh problems” and “Mesh removal patients” pages in Facebook

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I had a small inguinal hernia, which was visible. I went to 2 GP’s, and their advice was to go and see a PT, and start doing excercises to strengthen muscles in the area. I got a set of excercises which I did religiously every night for about 1/2 year, and my hernia is now gone. Alternatively there are a lot of videos on YouTube, which had similar sets of excercises i were given. I was told that if that does not help, I would need to have operation done, but was advised to avoid mesh at all costs. There are several centres that repair hernias without meshes, a lot of useful information on

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thanks guys - yeah trying to put it off but think its inevitable-its like a knot I can feel. Kind of paralyzed not knowing what to do- it seems crazy to fly across the country to get hernia surgery -and really I don’t know who the really good doctors are. I think I’m just scared and scarred for life by my vasectomy pain journey

You’re not losing anything trying to excercise and strengthening muscles in that area. Highly likely it will go away, but if it doesn’t, at lest you tried non invasive options first.