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Here am I and my pain - Vas one Month ago

Hi Guys,

MarkiMark from Germany here. Ill try my best with english :slight_smile:

I got my Vas on 24. May and the burning is reaching a new level today. I did not sleep for one second tonight. Panic attacks where rising and got a real nervous breakdown.

I have just read that one should never make a vas when dealing with pain in the balls. And I had occasionally trouble on the left side.

The local anesthetic was a hurt i will never forget. The needle pain is still there.

Now I am reading in the topics … thinking of the reversal. But this seems no to fit to every type of pain, right? Some got the pain right from the start, some after month. Some people got infections or stuff…

My operation seems to have healed well, but burning is hell.

I wish you all the best



Uhm … First Question here.

Usually the left side hurts me a lot. On some rare days, however, the pain moves to the right, is not quite so intense.

Without symptoms, there is not at all. Somewhere pulls, burns or stings always.

Pain triggers are apparently physical exercise or 'O’s.

I try especially to cope with the fear. Not easy, if you read in here.

Is someone there?



Sorry to have to welcome you here. Given that your surgery was just a month ago, it sounds like the nerves are on high alert. Possibly an infection but my opinion is that’s overly diagnosed. I’d bet on nerve irritation or possibly damage, hopefully not irreversible.

Can you see someone in Pain Management in Germany? I’d look at getting injections of steroids and anesthetic to try to settle things down.

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Hi dear Raising!

I had ultra twice - all healed very well, no sight of an infection. So I bet on nerves to. I had non scalpel method.

My surgeon said I’m just imagining that pain …

Sadly I found no doc that could assist me with the hurting. Iboprofen and dyclo mostly have no chance against the burning ball. Currently, I occasionally take Metamizole.

I am horrendously afraid of an injection. I once broke my arm and the doctor bent my bones. That was nothing compared to what I went through in may.

Unfortunately, I can not take Tramadol because I have another SSRI right now. Tilidin may be the choice. In Germany ist easy to get.

What helped me the last few days were big underpants. Let them swing freely.

Opinions are appreciated. Do well guys.

Yours MM

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Don’t be afraid of pain management injections. I just finished my third bout of post-vasectomy pain (first bout 2005-06, second bout 2008-09, and this one 2016-2019). I’ve got hypersensitive nerves from the vas and subsequent reversal, and this bout started after my first bike ride of 2016. It took several injections, including the last two with botox, but things have settle down now and I’m doing well again. You might just need some stronger, well place agents to calm down the nerves that were assaulted.

Es tut mir leid, dass Sie hier sind. There are a lot of threads about guys healing naturally, familiarise yourself with their posts and time frame, and by all means, start researching your next move, but chances are that you will be fine in ~6 months time, so be patient.


Hi SomeGreyBloke!

Thank you for encouraging. I really gues this is pure nerve pain. Pain-Doc said, I probably have to deal with this forever.

I´ll try a dialouge with Dr. Petsch this week. Do not know if that helps. But on his homepage hr says “In my experience, refertilization solves the problem in almost all cases”

But how is it with nerve pain? In principle, no one knows whether they are not caused by any irritation.

Are there any people here who, after reversing, had an improvement in their nerve pain symptomatology?

Bye guys


Hi Mens.

A little update here. My doc is trying to calm down things. This means another week Dyclo, Metamizole and PS4.

He has already made invasive suggestions. I talked to him about a reversal and that some people would benefit from it.

In his opinion, the nerve pain is based on a bad treatment. So he thinks, cleaning up the stumps would be my solution. In my case reversal itself will lead to no relief. Otherwise cutting the nerves …

Actually, I do not think the time factor is helping to improve my symptoms.

Has anyone here experience with this treatment?

Many greeting


Hi and Hello!

The end of the second month is approaching and no real improvement has occurred. My uro suggests an injection. I have no idea what is being injected when and where. Cutting nerves he also considers an Option.

I read a lot about SCD on the board but I don’t understand many of the abbreviations…

Since yesterday I have again pretty nasty burning in the left testicle. Make it to a 4 on the scale. It drives me crazy and I believe that stress and worry give the pain perception a strong push

I have worked in the garden for about an our. Lawn mowing, sweeping and so on. I think it did not make things worse. I can also have sex without it increases the pain.

In about four hours I have a phone call with Dr. Petsch. I’m just curious about his assessment.

It most likely a nerve thing… Anyone have any other suggestions as to how I could proceed?

Injections first? What kind of?



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Injections (nerve blocks) generally include a short-lived anesthetic and a longer-acting steroid/anti-inflammatory. Pain Management physicians tend to block one of the two main nerves that feed the scrotum. Urologists who perform blocks will tend to block the entire spermatic cord (covering both).

