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Here am I and my pain - Vas one Month ago

Glad to hear that you were able to get some relief, if only short term. And it sounds like you have a uro that is at least willing to listen and work with you, which is great. I’m almost four months out from my vas, and while I don’t think my pain was ever as bad as what your pain sounds like, I have definitely seen some notable improvements since month 2.

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Hi Bos80!

Thank you for taking part in my journal. I also like my new urologist. He was a director at a university hospital and he told me that many extreme cases from all over Germany have landed at him in the clinic.

He has performed an orchiectomy for testicular cancer with my brother. By the way: now a year later he is fine (apart from the fear at follow-up).

My pain is a bit like a box of chocolates … You never know which one I get on the current day. :slight_smile: While I had a 5 left yesterday, today I have a 2 right.

When the pain reaches 4 on scale, I am in survival and combat mode. When he is mild and annoying, my fear of getting worse again increases. It makes me pull my hair all out …

Another two and a half hours until the next injection.

I wish you all the best


Hi Dudes!

Tomorrow the first three months are over. I count over 90 days of pain, I was told it should have been only 1-3 days.

Of course, an end is not yet in sight, but after what I’ve read, the body needs more than 6 months before significant improvements can be seen. In direct comparison to the beginning of July, when the pain was really terrible and anxiety and insomnia grabbed me tightly, I dare cautiously to speak of a slight improvement of my issues.

As before, the dull in the testicles is always present.

What has changed, however, makes me somewhat optimistic about the future development.

  • Painpeaks does not occur as gruesome than before. The left side remains the more aggressive.

  • The pain does not stay as long as before in one place. A change may take place on the same day. This significantly reduces the grueling effect. If it gets bad, I may hope that the phenomenon later seeks another place that is not so distressing.

  • In the morning after waking up, it takes a few minutes longer before the pain shows.

  • My thoughts are not so often turning to an invasive solution to the problem

  • I took a little careful bike ride

  • Despite the adverse circumstances, I was on vacation with my family. I also attended a festival for three days (the first one wasn’t really pleasure).

  • I still do not take painkillers anymore.

  • The most important thing is, that I sometimes feel hope in principle: Time could heal me.

I wish you all the best and keep you updated.



Be careful with cycling, my left epididymis burst after one of the bike rides

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This experience is close to my own. I’m almost 5 months post vas, but believe I’m still seeing improvements. It is in no way linear, but now that I fully understand that it will not be linear, I’m able to mostly stay positive about the situation. Was just on vacation for a week, and I’d say it was the best week I have had since this whole ordeal started. I’m hopeful we will both continue to see these gradual improvements.

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Hi people out there!

Today ist 4-month-after-vas-day. This month, the improvement progressed. Ironically, the pain took a very unpleasant turn yesterday. While I have had periods in which I barely notice him, yesterday I was plagued by burning and pulling at level 4-5.

The only thing I think is possible is the chair I was sitting on yesterday. I represent a sick work colleague…

I had a thickening pain three times. Currently it is really nasty. The left testicle pulls into the tip of the penis and the prostate (I guess). I hope that will be over in a few days.

I wish you all a tangible progress.



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Hi sufferers!

Yesterday I passed the 6-month-mark. Compared to the time of 5 months ago, my condition has definitely improved. As before, I am not completely free of pain, but there are long-lasting moments that I would describe as symptom-free.

There are situations that seem to trigger the pain. And after that happens, it will take me several days to weeks to alleviate these conditions.

I still hope for improvement in the coming months. But… I’m fine!

Hold on!




Hi @MarkiMark, do you know what situations trigger the pain?
I still can’t identify which specific situations trigger the pain…
Thank you and I wish us all a pain free 2020.

Hi Arynoso.

Now I am over 7 month away from Vas. My situation is still improving but only noticeable over a long time.

In my case it often has to do with sitting or lying down. I may locate this in the lumbar region.
I have great respect for running, cylcing, sauna or playing drums.

My current uro was probably right, and during the vas the nerves on the stumps weren’t processed properly. Backproblems where always there and are the add.

Do well


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Do you know is there is a such thing like a re-vasectomy? Well , perhaps is more properly to say “surgery to clean the stumps or scarring”.

Hi Arynoso.

Yes, my Doc mentioned it to me. He said he had cases where this was the last option. And after it, there was no one that didnt get at least some releave.

I was often very close to this step.

But my doctor also said that once again I would be the best example of not simply cutting around on someone.



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I had a vac in Frankfurt and it left me in pieces. I genuinely wanted to kill the surgeon.

I ended up flying to the UK after literally months of research to find a reversal surgeon. he was literally amazing and the reversal has been life changing.
Dawson microsurgery clinic (don’t know if I can post links here)
I really can to recommend him enough, he gave me clients to speak to, and we had many many conversations before the procedure.
If you are grading your pain on a daily basis (I was average a 6 on 1-10 scale) then consider a reversal. happy to have a chat if you like.
best of luck,

Hi Guys,

I am now over 10 month after Vas and I have often days I call pain-free. It was a very very slow improvement.

what’s left are gruesome memories of a time when I would often have preferred to give up

Stay strong. Yours


Good to hear. I was slowly improving, but opted for a reversal at the 5 month mark. Maybe I would have kept improving if I had waited it out. So far it seems to have been a good decision. Wish you the best.

@paul_Rhod when was your reversal? I did look at Dawsons surgery, but Dr Dawson has retired quite recently