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Hematoma or Just Bad Bruising? [w/ Picture]


hi all. great resource and thanks for sharing your stories. i’m still a bit confused about my situation, but something is wrong for sure.

i’m 10 days post-op—no-scalpel that had the amazing pamphlet with “you can resume physical activity if you feel up to it after 3 days!). Well, I did feel good, so after 4 days of taking it easy I did some activity. big mistake. After things felt a bit worse the two days after that, my wife said she’d take a look. turns out the entire bottom and underside of my scrotum (basically up to where it meets the anus but not quite) have that very intense purple/black/(and some dark/mid red as it branches out) bruising. in fact, the situation looks very much like some of the purple balloon scrotums that you see on google image searches for “scrotal hematoma” (some i’ve seen on these forums actually), but it’s only on the backside/underside, and again, no “egg-sized” or “grapefruit” lump everyone talks about.

hard to tell from this picture (i’m lifting up the scrotum a lot to show it) but the frontside actually looks relatively normal and healthy in color. i can’t even tell anything is wrong when i look in the mirror other than my left testicle is hanging a bit lower than before. it feels slightly “warm” or swollen. i’m wondering if i’m literally walking around with a scrotum-bag of blood that is either still leaking out or just hasn’t “lumped” into the hematoma yet? or maybe it’s just an intense instance of “normal” swelling/bruising? not many people provide pics so i don’t know. i will say that the last three days have looked relatively the same (the “bruises” or whatever are not massively growing or changing color). could someone clarify the bruising situation pre-hematoma / or shed some light on this for me? reaching out to my doctor tomorrow regardless. pain isn’t that bad, just a bit of a pressurized feeling.

anyway, look forward to being an active member in this community, really glad i found it.


When I got mine done it didn’t look like that at all. I had some swelling, but didn’t get purple or black. Looks like a hematoma and you should get that checked out. Maybe some strong Ibuprofen will clear it up. They are quite common from other stories here, so I wouldn’t freak out. Good luck and hope everything clears up.


I had a large hematoma for 3 weeks, covering all of my scrotum. Can’t say whether it plays a role or not, but I read people speculating it might be a possibility to cause damage to the pudendal nerve, which supplies the back part of the testicles, the tip of the penis and the anal area. I don’t think there’s anything you can do right now other than icing and taking NSAIDs. Good luck ! I hope you will be better