Some doctors are adding botox to the drug mixture.

If injections work, some Pain Management docs will offer Pulsed RF Ablations (PRFA). It’s also done with a needle but a solid needle that applies bursts of heat to ablate the nerve rather than a hollow needle to deliver chemical ablation of the nerve.

In my experience, Pain Mgt. will first block the Illioinguinal/Iliohypogastric nerve first, then the Genitofemoral. I don’t know why, that just seems to be their pattern.

If these fail, and if you have pain in the perineal area, I’d also look into nerve blocks of the pudendal nerve. I had 2 of those, and they helped me greatly.

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@Markimark sorry to see you here. Agree that have issues beforehand (a previous varicocle in my case) probably increased the odds of having chronic pain. And no, the urologist who did the vas did not mention that.

I would consider the less invasive injections before full on surgeries like reversal or SCD. Though 2 months can seem like an eternity with PVPS…your nerves may be simply pissed off- and a block: spermatic cord or GF may calm things down while you heal.


Thank you Raising & Roy.

Since working in the garden didnt make things worse I tried more even more working.
The last two days, I have not taken a break. The pain was mild but my psyche is in bad shape.

I was in the indoor pool, worked in the garden and was buying drinks. All this did not seem to have any pain-enhancing effects

Currently, it is more like that that I’m having trouble sitting. No idea if that really is a pain trigger or if my perception is here mainly the booster.

I’ve read more about SCD here, and that does not seem like a good idea at all. I’m really in the mood for an injection right now, but I do not read a good experience here.

I also had a long talk with Dr. P. He said I should wait at least three months before I should start a reversal.

He could not give me any reason why the reversal was helpful. He just said it works. He treats 8 - 9 PVPS patient per year. All in all, about 40 men treated. All except one, it was fundamentally better (according to his statement). He says the operation could help me. Should I choose, he would make me a short-term appointment within two weeks, I would not have to spend the usual six months waiting in pain.

My plan now looks like this:

  1. Visiting Uro on Monday, maybe try an injection. However, my eldest son is celebrating his birthday. I do not know if I should start any experiments on that day.

  2. Wednesday at the latest would like to be back to work.

  3. Somehow endure another month. Hope the symptoms get better.

  4. After that - look on.

Stay tough, thanks alot for sharing you knowlegde.


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Be careful with the doc you talked to, he is selling reversal big-time, and reversal is all he is offering. He does not do any injections or other pain management, he does not do SCD or any other surgery, all he does is reversal. He might be super skilled at it, no doubt, based on all his ratings online, but for him, all problems look like nails he can hit with his (reversal) hammer.

Juno, not sure if I read this right, if you’re referring to Dr. P., he absolutely does SCD as well as laproscopic neurectomy in addition to reversal.

I just copied the abbreviation used earlier by @MarkiMark - it’s not Dr P from PUR clinic.
But good you made this clear.

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Agree with your doc on one thing…waiting at least a bit longer before reversal or any invasive surgery. Nerves are SLOW to heal. Took 8 weeks before I saw results from my SCD. (And I’m not selling that procedure). Hopefully, you will recover on your own.


Hi Roy,

your comment saved my day. Got horrible pain yesterday. Couldn’t eat since then.

Today it was better most of the time, but I was still scared. Tomorrow i will try first injection with Lidocaine. Maybe that will give me some relief.



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Wishing you the best.

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I can not tell you how much I thank you.

Could cry atm


Good morning people,

Today is month two after the Vas.

Yesterday I was with my Uro and got the first time a pain syringe. Procain was used. Of course, after all the stories I read here, I was really scared. Therefore we tried as a trial only injected into the left side.

Target was the nerve GF. The needle itself went to the groin, far away from the Vas site.

It was not in the least painful. I was scared when I felt the effect of Procain. It felt like slowly filling my right egg with hot water.

The whole effect was rather mild. I have expected such a numb feeling as at the dentist. But there was nothing like that to feel. All in all, the anesthetic has lasted about three hours.

I’m almost looking forward to the second injection tomorrow, when both sides are stunned. The left side annoys me more. I was really good for a few hours. Hope and so on.

My doctor said he always had cases like mine. Relative to the frequency of vasectomies, it is rare, but it does occur. But so far, there was no one he could not help at least a little bit. He is optimistic about the treatment with procaine. He also thinks that both a cleanup OP would help as well as cut nerves. Both were practiced by him several times and recorded good long-term successes.

So much for day 62 with pain.

Bye bye


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